Top homestay Pu Luong – Thanh Hoa cheap, beautiful view "quality" panoramic terraced fields

Pu Luong is suitable for those who want to relax, experience tourism, community tourism and integrate with nature. If you are planning to come here but do not have a place to stay, let's check out the top homestay Pu Luong with Dien May XANH!


1 Puluong Retreat

Pu Luong Retreat Thanh Hoa is a homestay surrounded by trees and gardens, suitable for those who want to stay away from the city to enjoy peaceful moments.

Puluong Retreat nhìn từ bên ngoài

There is an outdoor restaurant, lounge, gardens and infinity pool, bar and especially there is an area shuttle service.

Toàn cảnh từ trên cao của Puluong Retreat

In addition, when staying here, visitors can also enjoy the specialties of the mountains such as: hill chicken, monkey snail, sour bamboo shoots, bean bamboo shoots, forest water spinach soup, lam rice, wild banana flower salad, smoky duck , roasted wild boar,…

2 Homestay Poetry Ha Pu Luong

Homestay Tho Ha in Pu Luong is a pretty famous homestay here. Because it is designed entirely of Po mu wood , it looks very unique. Because it is made of wood, the homestay is still very cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Một góc ở Homestay Thơ Hà Pù Luông

Tho Ha's bedroom is also airy and extremely spacious, comfortably suitable for large groups. The room is equipped with full amenities, serving the living needs of visitors well.

Phòng ngủ ở Homestay Thơ Hà Pù Luông

3 Ban Hieu Garden Lodge

Ban Hieu Garden Lodge quickly becomes a famous destination for tourists when coming to Pu Luong, especially the homestay is located near Hieu waterfall – a beautiful waterfall of Thanh Hoa.

Not luxurious and sophisticated, but Ban Hieu brings a feeling of monotony, peace, suitable for those who want to change the atmosphere in the noisy and bustling city.

Một góc ở Bản Hiêu Garden Lodge

4 Homestay Dung Xuan

Like many other homestays, Homestay Dung Xuan also follows the style of stilt houses, and the low price makes this place a popular choice for many people.

Homestay Dũng Xuân nhìn từ ngoài

Especially, this place is famous for its extremely attractive and unique "food paradise" . The dishes are rustic but also very special and made from ingredients of the mountains and forests, so it is also very strange for those who come here for the first time.

Món ăn ở Homestay Dũng Xuân

5 Treehouses

PuLuong Treehouse is located right in Pu Luong nature reserve, where it is fully equipped with amenities such as swimming pool, television, wifi, dining area, bar, ..

Khung cảnh ở Puluong Treehouse

The surrounding landscape is beautiful, the whole area is designed with a very delicate and reasonable layout in accordance with the natural landscape.

Phòng ngủ ở Puluong Treehouse

6 Valley Home

Located in the Thai ethnic village , Pu Luong Valley Home is imbued with the culture of the people here. Coming here, you will experience the unique features of the living culture as well as the activities of the Thai people.

Valley Home (managed by Puluong Retreat) nhìn từ bên ngoài

The space inside the homestay is also extremely spacious, airy and in harmony with nature. The four sides are fields and the fog in the morning will make you extremely relaxing.

Phòng trò chuyện ở Valley Home (managed by Puluong Retreat)

7 Don Village View

Don Village View serves guests quite professionally with traditional Thai dishes, but you should order in advance, asking them to prepare traditional food more thoughtfully to ensure better quality.

Don Village View từ bên ngoài

In addition, the bedroom here is always neat and clean. The owner of Don Village View is also very enthusiastic and friendly to visitors, they will create the most comfortable conditions for you when staying here.

Phỏng ngủ ở Don Village View

8 Pu Luong Holiday

Pu Luong Holiday is designed simply, close, located on a peaceful green river, here you will enjoy the poetic, unusually peaceful weather. Imagine when your mind is tired, your heart has many scratches and you are sitting here, watching the sky, how peaceful it is, isn't it?

Một góc ở Pù Luông Holiday

The green rice fields are immense, lightly fragrant. Far away are vast mountains and forests, all will be in your sight when you decide to stay here, what are you waiting for, come here.

Phỏng ngủ ở Pù Luông Holiday

9 Homestay Pu Luong RiverSide Lodge

Homestay Pu Luong RiverSide Lodge follows an interesting and unique homestay and bungalow model. Small thatched-roof houses are built close together to highlight the beauty of the local culture here.

Một góc ở Homestay Pu Luong RiverSide Lodge

You will feel the lightness with quiet four sides, from time to time there is the sound of birds singing and the murmuring stream of the river night and day. Besides, the wide terraced fields will dispel the daily fatigue and worries in your soul.

Hồ bơi ở Homestay Pu Luong RiverSide Lodge

10 Pu Luong Eco Garden

Pu Luong Eco Garden is a modern resort but still imbued with the national identity here. It is fully equipped with amenities like a modern and luxurious villa.

Một góc ở Pu Luông Eco Garden

There are exceptional views towards the mountain, especially from its infinity pool, which is the best for visitor photo shoots.

Toàn cảnh ở  Pu Luông Eco Garden

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Above are Pu Luong homestays with beautiful views and affordable prices. Come here for wonderful experiences and memorable vacations. Have fun trip!