7 tips to fold clothes into a neat suitcase, bring a lot of clothes

Carrying a lot of clothes with only 1 suitcase when traveling or going back home is a dilemma for many people today. Here, Dien May XANH will give you 7 tips for folding clothes into a neat suitcase, you can bring your entire wardrobe with you to travel, there is still room left in your hometown.


1 Roll of clothes to increase space for suitcases

A legendary trick for folding clothes to help you save space in your suitcase and reduce wrinkles is to roll them instead of stacking them as usual. This way, your suitcase will hold more items.

Cuộn quần áo giúp tận dụng tối đa chỗ trống trong vali

2 Use a vacuum bag

Vacuum compression bags are the perfect solution for bulky items such as coats, baby clothes, bed sheets and soft toys, etc. The bag will save you considerable space and upon your return. At home, this is the best choice to store dirty clothes.

Sử dụng túi chân không

3 Wrapping clothes with clothes

Here are 3 steps to help you pack your clothes with clothes:

  • First, pack your shoes and place them along the side of the suitcase . Roll jeans or a thick coat to the bottom of the suitcase. Pants and skirts, spread them on the rolls just now, these clothes will be used to pack other items placed on top.
  • Next, roll the less wrinkled clothes into the suitcase and put the easy wrinkles on top.
  • Finally, you pack items such as documents or perishables, which you place on top of the package. Sundries such as cosmetics, accessories, … you put in the 4 corners of the suitcase.

Sắp xếp theo nguyên tắc

4 Arrange clothes with hooks

If during the trip, you bring valuable clothes , do not stack them with other items. To make sure they stay perfect without wrinkles after a long trip, remember to fold and pack them neatly in a small bag and keep it on the hook .

Sử dụng móc áo

5 Say no to umbrellas

In case you encounter rain while traveling, it is very good to be well-prepared. However, it is impossible when going out that you have to carry a big, bulky umbrella. Instead, thin disposable raincoats are the best option.

Nói không với những chiếc ô

6 Maximize space for suitcases

You can save space in your suitcase when traveling in the following ways:

Buy small-sized cosmetics for travel: Women should be aware of this, when you go out you have a need for beauty, but you can't carry both large and heavy cosmetic jars. You should refer to the medium and small sizes, because it is very light and convenient.

Mua mỹ phẩm kích cỡ nhỏ dùng cho du lịch

Pack small things properly: For small things like bags, money bags, hair clips, pants, socks, sunglasses and reading glasses; Put them inside a bag or glasses case or make use of the inside of your shoes. As for jewelry, you can put them in a medicine box.

Gói những thứ nhỏ đúng cách

Do not bring too many unnecessary medicines: Note that you should only bring medicines that are absolutely necessary for the trip with a sufficient amount. To keep your medications safe, pack them in a zip bag and put them inside your shoes.

Đừng mang theo quá nhiều loại thuốc không cần thiết

Don't leave any space in your suitcase: Fill up all the space in your suitcase, because otherwise your clothes will become messy when moving the suitcase.

Đừng để lại bắt cứ khoảng trống nào trong vali

7 Only bring really useful items

You should not bring items such as books, laptop cases, hair dryers and hairdressing tools, expensive jewelry.

  • Books and newspapers, you can read online with .
  • you can pack it in your clothes, this will keep your computer safe during the trip.
  • and hairdressing tools, you can contact the hotel.
  • Traveling should not bring expensive jewelry to avoid being robbed.

Chỉ mang những đồ thực sự hữu ích

The article has presented you 7 tips for folding clothes into a neat suitcase, you can bring your entire wardrobe with you to travel, there is still room left over at home. Hopefully through this article you have learned how to make your suitcase hold more clothes.