Experience or choose to buy a simple, excellent suitcase that is suitable for you

Suitcase is an indispensable item when traveling or going on a business trip. If you do not know which suitcase size, material, utility or brand to choose? Let's share with Dien May XANH the experience of choosing to buy a simple, excellent suitcase that is suitable for you!


1 Choose the right suitcase size for your needs

Choosing the right size is the first criterion you need to consider before choosing to buy. Choosing the right size will help you not be too bulky when moving and still hold all the necessary items. Besides, you should also consider where you will be traveling and how long it will last. If traveling by plane, what size suitcase is allowed by your airline? Currently, on the market there are 3 different suitcase sizes for you to choose from:

size vali

Illustrated are 3 types of suitcase sizes

: (Hand luggage, travel up to 3 days)

Suitcase size S usually measures 20 inches to 22 inches , about 59 cm high x 36 cm wide x 25 cm deep. Depending on the design, the sizes of the brands will differ from each other, but customers can rest assured because the difference is very small.

This is a small suitcase used for carrying, traveling up to 3 days . Suitcase size S owns a small, elegant size that is suitable for dragging them anywhere comfortably and easily, does not take up much space, can hold up to 20kg .

However, suitcase size S 22 inch will not be allowed to be carried on the plane because it exceeds the specified size. All suitcases from size 22 and above must check-in and weigh the suitcase's weight before flying to proceed with check-in procedures.

Currently on the market, size S suitcases have prices ranging from 800,000 VND to 3.5 million VND , there are many models of size S suitcases costing about 840,000 VND depending on the material, brand, model,…

Vali xách tay size S

Illustrated is

Please see the suitcase Size S is doing business at Dien May XANH!

: (Consigned suitcase, travel up to 7 days)

Suitcase size M has dimensions of 24 inches to 26 inches , about 66cm high x 44cm wide x 29cm deep, suitable for carrying on trips lasting about 1 week with a capacity of up to 25kg . This is a checked-in suitcase when traveling by plane, so you cannot carry it because it exceeds the specified weight of 10kg.

Suitcase size M helps you carry a larger amount of luggage on all trips conveniently. This type of suitcase is very popular when there is a need to choose to buy a suitcase for travel or business trips.

Currently on the market, size M suitcases have prices ranging from 900,000 VND to 3.5 million VND, depending on the material, brand, model,…

Vali kí gửi size M

Illustrated is

Please see the suitcase Size M is doing business at Dien May XANH!

: (Consigned suitcase, travel up to 14 days)

Suitcase size L is a large suitcase with dimensions of 28 inches or 30 inches , about 73 cm high x 48 cm wide x 31 cm deep. This is the right product when you are traveling from 10 to 14 days, with a capacity of up to 35kg that can accommodate a large amount of luggage for both 2 or 3 people.

This is a fairly large suitcase, users can hold a large amount of luggage, spacious, can travel long-term without worrying about lack of items. And of course, with a large suitcase like this, you can only check it in on the plane.

Currently on the market, L size suitcases have prices ranging from 1.6 to 2.7 million , depending on the material, brand, model,…

Vali kí gửi size L

Illustrated is

Please see the suitcase Size L is doing business at Dien May XANH!

Compare the suitcase sizes according to the table below!

Number of inches 20 – 22 inches 24 – 26 inches 28 – 30 inches
Size Approximately 59 cm high x 36 cm wide x 25 cm deep About 66 cm high x 44 cm wide x 29 cm deep Approximately 73 cm high x 48 cm wide x 31 cm deep
Capacity Up to 20kg Up to 25kg Up to 35kg
Number of travel days Up to 3 days Up to 7 days Up to 14 days
Number of users 1 – 2 people 2 people 2 – 3 people
Deposit Unchecked carry-on suitcase Consignment suitcase Consignment suitcase
Price range 1.2 – 3.5 million VND 1.2 – 3.5 million VND 1.6 – 2.7 million VND

2 Choose suitcase material

When buying a suitcase, in addition to choosing the size, consumers also need to pay attention to the suitcase's material, durability, weight, water resistance,… Currently on the market there are two materials. are canvas suitcases and plastic suitcases :

Characteristics : (Polypropylene) is a synthetic polymer plastic with high mechanical strength, often used to make medium to high-class suitcases. This plastic has a higher heat resistance than the heat resistance limit to more than 100 degrees Celsius .

