Going to Sapa need to prepare what to make the trip complete

Sapa is a tourist destination that attracts many domestic and foreign tourists because of its wild and majestic natural beauty. If you are planning to go to Sapa, please share with us what you need to prepare to go to Sapa for the most complete trip!


1 Schedule a trip

Before starting a travel trip in Sapa, the first thing you should do is schedule a trip that suits your circumstances and budget. You should plan in detail about the place you want to go and arrange in order of schedule the days you want to go. After that, you should arrange restaurants and specialty restaurants you want to eat or buy as souvenirs.

Lên lịch trình chuyến đi

Besides, you should also prepare a plan in advance, prepare a means of transport to be able to conveniently explore Sapa more interesting.

2 What to bring to Sapa?

Necessary documents when going to Sapa

When you travel, you should bring the necessary documents to backup and best serve your trip. Some documents you should note to bring include:

  • or Identity card.
  • .
  • Driving license.

Giấy tờ cần thiết khi đi Sapa

These documents you will probably need to provide when you rent the room. As for the driving license, you should bring it with you when driving in Sapa.


Money is an indispensable thing in all travel, money will help us spend and pay for expenses such as accommodation, meals, sightseeing, … to help you have great experiences. The best and most comfortable. Therefore, you should bring cash to spend on Sapa. Especially when you go to areas far from the city center and there are few cash trees.


It is also one of the financial tools that you should bring with you when traveling to reduce the need to carry too much cash with you. You should bring a bank card with wide coverage to easily withdraw money at popular ATMs, even places far from the city.

Thẻ ngân hàng

Costumes to go to Sapa

If you come to Sapa in winter from December to February, you should bring long, warm clothes to keep your body warm because this season in Sapa is very cold, only cold and cold. Besides, you should bring a beanie, gloves, and socks to keep your body warm to enjoy the wonderful atmosphere here.

trang phục

Some GREEN Dien may suggest you when going to Sapa in this season such as: thick jeans, woolen skirts, thick sweaters, sweatshirts, life jackets, etc. In addition, you should prepare yourself a A few easy-to-wear thick pairs that can keep your feet warm such as: Boost shoes, sports shoes for climbing convenience,…

trang phục đi sapa

And if you go to Sapa in the cool season, you should bring cool, light, easy-to-carry clothes, you should also bring nice clothes and shoes to be able to take beautiful pictures when you come here.

Electronice device

is an indispensable item for anyone, it helps us to communicate with everyone. Besides, we can freely take pictures and share memories on social networks. You can use your phone to find out where you want to go.

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The camera will help you capture the best moments and memories during your trip. Therefore, you can prepare yourself a really good camera to keep the best photos of your Sapa trip.

It is one of those devices that add extra power to your electronic devices in case they run out of battery. Power banks will definitely be a tool to make you feel more secure every time you go into remote areas.

Sạc dự phòng

Dash cam is definitely an interesting device when you take it with you on your trip to Sapa. It has quite a bit of stunning scenery here if you have a dash cam to capture every moment of your trip from the majestic views to every expression and emotion you have during your trip.

Camera hành trình

To make the trip more interesting, you should prepare some electronic accessories during the trip such as , game toys, … so you can listen to music everywhere with a relaxed spirit. . If you go in a group, you can have fun together with easy-to-carry speakers that add to the fun atmosphere of the trip.

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Some other essentials

Personal living utensils

If you are a careful person and only want to use your personal belongings such as: brushes, toothpaste, towels, utensils to protect your skin when traveling. The hotel or homestay that you are staying at can be prepared for you. However, you will feel more comfortable if you can use your personal belongings, so bring them!

Đồ dùng sinh hoạt cá nhân

Photography stick

To have the best selfie photos, you need to prepare more to be able to take pictures comfortably in any position for the most natural and comfortable photos. So, quickly prepare yourself a photo stick to have a wonderful trip full of memories in Sapa.

Gậy chụp ảnh

Download the travel support app

Currently, travel support applications are increasingly popular. will support you to learn about the geographical location, culture, history, art, especially food, where you want to go. So you can easily look up and find interesting things in your trip quickly and save time searching.

Tải ứng dụng hỗ trợ du lịch

Some notes when preparing luggage to travel to Sapa

  • It is advisable to pack your bags a few days before your trip to make sure you can bring all your belongings.
  • Learn about the weather carefully to grasp the situation when you come to Sapa. If you go in winter, you should prepare warm clothes because the temperature in Sapa will be very low.
  • Bring some snacks to help fuel the body fully, especially when there are children with you.
  • For those who want to travel to Sapa by motorbike, they should bring it to repair their motorbike by themselves, in case the car breaks down in the middle of the road.

Một số lưu ý khi chuẩn bị hành lý đi du lịch Sapa

Go through all about the experience of going to Sapa and what you need to prepare for the trip to be complete . Hope this article will provide you with useful information!