Top 10 delicious snacks that are craving, must eat when traveling to Da Lat

Da Lat is a favorite destination of many tourists, not only because of its cool climate but also because of its cuisine. Especially the delicious snacks. The following article, Dien May XANH will introduce you to the top 10 delicious snacks that cannot be missed when coming to Da Lat!


1 grilled spring rolls

Grilled spring rolls in Dalat is a dish not to be missed by anyone when coming to this city. Nem is made from pureed pork, when grilled on spring rolls will not be too dry, has a soft, fragrant taste of fatty meat, served with spring rolls indispensable for fried rice paper shells, golden brown, crispy. .

Da Lat is a locality with immense green vegetables. Therefore, when eating grilled spring rolls, it is impossible not to eat green vegetables. The common vegetables that are green lettuce, purple lettuce. Accompanied by coriander leaves, mint leaves, basil leaves … shallots are served to enhance the flavor of spring rolls.

In addition, the dipping sauce is made from the following ingredients: Bacon, crispy shelled peanuts, glutinous rice flour, minced garlic, sesame oil, cashew oil, batches and some other seasonings play a role. It is very important to the deliciousness of this dish.

Món nem nướng Đà Lạt

2 stuffed snails

Dalat is characterized by a chilly atmosphere that is very suitable when sitting next to a bowl of snails stuffed with steaming meat. With my friends welding the slope, there is nothing better, right?

This dish has the main ingredient that is snails stuffed with meat in a large bowl, the meat is fully marinated with spices, so the taste is delicious, just eaten, combined with the restaurant's dipping sauce to create the same flavor. The taste of lemongrass and chili in the bowl when opening the lid, visitors will immediately feel the irresistible aroma.

In order to keep the temperature, it must be placed on the fire to prevent the snails from getting fishy or possibly not losing the rich flavor of the dish.

Món ốc nhồi thịt Đà Lạt

3 Wet cakes with chicken hearts

The wet, white, soft and chewy cake is no stranger to us, but it is not served with spring rolls, spring rolls, grilled spring rolls, cinnamon rolls… like many other places, but eaten with chicken hearts and chicken.

This dish is made from the main ingredient, which is a mixture of layers of soft, chewy, fragrant rice flour. Combined with chickens with delicious crispy meat of the garden. Combined with this dish are cups of sour and sour fish sauce of lemon and sweet and sweet of sugar. If you know how to eat spicy, add a small spoon of chili, it's great, isn't it?

Món bánh ướt lòng gà Đà Lạt

4 Grilled rice paper with onion fat – Pizza Da Lat

Returning to Da Lat, if you like wandering the streets of the city, grilled rice paper is a typical street food here, the base of the cake is thin, simple rice paper. Cakes are placed on embers, glowing red, then beaten with eggs and sprinkled with ingredients. It can be fried rice, pate, cheese, cheese, even butter, onions, meat of all kinds… in general all the ingredients that diners require.

The cake making time is quite fast, it takes only 5-10 minutes to come out of the oven, so you don't have to wait long. If you ever come to Da Lat, don't miss this delicious and cheap dish!

Món bánh tráng nướng mỡ hành Đà Lạt

5 Strawberry ice cream

Dalat strawberry ice cream is made from fresh strawberries carefully selected from the gardener. Fresh strawberries when selected, washed, pureed with milk and sugar, sometimes with a little honey and proceed to freeze, every 45 minutes, stir this mixture once until it becomes a thick cream. silky.

Những trái dâu tại Đà Lạt

On those ice cream glasses, each piece of strawberry is sliced thinly decorated, adding to the splendid red color of the strawberry. When you put a spoonful of ice cream in your mouth and melt right on the tip of your tongue, the fresh sweetness of strawberries blends with the cool taste of ice cream and heaven and earth in the chilly air, guaranteed to be an unforgettable moment and experience. can forget.

Kem dâu tây Đà Lạt

6 Baked potatoes and corn

Dalat weather is quite cold, so grilled corn and baked potatoes are indispensable dishes. In the midst of the irony of Dalat weather at night, you sit around the charcoal stove, enjoying the greasy, sweet taste of baked potatoes or the soft, fleshy taste of corn. You can easily see carts of baked potatoes and corn scattered throughout the Da Lat night market.

Khoai, bắp nướng tại Đà Lạt

7 Banh Can

Banh Can has gradually become familiar to many tourists and people in the foggy country. The ingredients for making banh can are mainly from rice flour, the flour for making banh can is prepared according to a special recipe: The rice is soaked in water, then finely ground together with a little dry rice, the dough is poured on a circular earthen mold. and grilled directly on the charcoal oven.

Depending on the taste, diners can choose their own fillings, which can be chicken eggs, duck eggs, quail eggs poured on top of the cake, when the cake is cooked, it will be presented in pairs on a plate to be used with dipping sauce. made from fish sauce mixed with a little onion fat and a little chili or satay, or seasoned fish sauce mixed with onion fat and shumai has a rich and distinctive flavor here.

Món bánh căn Đà Lạt

8 Dalat Strawberry Shake

Strawberry shake products are no longer strange to tourists every time they come to Da Lat. This snack is always sold a lot at Da Lat market and tourist attractions in the city. Strawberries are washed, halved or left whole, added salt, sugar, spices … shake well. The taste of the sauce blends in with the strawberries, a glass of strawberry shake in hand while eating while walking on the street.

Món dâu lắc Đà Lạt

9 Arrangement – Fried dough

Da Lat Xap Xuong is made from some main ingredients such as: Shredded young papaya, dried beef, beef liver, cinnamon vegetables, chili sauce, sesame sauce, peanuts. This dish has the same ingredients and method as dried beef mannequin. But what makes the dish different is the sauce. The sauce has the main ingredient from tamarind, has a moderate sour taste, not too sweet or too spicy.

To add more flavor to this dish, it is indispensable for chopped cinnamon leaves and a few crushed peanuts. Dumpling Dalat is a very popular snack in the foggy city. Not only locals but even tourists know this attractive dish.

Món xắp xắp Đà Lạt

10 Buttercream

A must-try snack when going to Da Lat is the delicious and greasy avocado ice cream. This is a snack that a large number of tourists, from young people, families or couples to Da Lat are looking for to enjoy. Da Lat avocado ice cream is attractive first of all thanks to fresh ingredients. Butter used to make ice cream is always waxy, fresh and moderately ripe. As a result, when eating, visitors will find the butter is very smooth, fragrant and also feel the freshness in it.

Along with that, the ice cream is made by the owners here according to a separate recipe. Sweet enough to eat without being bored. The combination of rich butter and cold cream makes for a delicious treat.

Ly kem bơ tại Đà Lạt

Above is an article to introduce you to the top 10 delicious snacks when traveling in Da Lat. Have a great trip, don't forget to leave a comment below if you have any questions!

Information updated on January 22, 2021