Advantages : PP plastic has high heat resistance, waterproof and anti-oxidation, lightness and high hardness and good impact resistance.

Disadvantages : PP plastic often shows signs of cracking, breaking or affecting durability quite quickly if products made from PP plastic are placed in the outdoor environment for a long time. PP plastic is easily cracked or completely broken if placed in a low temperature environment.

Nhựa PP

Illustrated is

PC plastic

Characteristics : (Polycarbonate) is also a popular plastic used in mid-range and high-end suitcases. This material has very good flexibility and elasticity, so even if it is bumped, it will quickly return to its original shape. PC plastic is also rated to be 250 times stronger than glass.

Advantages : Has a certain hardness, toughness and good impact resistance, has good corrosion resistance and wear resistance and is accompanied by relatively good thermal stability.

Disadvantages : However, PC plastic is easily scratched, and the pressure resistance level is poor. Therefore, they are more prone to breakage in high-pressure environments.

Vali nhựa

The illustration is a PC plastic suitcase

Characteristics : (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) is a common plastic used to make flexible products with hard , solid properties that can withstand good impact.

Advantages : ABS plastic is popular thanks to its cheap price of about 700,000 – 800,000 VND in all kinds of hard suitcase materials, plastic suitcases. In addition, ABS plastic suitcase is also resistant to heat, does not deform with boiling water, has good elasticity, is durable, and effectively resists and hits.

Cons : Plastic material is heavier than fabric. If you buy a suitcase of poor quality, it is easy to break when it is bumped and scratched, causing loss of aesthetics. Plastic suitcases cannot be stuffed with more furniture because they do not have the same elasticity as fabric.

Nhựa ABS

Illustrated is

Fabric suitcase:

Features : is a high-quality fabric with a super light weight, up to 1kg lighter than other canvas suitcases. This PE fabric layer has excellent water repellent, dust-proof, and heat-resistant performance, giving you peace of mind to use in harsh weather conditions.

Advantages :

  • Light weight, easy to move, not afraid of the size of the luggage exceeding the specified level, the fabric is elastic, can add more things.
  • Made of polyester material, so it is waterproof. Although not completely waterproof, but to some extent, it can keep the furniture inside from getting wet.
  • Compact design, easy to move. It is not easy to be damaged or broken when traveling or checking in on an airplane, because checked baggage is thrown around violently.

Cons : Fabric suitcase is prone to water absorption and scratches . It is easy to be torn by the knife, causing property loss, because the fabric is soft, it is difficult to protect the fragile objects inside.

vali vải

Illustrated is

Let's compare the types of suitcase materials according to the table below!

Material characteristics Weight Fits the needs Waterproof ability Price range
PP plastic 2.6kg – 4.7kg Suitable for travel, trendy, easy to clean Absolute 1 – 2.2 million won
PC plastic 2.7kg – 4.7kg Suitable for travel, trendy, easy to clean Absolute 12 millions
ABS plastic 2.7kg – 4.7kg Suitable for travel, trendy, easy to clean Absolute 700,000 VND – 2 million VND
Water-slide PE fabric 2.2kg – 3.9kg It is more convenient to move luggage at gas stations and airports Incomplete waterproofing 1.6 – 2.3 million VND

3 Check out the other benefits of suitcases

Security key

In order to help users better protect the contents inside, the suitcase is equipped with safety locks. Currently, there are two popular types of locks : TSA digital locks and key locks .

TSA number lock:

  • The TSA digital lock is equipped so that security staff can open the passenger's suitcase, check it without having to spend time breaking the lock like other common locks, saving more time.
  • The TSA digital lock is designed to be firmly fixed to the body of the suitcase with a 3-gear system clamped to the suitcase zipper, modern anti-detection, users need to enter a password to be able to open the TSA lock.

Khóa bảo mật TSA

Illustrated is

In addition, STA Digital Lock also has a numerical lock, which can be understood simply as a lock with the same structure as the digital lock integrated on the suitcase. This type of lock has the same shape as a regular padlock, but on the body of the lock there will be 3 more rows of numbers that can be rotated to different numbers.

The default password is usually 000 , when closing the lock and turning it to any number, the lock is active and cannot be opened. However, the user needs to change the password when using it.

Khóa số

Key lock

As the most popular lock with a low price of less than 50,000 VND that can be purchased, the key lock is usually locked with a regular key . The suitcase key lock is quite small in size and will fit into the hole of the zipper head.

