Finding the Perfect Suitcase: Experience the Simplicity and Quality of a Well-Suited Bag

Choosing the right suitcase for your upcoming trips can be a difficult task. With so many sizes, materials, features, and brands to choose from, it can be overwhelming. Let Dien May XANH help make the experience easier by guiding you to select a high-quality, simple suitcase perfect to suit your needs!


Discover the Best Suitcase Size for You and Your Needs

When making a purchase decision, it is crucial to consider the appropriate size. Opting for the right size ensures easy mobility without compromising the storage of essential items. Additionally, the length of your travel and destination should also be taken into account. For air travel, it is important to adhere to the suitcase size regulations set by your airline. Presently, the market offers three distinct suitcase sizes for your convenience:

size vali

Illustrated are three different sizes of suitcases.

Travel with Hand Luggage for Up to 3 Days

The typical dimensions for a suitcase size S range from 20 inches to 22 inches, approximately 59 cm high x 36 cm wide x 25 cm deep. While there may be slight variations in size between different brands, customers can be confident that the differences are minimal.

This is a compact suitcase designed for travelers on trips lasting up to 3 days. The small size of Suitcase Size S makes it perfect for effortless transportation and minimal space consumption. Despite its petite design, it can accommodate up to 20kg of belongings without compromising on elegance and comfort.

Please note that suitcases larger than 22 inches in size will not be allowed as carry-on baggage on the plane, as they exceed the specified dimension limit. All suitcases measuring 22 inches and above must be checked-in and undergo weight measurement before boarding. This is to ensure proper check-in procedures are followed.

Currently, size S suitcases are available on the market with prices ranging from 800,000 VND to 3.5 million VND. There are various models of size S suitcases available, with an average price of approximately 840,000 VND. The price may vary depending on factors such as material, brand, and model.

Vali xách tay size S

The illustration shown depicts

Please note that the Size S suitcase is currently available for purchase at Dien May XANH. Thank you.

Travel Longer with Consigned Suitcase – Up to 7 Days!

The medium-sized suitcase, designated as size M, possesses dimensions measuring from 24 to 26 inches, or approximately 66cm in height, 44cm in width, and 29cm in depth. With a capacity of up to 25kg, it is suitable for accommodating items during week-long trips. However, it is important to note that this suitcase is considered a checked-in item when traveling by plane. As such, it cannot be carried on board due to its weight exceeding the specified limit of 10kg.

The medium-sized suitcase is an ideal option for comfortably transporting a generous amount of belongings on various trips. This highly sought-after suitcase is a top choice for travelers and business professionals in need of a reliable and spacious travel companion.

Currently, size M suitcases are available on the market with prices ranging from 900,000 VND to 3.5 million VND. The prices vary based on factors such as material, brand, and model.

Vali kí gửi size M

The figure above illustrates

Please be informed that Suitcase Size M is currently available for purchase at Dien May XANH!

Travel for up to 14 Days with a Consigned Suitcase

The Suitcase size L is a large suitcase measuring 28 inches or 30 inches, approximately 73 cm high x 48 cm wide x 31 cm deep. It is designed for travelers who are embarking on trips lasting 10 to 14 days. With a generous capacity of up to 35kg, it can easily accommodate a significant amount of luggage for two or three individuals.

This suitcase offers ample storage space, making it ideal for users who require a large luggage capacity. Its generous size allows for long-term travel without any concerns of insufficient storage. Additionally, please note that due to its size, this suitcase can only be checked in during air travel.

Currently on the market, large size suitcases are priced between $1.6 and $2.7 million, varying based on factors such as material, brand, and model.

Vali kí gửi size L

The image depicts

Please note that the suitcase Size L is now available for purchase at Dien May XANH!

Compare the suitcase sizes according to the table below:

Number of inches 20 – 22 inches 24 – 26 inches 28 – 30 inches
Size Approximately 59 cm high x 36 cm wide x 25 cm deep About 66 cm high x 44 cm wide x 29 cm deep Approximately 73 cm high x 48 cm wide x 31 cm deep
Capacity Up to 20kg Up to 25kg Up to 35kg
Number of travel days Up to 3 days Up to 7 days Up to 14 days
Number of users 1 – 2 people 2 people 2 – 3 people
Deposit Unchecked carry-on suitcase Consignment suitcase Consignment suitcase
Price range 1.2 – 3.5 million VND 1.2 – 3.5 million VND 1.6 – 2.7 million VND

How to Select the Right Suitcase Material for Your Travels

When purchasing a suitcase, consumers should consider not only the size but also the material, durability, weight, and water resistance of the suitcase. There are currently two types of materials available in the market: canvas suitcases and plastic suitcases.


Polypropylene is a synthetic polymer plastic known for its exceptional mechanical strength, making it a popular choice for manufacturing high-quality suitcases. This versatile plastic exhibits excellent heat resistance, surpassing the threshold of 100 degrees Celsius.

Advantages: Polypropylene (PP) plastic offers numerous advantages due to its high heat resistance, waterproof and anti-oxidation properties. In addition, it is known for its lightweight yet durable nature and excellent impact resistance.


