5 household items that can be taken for travel

When preparing travel luggage, everyone wants the items they carry to be useful and compact to make it easier to move. Take a look at Dien May XANH's suggestions for household items that can be brought to travel to make the most reasonable choice for your trip!



An indispensable beauty tool for girls, the dryer not only makes hair dry quickly, but also helps to increase the femininity of the hair. Thus, you will always be confident with your hair and ready to join all the fun!



It is a pity that we wear beautiful clothes when traveling, but they are wrinkled due to being pinched in the luggage. Never forget to bring an iron in your travel bag, they will help you become a lot more decent!


Extremely useful styling machines that can both straighten and twist, giving you the freedom to choose the style you love. Possessing a compact design, you can put them in a backpack or suitcase and move comfortably anywhere.


If you are planning a picnic or traveling with friends, don't forget to bring a mini gas stove to prepare a hot meal with local ingredients! You will surely have an enjoyable and unforgettable meal.


Different from traditional blenders, hand blenders are compact and easy to store. You can absolutely bring them to travel to make your own delicious smoothies to enjoy, making your trip more meaningful. Especially for long trips and your family has a baby, this tool is extremely helpful in grinding porridge, baby soup conveniently right in a cup or a cup.


Hopefully, the above suggestions of Dien May XANH will help you have a more meaningful and enjoyable and convenient trip!

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