Should Tet go abroad? Hot foreign tourist destinations during Tet 2021

Tet is an occasion for all families to travel together, most often choose domestic destinations instead of traveling abroad because they think going abroad will cost a lot of money. Check out these tips for traveling abroad during Tet 2021 right here!


1 Reasons to go abroad during Tet

A lot of time off can go out with relatives or friends

In a year, there will be very few opportunities for families to gather and hang out together, so why don't you go abroad with your family this New Year to change the atmosphere in a new place. This is also an opportunity for you to foster family affection or build closer friendships , giving them an unforgettable holiday.

Thời gian nghỉ nhiều có thể đi chơi cùng người thân hay bạn bè

Pleasant spring weather

Of the four seasons, spring is the most beautiful season, with cool weather, blooming flowers , perfect for traveling abroad. You can admire flower festivals in many countries such as Korea or Japan.

Thời tiết mùa xuân dễ chịu

Enjoy many incentives from airlines, travel service companies

Tet holiday not only has promotions on fashion and household appliances, but also airlines carry out huge promotions on this occasion.

You can travel abroad for 0 VND or a lot cheaper than the normal price , so you need to schedule early and hunt for tickets from airlines. If you choose famous tourist places, the performance of hunting cheap tickets is very easy.

Hưởng nhiều ưu đãi từ hãng hàng không, công ty dịch vụ lữ hành

The opportunity to experience the traditional Tet of countries whose Tet coincides with Vietnam

At the time of Tet, friends in Asia also celebrate Tet and each country will have different customs. You can choose to travel to a place in your country such as Malaysia, China, Taiwan… to know more about their way of celebrating Tet, to expand your knowledge.

Cơ hội trải nghiệm Tết cổ truyền của các quốc gia có Tết trùng với Việt Nam

2 Experiences of traveling abroad during Tet

Choose a tourist destination that few people go to

To have a comfortable Tet holiday with your family, you should choose to go to places with few tourists such as the countryside or the midlands, where you can blend in with nature and experience the life of the people in foreign lands.

Chọn địa điểm du lịch ít người tới

Know the low-cost airlines where you want to go

During Tet holiday, airlines often increase flights with many ticket levels that you can choose from. However, tours to Europe like the US will often be difficult to find places, while Southeast Asian countries or China will be easier to book tours and easy to find places.

Nắm rõ các hãng hàng không giá rẻ nơi bạn muốn tới

Choose the right tour

If you are someone who has experience going abroad, you should go by yourself to enjoy time with your family. But if you go for the first time, you should choose the tour of the travel company so as not to be surprised and easy to do the procedures.

Lựa chọn tour phù hợp

Prepare your luggage carefully

When traveling abroad, you should prepare enough clothes, daily necessities, instant food such as instant noodles, sandwiches, medicine if you do not want to buy expensive things at the tourist destination. However, you should not prepare too much, avoid carrying a lot of things when moving.

Chuẩn bị hành lý kỹ càng

Bring some cash with you

The most important thing to note is that you should only bring a little cash with you when traveling long distances, bring only enough to spend on the journey, if necessary, you can use a credit card or ATM , important documents or Jewelry should always be with you, not in luggage.

Mang ít tiền mặt bên người

3 Foreign tourist destinations expected to be hot in 2021

On this Tet holiday, if you want to participate in flower festivals or immerse yourself in bustling festivals, the streets are full of shops, then you can come to the land of Korean kimchi, the land of Japanese cherry blossoms or the land of Japanese cherry blossoms. China with festivals such as: parade with animal costumes in Zhejiang province, watching dragon dance in Hunan, .. with a lower cost than traveling to Europe , the climate, the food is similar to Vietnam. Male.

If you want to go closer, you can also choose Thailand to experience exciting activities according to traditional rituals on Tet such as: New Year's party on ChaoPhraya River, Bangkok countdown, full moon party on Koh Phangan island…

If you like western style, places with romantic scenery, enchanting people with canals, old towns, then come to Italy, enjoy romance in France or go to Finland where There is a lovely Santa Claus, but the cost is also quite high.

Những địa điểm du lịch nước ngoài dự sẽ hot năm 2021

Here are some, choose for yourself and your family a suitable place!