This type of lock is quite easy to buy , easy to replace and very easy to use, just a key. However, because of its popularity and small size, this type of lock is quite insecure , cracking or unlocking without a key is not difficult to do.

Ổ khóa chìa


Double wheels : The suitcase will be equipped with 4 wheels made of wear-resistant plastic, good bearing and especially easy to rotate 360 ​​degrees on any terrain, including on rough surfaces.

bánh xe chống mòn

Illustrated is

Single wheel : A suitcase with 4 single wheels made of effective wear-resistant PU plastic with flexible 360-degree rotation. In addition, the user is also equipped with an oil storage bag, which can pump oil into the wheel to help the wheel operate smoothly without making noise.

Bánh xe đơn

Illustrated is

Push lever

The suitcase is also equipped with a smart, durable, wear- resistant , shiny, and effective anti-oxidation push lever, the design of the pull lever has flexible and convenient steps that are easy and comfortable to adjust the size to suit your needs. use and move according to the user.

cần kéo linh hoạt

Illustrated is

The design of the luggage compartment is spacious and easy to divide

The inside of the suitcase is divided into many smart compartments with diverse sizes, making it convenient for users to organize their belongings and store more things. Along with that, the main compartment of the suitcase has an X-belt to fix the luggage, ensuring safety during travel.

Thiết kế ngăn hành lý rộng rãi, dễ phân chia

Illustrated is

4 Choose brand, place of production

When choosing to buy a suitcase product, you also need to pay attention to the brand, the place of manufacture, as well as the accompanying warranty policy. Choosing to buy products of a reputable brand will help you feel secure about the quality.

Below is a summary of some information about suitcase companies that are doing business at Dien May XANH, please refer to:

The firm Brand, place of manufacture Outstanding Features Insurance Price range
– Brand: USA – Manufacture: Vietnam

  • Youthful, elegant design with luxurious and diverse colors, very trendy.
  • High quality fabric, effectively water repellent with lightweight polyester fabric.
  • Double security with double lock and TSA lock that meets US Transportation Security Administration standards.
  • Smart scissors, durable, anti-oxidation.
  • The 4-wheel system with good bearing capacity is made from wear-resistant and good-strength PU plastic.
  • See more .

Genuine from 5 to 10 years

About 1.7 – 2.7 million VND

– Brand: Vietnam

– Production: Vietnam

  • Modern design dynamic style for users.
  • Strong ABS synthetic plastic material, limited impact, maximum scratches.
  • TSA lock with anti-theft, anti-slit double-layer zipper closure.
  • Aluminum alloy pull rod is strong, durable, light weight, durable in many weather conditions.
  • Double wheels rotate 360 ​​degrees flexibly on any terrain, bumpy.
  • See more .
Genuine 5 years About 1.2 – 1.8 million VND

– Brand: Vietnam

– Production: Vietnam

  • Luxury design, attractive price: Customers who can spend a small amount of money just under 1 million dong can own a quality suitcase with diverse designs, luxury, and colors. extremely trendy.
  • 3-digit lock, absolute security TSA key.
  • Durable aluminum alloy pull rod, flexible, stainless, wear-resistant, anti-oxidation.
  • See more .
Genuine 1 year About 600,000 VND – 1 million VND

5 Purchase policy, suitcase warranty at Dien May XANH

Customers can buy suitcases directly at Dien May XANH supermarket system or buy online on the website. In addition, Dien May XANH also supports buying in installments through financial companies or paying via credit cards, Visa, Mastercard, JCB cards with simple procedures.

When buying suitcases at Dien May XANH, customers will enjoy many attractive incentives and genuine warranty policy. As follows:

Warranty is committed within 12 months.

– Fast local delivery .

– Refund for defective and non-defective products:

  • The first month from the date of purchase: charge 20% of the invoice value.
  • From 2nd to 12th month: charge 10% of bill value per month.

– Support guidance and advice via the toll-free hotline 1800.1061 (7:30 – 22:00).

( Purchase policy, warranty was updated on 11/05/2021, subject to change from time to time. You can see more latest information.)

Refer to some samples of Suitcases being sold at Dien May XANH:

Above is an article of experience or choosing to buy a simple, excellent, suitable suitcase for you that Dien May XANH shares with you. Hope the article will help you in choosing to buy the most suitable suitcase for you, if you have any questions, please leave them below for immediate support!