Top 12 Danang specialties should buy as meaningful and quality gifts. Recommend detailed shopping address

Da Nang specialties are known for the richness and variety of dried seafood and a variety of delicious cakes, extremely suitable for you to buy as gifts for relatives and friends. Let's find out the Top 12 specialties of Da Nang with Dien May XANH to buy as meaningful and quality gifts!


1 Squid with rice rim me

Squid rim me is a specialty "thousands of people love" in Da Nang. Fresh squid is washed and sun-dried, creating toughness without drying and hardening. When enjoying, you will see the sweet and sour taste of tamarind permeated into each piece of tough squid, eaten with rice or served as a snack with beer, "deliciously delicious".


The product has a rich salty taste, crispy and chewy and is made by soaking sugar, fresh tamarind, chili and fish sauce to infuse evenly and then placing the mixture on the fire, stirring many times until the product product does not burn. With sour, salty and sweet taste, Da Nang rim tamarind squid deserves to be the number 1 specialty among the specialties here. Really, this is a very meaningful gift of Da Nang specialties for loved ones.

2 Salted fish

Marinated Thieu fish is a special "playful" delicacy in Da Nang. When grilled, Thieu fish has a dry smell, the salty taste of fish sauce is mixed with the sweetness of sugar, and the pungent flavor of pepper blends together. Marinated Thieu fish is often served with wine, beer or as an appetizer. Therefore, marinated fish is a delicacy loved by locals and tourists to buy as gifts for relatives or friends.

Cá thiều tẩm

3 Tre Ba De

Tre Ba De is famous in Da Nang for decades because of its quality and unique taste. The Tre Ba De brand continued to grow when her children decided to follow the profession.

tré bà đệ

The secret to making Tre is after buying lean pork and cutting it thinly. Along with spices such as sugar, salt, garlic mix well and wrap. Then incubate for 2 to 3 days to use. To increase the attractiveness of Tre, when eating, it is necessary to add a little papaya, carrots, papaya, peanuts, garlic … and use as appetizers in parties.

Tre Ba De has varieties such as traditional wrapping, banana leaf wrapping, guava leaf wrapping. And packed into strings, boxes or jars to meet the diverse needs of customers.

4 My Khe seaweed

My Khe seaweed contains a lot of nutrients beneficial to the body such as fiber, protein, carbohydrates and vitamins, minerals… According to research, the pigment A content in seaweed is 3 times higher than carrots. Vitamin B2 is 4 times higher than eggs and calcium is 3 times higher than cow's milk… Therefore, My Khe seaweed is not only processed as a dish. It is also used as a health food.


My Khe seaweed has an elongated, black color, but when soaked in water, it turns green. Seaweed can be processed into many dishes from soup, stewed bones, fried shrimp, fried meat, salad. In particular, seaweed is considered a delicious "excellent" cooling dish in hot summer days. To make seaweed more delicious, people often marinate the seaweed with a little salt and store it in the refrigerator. My Khe seaweed will be a "great" gift you should buy when coming to Da Nang.

5 Dried deer

Dried deer is also one of the specialties of Da Nang bought as a popular gift and is very chosen by Da Nang people and tourists near and far in their gift bags. Da Nang dried deer has an aromatic, spicy taste, when eaten, use your hands to tear it into pieces. This dish is packaged so it can be preserved for a long time, very suitable for drinking parties with friends, without needing to be processed again, so it is extremely convenient for trips or long journeys.

nai khô

6 Spicy rimmed dried beef

Spicy dried beef rim with sugar looks red from the outside, stimulating the taste buds very strongly. The way to make spicy beef fish is also quite simple, just cut each seasoned beef jerky into many small, short strands, bring it together with sugar and delicious chili sauce. Rim in a simmering fire until the dish is thick. To have a fragrant taste, people often sprinkle a little more sesame on top. When eating a piece of spicy beef rim, the chewy taste of dried fish blends with the sweet and spicy taste of chili and soy sauce, the feeling is very appetizing and wants to enjoy. further.

cá bò khô



7 Ginseng, pineapple and jasmine tea

Ginseng, pineapple, and jasmine tea is a famous tea variety known to many tourists. With the delicious and fresh taste of young tea buds, pandan leaves and the art of tea making, it is hard for anyone who has ever tasted it to forget.


