Top homestay Binh Chanh "excellent" view to satisfy the passion for virtual living

Ho Chi Minh City is known as the largest economic, political and cultural center in Vietnam. In addition, this is also a famous tourist center that promises to bring unforgettable experiences in the hearts of visitors. If you have the opportunity to visit the city, let's join Dien May XANH to refer to the top Binh Chanh homestay worth checking-in!


1 Springfield Cottage Homestay Sai Gon

If you want to find a quiet resort separate from the hustle and bustle of life outside, then come to Springfield Cottage homestay (also known as the Flower Field homestay). This place always attracts a large number of visitors thanks to the extremely impressive and unique design with the huts built on the water.

Homestay với thiết kế trên mặt nước vô cùng độc đáo

Because of the feat of building the lake surface, you will feel the floating, rhythmic and bring the coolest and most relaxing feeling. Coming to the homestay , you will be immersed in the poetic space, charming scenery reminiscent of the western region .

Mang phong cách sông nước miền Tây

Homestay includes 8 huts with different decor, area and price in each hut. In addition, you can also experience services such as painting, yoga, canoeing, etc.

Bày trí đầy đủ nội thất

2 Chez Mimosa Homestay Sai Gon

Homestay Located in a favorable geographical position and close to the famous tourist attractions of Saigon, it will definitely bring you the most perfect travel experience. Homestay Chez Mimosa is designed with white tones to make the room more luxurious and elegant.

Không gian ấm cúng

Chez Mimosa Homestay is fully equipped with necessary equipment and most modern and comfortable items. It is thanks to this excellent service quality that the homestay always makes a good impression, receiving extremely positive feedback from visitors.

Phòng ngủ trang trí thanh lịch, trang nhã

Homestay serves 3 extremely quality rooms with beautifully decorated space, promising to bring you the best camera angles to produce beautiful photos with thousands of likes. In addition, Homestay also serves many interesting entertainment facilities.

3 The Jungalow Homestay Sai Gon

The Jungalow Homestay is located in a dynamic city with an extremely convenient location near the airport. The space and layout of the homestay follows a vintage style that promises to bring beautiful virtual living corners that you cannot miss.

Decor phòng nghỉ theo phong cách vintage, cổ điển

Here, the homestay is built in a classic style with unique brocade decoration motifs in the room, outside is a space in harmony with nature, where you can grow flowers and water plants, enjoy enjoy a light and peaceful life.

Gần gũi với thiên nhiên

In addition, Homestay is also equipped with a system of fully equipped rooms with an extremely convenient kitchen area and is always ready to serve you when you are hungry.

Phòng được bày trí đầy đủ, tiện nghi nội thất

4 Super Homestay Sai Gon

Super Homestay is one of the homestays that are extremely loved by tourists. Coming here, visitors will enjoy the feeling of peace, different from the noisy and unpleasant smog of the city.

Cách trang trí đẹp mắt

Homestay follows a very unique vintage style, with a liberal direction but no less luxurious, promising to be the place to make your soul relax and most comfortable.

Phòng ngủ thoải mái, gọn gàng

The room system of Supe Homestay is arranged and decorated extremely thoughtfully and meticulously with full equipment and furniture with a "cheap" price , helping you to enjoy the most comfortable fun days. .

5 Homestay Binh Chanh Riverview Sai Gon

Homestay Riverview is a stopover destination for visitors designed with an extremely simple but very logical style with the main interior made of wood and extremely luxurious glass doors. This place is considered a very suitable resting place for couples or families.

Nội thất gỗ chủ đạo

A very favorite point of tourists staying at the homestay is the view overlooking the beautiful and peaceful river, fully receiving the cool natural wind.

View hướng ra không gian xanh

In addition, the homestay also trains a very professional staff with the ability to communicate in both English and Vietnamese, enthusiastically supporting guests 24/24 . It also offers motorbike rental or flight booking or extremely convenient tours.

Phòng ngủ tinh tế, sang trọng

6 Lovely House Sai Gon

Homestay is designed with a very simple style, not sophisticated compared to other homestays, but in return, a plus point for this homestay is that it has a "super soft" price. It is suitable for couples or groups of friends who want to find a place to rest after a long day of roaming around dynamic Saigon.

Thiết kế vô cùng đơn giản

Lovely House 's space is extremely airy thanks to the spacious balcony, terrace and air-conditioned rooms. Bày trí nội thất tiện nghi

7 Homestay Chill Box Binh Chanh

Chill Box is one of the homestays that is highly appreciated by tourists thanks to its extremely convenient location, right in the center of the city, so it is very convenient for visiting famous landmarks. In addition, the homestay also provides an ideal and comfortable resting space.

Decor phòng nghỉ đẹp mắt

Here, Chill Box has the most modern, complete and comfortable room system and provides many different services. The staff here are also extremely professionally trained and dedicated to serving visitors when visiting.

Thiết kế phòng thông minh, tiết kiệm không gian

8 Queen Victoria Hotel

Queen Victoria Hotel has an extremely convenient geographical position for visiting the street food market Ben Thanh and Tao Dan park (6km radius), Fine Arts Museum and Takashimaya commercial center, in addition, the nearest airport is Tan Son Nhat , 10 km from the hotel.

Phòng ngủ rộng rãi với thiết kế tinh tế

Queen Victoria Hotel provides extremely convenient and comfortable accommodation for guests with beautifully decorated rooms, equipped with extremely complete equipment: air conditioning, cable TV, screen TV. flat, kettle, shower, hair dryer, work desk, wardrobe and private bathroom.

Phòng ngủ thoải mái

9 Enjoy Hotel 7

EnJoy Hotel is extremely famous and especially loved by tourists because it is designed in an extremely high-class royal style with luxurious and elegant classical beauty.

Thiết kế sang trọng và cao cấp

Each room will be designed with its own main color tone and decorated with high-class furniture corresponding to the room concept , creating comfort, convenience and new, interesting and wonderful experiences. Great for tourists when stopping by.

Mỗi phòng có 1 concept khác nhau

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Above is the top homestay Binh Chanh invite you to refer and wish you the best travel experiences!