Tra Vinh tourist destination, the most beautiful river and garden, discover the unique Khmer culture

Tra Vinh is a coastal province with a fairly diverse landscape along with a system of interlaced rivers. Coming here, visitors will be impressed by the peaceful beauty, inheriting the richness of Vinh Long cuisine, multi-ethnic culture and friendly people. Let's take a look at the beautiful view places that you must go right away.


1 What is the right time to travel to Tra Vinh?

du lịch trà vinh

Tra Vinh tourism has a distinct beauty in each different season. If you like the fun, bustle and excitement, then come to Tra Vinh in July or October of the lunar calendar every year to enjoy the exciting festivals taking place.

In the summer, if you come here, you will enjoy the fresh sweet and ripe fruits right in the orchard here, especially the waxy coconut, in other seasons, this place still has its own unique beauty.

Moreover, Tra Vinh is famous for many festivals, especially the Chol Chnam Thmay festival – a traditional festival of the Khmer people in the Southern Delta. On April 14, 15, and 16 of the solar calendar (a leap year is added on April 13 to the solar calendar), Khmer ethnic people will hold Mien dance and release sky lanterns. This will be an opportunity for you to experience interesting things.

2 The most famous check-in locations in Tra Vinh for you to "live virtual"

Here are the top tourist attractions in Tra Vinh and the ticket prices updated in July 2021

Cave temple

Hang Pagoda is different from the meticulously embellished architectural works, this temple has perfect harmony with nature . The campus in the temple is half of the forest, and is also home to many unique bird species.

Taking advantage of abundant resources, the monks have sculpted large tree trunks themselves, turning them into unique works of art of the temple, visitors coming here will be impressed by this unique beauty.

Ba Om Pond

Ba Om Pond is a complex of ponds and lakes – green trees create a cool climate all year round. This place is also known as Square pond , a calm and clear blue lake about 500m long and 300m wide.

Hundreds of ancient trees over a hundred years old on the bumpy sand dunes are mostly star trees, oil trees, … with large roots emerging from the ground in different shapes, surrounding the pond. With such a favorable geographical position, Ba Om pond is always a tourist attraction attracting many tourists of the province.

Mangrove forest eco-tourism area

With a specialty of mangrove forest with a vast area , a special feature here is the breathtaking and overwhelming wild space. In addition, hidden in the primeval forest system is an extremely rich flora and fauna world.

Going along the boat, the boat along the river, tourists can see with their own eyes the rare species of flora and fauna , while the locals introduce their interesting customs and characteristics.

Tan Quy Island

Tan Quy islet has a large area of about 929 hectares, located on the Hau river with rich alluvium. In addition, this place owns a lot of wrong garden fruits, which is also the pride of the people here.

Coming to the island, you will visit the orchard, enjoy the sweet fruit, participate in interesting games such as cycling around the village road, bathing in the river, rowing boat to watch the river … will be interesting experiences. taste of tourists when not worth visiting this famous island.

Huynh Kha Ecotourism Area

This is a place that is not the same as the usual ecological zones , but also integrates an entertainment area, Vietnamese cuisine restaurants, a resort … very convenient for those who do not want to move a lot. Huynh Kha's cafe area has an area of 1,577 square meters, diverse in space such as swimming pool, garden, .. Along with many open spaces and good service quality, this place has a special position in the area. the heart of tourists to Tra Vinh.

Ang Temple

Ang Pagoda is a temple with ancient architecture depicted with many works of art. The temple is imbued with the spiritual culture of the Khmer people in the South with lines and patterns imbued with national identity.

The big festivals of Tra Vinh such as Chol Chnam Thmay (New Year celebration), Don-ta (grandparents worship), Ok Om Bok (moon worshiping ceremony) are often favored at Ang pagoda . On weekdays, the pagoda is a place where people come to worship and send their wishes for peace and prosperity.

Khmer Museum

The Khmer Museum is located in the cultural and tourist complex , along with the scenic Ao Ba Om and Ang Pagoda. The museum is an attractive tourist destination for visitors from all over the world, archaeologists, full of national and international culture.

Coming to the museum, you will have the opportunity to understand more deeply the great cultural values that the Khmer ethnic community has preserved and promoted. Currently, there are only two museums of Khmer culture in the country, one in Soc Trang and one in Tra Vinh.

Three Dongs Sea

Ba Dong Beach is one of the attractive tourist attractions in Tra Vinh. Ba Dong beach has a vast green landscape, breathes the air comfortably, so it attracts a lot of domestic and foreign tourists.

Coming to Ba Dong beach, visitors can also enjoy the famous specialties of the Western river region next to the coastal seafood restaurants. In addition, there are many works, items, and infrastructure here exploiting tourism potentials in Ba Dong sea such as Long Toan bridge, Kinh Xang bridge, Don beach, Lang Chim ferry…

Vam Ray Pagoda

Vam Ray Pagoda is the largest Khmer temple in Vietnam with bold Khmer architecture . This place attracts not only locals but also tourists from all over the world to visit and worship.

The temple possesses a unique architecture that has contributed to creating a new look for cultural tourism of Tra Vinh province as well as the Khmer people in the South.

Stork Pagoda (also known as Nodol Pagoda)

Nodol Pagoda has a unique architecture of the Khmer culture in Tra Vinh, including the temple gate, the main hall, the cremation tower, the monk's house, the synagogue…

Nodol Pagoda is noted as one of the largest bird sanctuary in the West . Coming to Nodol Pagoda, in addition to worshiping and enjoying the temple scenery, visitors also have the opportunity to admire many types of storks such as white storks, red-headed storks, yellow-billed storks, storks, black-billed storks, …

Tra Vinh Market

The market is located in the center of Tra Vinh city, with a large area, so we can easily find the market when traveling by different means.

When coming here, you can see the bustling trading atmosphere of Tra Vinh small traders. The hospitality here has warmed the hearts of visitors with specialties and souvenirs with reasonable prices and the situation of guillotine rarely happens. Remember to stop by and choose some souvenirs to bring back here when you come to Tra Vinh!

3 Some notes when visiting Tra Vinh tourist sites

You should wear neat clothes, especially when visiting the temple scene, you need to dress seriously , wear flat shoes for easy movement. Bring a hat, windbreaker, glasses because the West is very hot.

In case of traveling in the rainy season, you can bring waterproof clothes, raincoats, umbrellas, waterproof bags for phones.

Một số lưu ý khi đi tham quan các địa điểm du lịch Trà Vinh

Means of transportation: If traveling from Saigon, the bus is the most chosen means of transport. The distance from Ho Chi Minh City – Tra Vinh is 130km (if you go to National Highway 60 from Ben Tre) and go along National Highway 1A, it is about 200km.

In addition, you can also ride a motorbike to Tra Vinh if you know the way , have a companion and a passion for traveling by motorbike. If you are concerned about your driving ability, as well as your health, you can take a bus.

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Above are the top famous tourist destinations in Tra Vinh that you should not miss during your trip. Have a great trip and don't forget to leave a comment if you have any questions!