Jasmine pineapple ginseng tea is a fragrant, delicious, pure, fresh tea made from green bud tea, fairy tea, pandan leaf along with natural herbal flavors. Most of all, this tea also adds jasmine flowers mixed together to increase the taste and aroma. The aroma of pandan leaves, the aroma of jasmine flowers softens the acrid taste of the tea leaves, making the tea easier to drink, adding to the deliciousness and attractiveness of the tea.

8 Baked Coconut Cakes

Grilled coconut cake is a snack of the Central people in general and the people of Da Nang in particular. The cake is made from glutinous rice flour and fresh coconut and has a crispy, fragrant taste. Enjoying coconut cake with a cup of tea, you will feel extremely comfortable and refreshed.


Coconut cake is also a very simple dish, made from very simple ingredients. Shredded dried coconut, softened butter, add eggs, beat, then add milk and mix well. Next, put the flour and almond flour in a bowl and sift in the custard mixture. Finally, add the dried copra and bring it to incubate for about 2 hours. After incubation, bring out the round or wing into thin pieces and then bake in the oven at 150 degrees Celsius.

9 Nam O fish sauce

Nam O fish sauce is one of the most famous and famous specialties in Da Nang city. Its name is associated with the village of Nam O that makes this kind of lucky water.


What makes Nam O fish sauce special compared to other fish sauces in other regions is its very own ingredients and processing method. Fish sauce is made entirely from anchovies – a type of fish only available from March to August of the lunar calendar every year, with high protein content. Fish used to make fish sauce must be fresh and carefully selected, neither too big nor too small. Then wash with sea water, people do not wash fresh water because it will reduce the natural fish taste.

10 Sesame cake of Mrs. Lieu Me

Mrs. Lieu Me's sesame dry cake is a traditional gift specialty of Da Nang – Quang Nam for a long time, recognized by the People's Committee of Da Nang as a specialty of Da Nang. Used as a gift by many Quang Da people when going away from their homeland, and chosen by tourists from all over the world to buy as gifts when coming to Da Nang, brought by many local and national television, media, and radio agencies. believe.


A simple cake with simple ingredients but full of flavor by the heart of the baker. If you don't love your husband, love your children, don't love and work hard, how can you patiently pound the rice to flour, sit by the wood stove, hot coal stove many times to give birth to a seven-fire cake!

11 Dried Stingray

Dried stingray is one of the specialties of Da Nang that is loved by many people. The dish has a delicious taste, seasoned with many different spices to give you a wonderful enjoyment experience. This is considered a common snack at any time of the day. Those who have the opportunity to come to Da Nang buy stingrays as gifts for people at home.

cá khô đuối

Dried stingrays are fish belonging to the sea stingray family. In the family of stingrays, there are many different types of fish such as stingrays, swallows – This line of rays has a shape quite similar to a propeller, the smallest usually falls about half a kilogram, while the largest can go up. up to a few pounds. Usually when drying such large rays, people will cut the fish into triangles, then dry.

12 ram milk crabs

Da Nang milk crab is delicious, easy to eat, and not boring. This special dish of Da Nang as a gift has a rich, slightly spicy, sweet, and very attractive taste. Milk crabs (small crabs) are fresh, naturally harvested from the sea, shelled, gills removed, cleaned and packed. Nutritious food, containing many vitamins and minerals for everyone.


The ram milk crab dish in Da Nang is crispy, spicy, sweet, sweet, salty, can be eaten immediately, eaten with pleasure or eaten with rice or sipped with cold beer.

Here are the Top 12 specialties Da Nang should buy as meaningful, quality gifts, everyone can refer to and wish everyone a good taste!