Top 5 household items you can bring when traveling

You are about to have a trip, picnic with family and friends. You want to carry a lot of things but are afraid to carry heavy and bulky bags. Let's refer to the TOP 5 household items below with Dien May Xanh!



Compact size, weight about 0.5 – 0.9 kg, very convenient to move and put anywhere in the suitcase. They will be essential for your travel as it will help you to have decent clothes.

Bàn ủi khô

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A thermos bottle will help you keep tea and coffee warm and keep your juices cold or water on a long trip. Compact design, easy to carry on the go, and the convenience of the product will be the ideal choice for your trip.

Bình giữ nhiệt


The hair dryer has a foldable handle design that is very convenient when traveling. In addition to the function of drying and styling your hair, you can also use it to create a few simple hairstyles such as big curls, wavy hair, short bouncy hair, helping you to have beautiful shimmering hair patterns when travel.

Máy sấy tóc

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The kitchen has a compact size that makes it easy to carry when traveling. It is a great assistant to help you prepare unique and diverse dishes, making your trip more enjoyable.

Bếp ga mini

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5 Flashlights

An indispensable flashlight in the list of items to bring when traveling or going on a picnic. Compact, hand-held design with the ability to illuminate with LED system will meet the lighting needs of you and your loved ones.

Đèn pin

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Suggest a few household items that are quite familiar, but also very useful in many cases. You base on your travel schedule to selectively arrange them in your carry-on luggage! Wish you have a happy journey.