5 indispensable items for a long trip, picnic

You are preparing for a picnic with friends or family to relax after stressful working and studying days. However, you are confused about what to prepare? So let Dien May GREEN suggest you in the article below!


1 Flashlight

Whether you go camping on your own or go to specialized camping sites, the lighting in these places is often not good, you need to prepare picnic bags that include portable lights, or even those for convenience. Convenient for moving as well as easy for fun activities of the whole group .

Priority should be given to choosing a flashlight with a wide beam and the ability to keep the battery for many hours.

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2 Power banks

During trips, we need to take photos, record videos and make calls a lot, these activities will consume a lot of power on . Make sure your phone is always in contactable condition to avoid mishaps , so it's a must-have item.

In addition, we also need to take a lot of photos and videos, these activities also consume a lot of phone battery, so a portable charger will help you not to miss any beautiful moments.

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3 Ice Buckets

If you carry a lot of fresh food, you need the ones to keep the food fresh and not spoiled when you travel for a long distance. In addition, the cooler also helps you to preserve drinks as well as prepared fruits .

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4 Thermos flasks

If you go camping on your own in places where there are no people living or camping services such as camping in the forest… you should be prepared to ensure your activities as well as your supply . timely supply water to the body when too tired. bình giữ nhiệt

5 picnic kitchen tools

In addition to the above items, you also need to bring other necessary kitchen tools such as:

  • picnic (if you want to cook some dishes other than barbecue)
  • Skewer
  • Bowls, chopsticks, spoons, forks,…
  • Tissue
  • , drag,…

Dụng cụ bếp dã ngoại

Above are 5 essential items for a picnic that Dien May Xanh suggests for you. If you have any other suggestions, feel free to share them with us in the comments section below! Wish you have a fun and enjoyable field trip.