When traveling for a long time, how to protect electronics at home for safety and save electricity?

During the holidays or especially during Tet, if you intend to go out for a few days, don't forget to protect your electronic devices at home safely. Please refer to the article below with Dien May XANH!


1 Electrical appliances that need to be powered off

You just need to turn off the device before leaving the house, not completely unplug the power cord from the outlet. If in case you are away for a long time and your home has pets , it is necessary to leave the air conditioner, you need to set the temperature a little higher than usual so that the air conditioner is not overworked during the operation.

Tắt nguồn máy lạnh

Water heaters need a lot of energy to keep water hot. Therefore, if your water heater is gas-operated, you need to switch to "pilot" mode. If it's electrically operated, make sure you turn off the switch as soon as you're done using it.

Water supply equipment

Turning off your water supplies won't save electricity, but it will help you avoid leaks while you're away.

Tắt đèn

Electric light bulb

This is one of the items that consume a lot of electricity when operating. So leaving the lights on when going out is already a bad thing to do, let alone that you will be away for a few days.

However, in case you worry about being stolen, it's still not bad to keep a few bulbs or use them with a timer.

2 Electrical appliances that need to be unplugged

Electronics with an external power source or charger

Devices such as: , game consoles, radios, smart phones and other similar items need to be unplugged from the electrical outlet before you intend to be away from home for a while. This action is to reduce the risk of short circuit, fire and explosion while helping to save energy.

Giảm thiểu rủi ro chập mạch

Electronics with a standby or "sleep" mode

– Desktop computers, DVD/Blu-ray players, alarm clocks or anything with remote control will never actually shut down.

– These items still have an LED light that glows after turning off, which always consumes a small amount of electricity. Therefore, they also need lightning protection (if possible) to protect themselves in bad weather conditions (rain, storm).

Modems and routers

Unplugging these cords from the plug will not only save users a sizable amount of electricity, but also prevent your Wi-Fi network from being hacked while you're away.

Rút phích cắm

Household electrical appliances

, , ,… these appliances are almost all turned on with an alarm, so you should also unplug when away from home. Also do not plug in the power in this case.

Refrigeration appliances

– and : With new models with built-in lights, timer modes and modern features, they also consume power when you "turn off" them just like , ,… You need to unplug the power to these 2 items.

– : Most of the current refrigerator models have energy-saving inverter technology, so they all consume a certain amount of money and regularly every month. So you don't need to worry about turning off the power or unplugging the power unless you have to be away for more than half a month or more

Tắt nguồn điện các thiết bị điện lạnh

Above are some information about protecting electronic devices properly when you are away from home during the holiday that Dien May XANH wants to share with you. Hope this information will be useful to you.