Nha Trang – Khanh Hoa tourist destination is famous for its beautiful blue sea and beautiful scenery

Thanks to the incentives from nature along with the cultural history with its own identity, the tourist attractions in Khanh Hoa every year attract a large number of tourists. Let's take a look at the top famous check-in places when traveling to Khanh Hoa with Dien May XANH!


1 What is the right time to travel to Khanh Hoa?

Every year from April to May , Khanh Hoa sea is calm and the weather is still a bit cool. This will be the ideal time for tourists to come here to visit and have fun.

Although it is from June to September , Khanh Hoa's weather is a bit hot, but not too hot. Therefore, visitors do not need to worry too much if they come to Khanh Hoa on this occasion. In the last months of the year, if it is not the rainy season, you can still come to Khanh Hoa to visit.

Thời gian thích hợp nên đi du lịch Khánh Hòa

The Ponagar Tower Festival in Nha Trang takes place around the end of the third lunar month every year.

Lễ hội tháp Bà Ponagar ở Nha Trang

2 The most famous check-in locations in Nha Trang for you to freely "live virtual"

Vinpearl Land

Located on the island territory with a mild climate, this is a world-class 5-star tourist resort, located on Hon Tre island – the largest island of the coastal city. With a total area of nearly 200,000 m 2 , this place converges luxury hotels and resorts, countless interesting indoor / outdoor games and a busy food and shopping area, …

Aquarium Institute

At the Institute of Oceanography , you will discover a miniature ocean and admire the most complete specimens and fossils of 4,000 different marine species . In addition, the museum also displays many specimens of freshwater creatures collected in the Gulf of Thailand, the East Sea, and Cambodia.

Hon Mun Island

The sea water at Hon Mun Island is clear, the natural scenery is beautiful, you can swim here or walk around the island and take souvenir photos for the journey to discover Nha Trang's sea and islands. In addition, the island is blessed with a diverse marine ecosystem with beautiful coral reefs.

Hon Tam Island

Hon Tam Island has a pristine and pure beauty. This is the right place for you who love peace, looking for relaxation, away from the noise of the city. Along with the terrain in the middle of the clear blue sea with four seasons of sunshine and wind, the island is nestled in the calm sea. The sea around the island is quite calm, the waves are calm, so it is very suitable for swimming.

Ponagar tower

The towers here are built of bricks and terracotta, so when taking pictures, you will have beautiful photos but no less mysterious mystery. You can walk around the relic, explore the unique architecture of Ba tower . In addition, in the afternoons, on the tower yard, there will be a dance troupe performing very special dances of the Cham people .

Nha Trang Stone Church

With more than 80 years old, Nha Trang Stone Church has an ancient beauty but no less majestic and splendid. Possessing ancient Western architecture, the stone blocks are firmly built, standing out on the green park landscape, rising in the middle of the sky in the vast sky.

Diep Son Island

Diep Son Island attracts tourists with its unspoiled beauty and fresh climate, blue sea and white sand, and a unique walking path across the sea that has attracted tourists from all over the world. coming in recent years.

Monkey Island Nha Trang

Coming to Monkey Island , you should experience the feeling of riding a horse-drawn carriage to visit around the island because the island area is very small. Here, you can choose from many different recreational activities such as walking under the coconut leaves to rest and relax, visit the natural monkey garden, or go to the monkey and seal circus… There is also a park. Floating float with 48 continuous movement games will satisfy you.

Nha Trang Long Beach

In the morning, the long beach is clear and blue without a ripple, the air is clear and fresh, the sky shimmers with a golden color. Beautiful white sand beaches appear before your eyes, stretching endlessly. The whole sky is like lying in the heart of the sea. When the sun shines on the sea, it's like wearing a jade green shirt.

Binh Hung Island

Wild, idyllic and warm are probably the first 3 words when thinking of Binh Hung and the warm people here. If you are too familiar with crowded beaches, Binh Hung will certainly be a perfect place for you to pack your bags, and change the wind as soon as this pandemic/summer ends.

Famous in Tu Binh (Binh Lap, Binh Ba, Binh Hung, Binh Tien), the unspoiled small island in Binh Hung is dotted with fishing boats in the fishing village because this place has not developed much tourism, along with the There's plenty more places to visit nearby to check out such as The Lighthouse, the egg-stones, and the fruit-laden vineyards. Then, what are you waiting for without adding Binh Hung's name to this summer's to-do list, guaranteed you will enjoy the busiest summer days.

Binh Ba Island

With many beautiful beaches and clear water, you should experience the joy of scuba diving to see coral when coming to Binh Ba . There are many beaches where the water is calm and very calm, so you just need to wear a life jacket and swim freely.

Van Phong Bay

As a wild and peaceful sea, Van Phong Bay is a destination that is truly favored by nature for this coastal city. In addition to means of ships , if you are a person who is "averse to the waves", you can also go to the bay by road . With this form, visitors will have the opportunity to feel the novelty in enjoying the beautiful scenery as well as completing the experience trip by themselves.

Binh Lap Island

Binh Lap is known as the miniature Maldives of Vietnam . In the group of "Tu Binh" islands, Binh Lap island is located in a separate position from the outside. Therefore, this place still retains a simple and simple appearance that is hard to find anywhere else. The island consists of 3 main tourist beaches: Bai Binh Chau, Bai Ngang, Bai Lao – you can explore the life of the people in the fishing village here, Bai Rang – suitable for snorkeling, Bai Con and Sao tourist area Sea.

Ninh Van Bay

Coming to Ninh Van Bay , you will feel the magnificence of nature. Combining the vast, dark green space of the mountains and the vastness of the sea, Ninh Van Bay has long become an ideal destination for family vacations, making friends or romantic honeymoons. The panorama of this bay is the perfect harmony of nature, between the crystal clear blue water and shady trees, against the cool blue sky.

3 Some notes when visiting tourist attractions in Nha Trang

– When going to historical sites, especially temples and shrines, you should dress politely

– When traveling to the islands, you should bring a hat (hat), sunscreen and anti-sickness medicine even though the farthest island route is less than 1 hour and Nha Trang Bay is very calm.

Drink enough water because it is sunny and active, causing your body to lose a lot of water.

– If visiting within Nha Trang city, you can rent a motorbike to go by yourself.

– Absolutely avoid drinking alcohol before going scuba diving. The day before diving, you should go to bed early to stay healthy.

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Above are the top famous tourist attractions in Nha Trang – Khanh Hoa that you should not miss on your trip. Don't forget to share your interesting travel moments with Dien May XANH!