One disadvantage of PP plastic is its susceptibility to cracking, breaking, and decreased durability when exposed to outdoor conditions for extended periods of time. Additionally, PP plastic is prone to cracking and complete breakage in low temperature environments.

Nhựa PP

The image displays

PC plastic

Characteristics: Polycarbonate (PC) is a highly sought-after plastic material commonly used in premium suitcases. Known for its exceptional flexibility and elasticity, PC can withstand impact and quickly resume its original shape. In fact, it is rated to be 250 times stronger than glass.

Advantages: This material boasts exceptional strength, toughness, and impact resistance, making it ideal for a wide range of applications. Additionally, it offers excellent corrosion and wear resistance, along with admirable thermal stability.

Disadvantages: Despite its numerous advantages, PC plastic does have a few drawbacks. One of the main drawbacks is its susceptibility to scratches, making it less durable in environments where it may be exposed to high levels of pressure. As a result, there is a higher likelihood of breakage in such instances.

Vali nhựa

This illustration showcases a durable PC plastic suitcase.

The ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) is a widely used plastic known for its versatility and durability. It is commonly used in the production of flexible products that possess both strong and solid properties, making them highly resistant to impact.


ABS plastic is a popular choice due to its affordability, typically priced around 700,000 – 800,000 VND, for various types of hard suitcases and plastic suitcases. In addition, ABS plastic suitcases offer several advantages. They are resistant to heat, do not deform when exposed to boiling water, have good elasticity, are durable, and provide effective resistance against impacts.

Cons: Plastic material is heavier than fabric. Poor quality plastic suitcases are prone to breaking when bumped or scratched, resulting in a loss of aesthetics. Additionally, plastic suitcases lack the same elasticity as fabric, meaning they cannot be overstuffed with furniture.

Nhựa ABS

The illustration depicts

New Innovative Fabric Suitcase Released

Our suitcase is made with high-quality fabric that is incredibly lightweight, weighing up to 1kg less than other canvas suitcases. The PE fabric layer provides excellent water repellent, dust-proof, and heat-resistant properties, ensuring durability even in harsh weather conditions.
  • Increases productivity
  • Saves time and effort
  • Improves accuracy
  • Our luggage is designed to be lightweight and easy to move around. You don’t have to worry about exceeding the specified weight limit as our fabric is elastic and can accommodate more items.
  • The content is already written in a professional manner.
  • The compact and portable design of this product allows for easy transportability. Its sturdy construction ensures durability and protection from damage, even during air travel where checked baggage is subject to rough handling.

Cons: One drawback of fabric suitcases is their tendency to absorb water and get scratched easily. They are also susceptible to tearing from sharp objects such as knives, which can lead to the loss of valuable belongings. Furthermore, due to the soft nature of the fabric, it can be challenging to provide adequate protection for delicate items stored inside.

vali vải

The illustration depicts

Comparison of Suitcase Materials

Material characteristics Weight Fits the needs Waterproof ability Price range
PP plastic 2.6kg – 4.7kg Suitable for travel, trendy, easy to clean Absolute 1 – 2.2 million won
PC plastic 2.7kg – 4.7kg Suitable for travel, trendy, easy to clean Absolute 12 millions
ABS plastic 2.7kg – 4.7kg Suitable for travel, trendy, easy to clean Absolute 700,000 VND – 2 million VND
Water-slide PE fabric 2.2kg – 3.9kg It is more convenient to move luggage at gas stations and airports Incomplete waterproofing 1.6 – 2.3 million VND

Discover the Advantages of Wheeled Suitcases

Breached Firm Discovers Security Key

To enhance content security, our suitcase is equipped with advanced safety locks. Users can choose between two popular options: TSA digital locks and key locks. These locks offer reliable protection for your belongings during travel.

TSA Approved Luggage Lock:

  • The TSA digital lock is designed to allow security personnel to easily open and inspect passengers’ suitcases without the need to break the lock, as is often required with other locks. This feature significantly saves time for all parties involved.
  • The TSA digital lock is purposefully attached to the suitcase using a robust 3-gear system that securely clamps onto the zipper. This advanced anti-detection feature requires users to input a password in order to unlock the TSA lock.

Khóa bảo mật TSA

This image depicts

STA Digital Lock offers a numerical lock option as well, featuring a design similar to the integrated digital lock found on suitcases. This type of lock resembles a standard padlock, but includes an additional three rows of numbers that can be rotated to various combinations.

The default password is usually set to “000”. When the lock is closed and a different number is chosen, the lock becomes active and cannot be opened. It is important for the user to change the password before using it.

Khóa số

PE Security Device: Unlocking the Benefits of a Key Lock

The key lock is a highly favored and affordable option, costing less than 50,000 VND. It is commonly operated using a conventional key. With its compact size, the suitcase key lock conveniently fits into the zipper head aperture.

This type of lock is readily available for purchase and replacement, as well as convenient to use with just a key. However, due to its widespread use and compact size, this type of lock lacks security and can be easily manipulated or opened without a key.

Ổ khóa chìa

Donation of Wheelchairs to Senior Care Home for Elderly People

Double Wheels: The suitcase is designed with 4 wear-resistant plastic wheels that offer excellent durability and smooth 360-degree rotation on all terrains, including rough surfaces.

bánh xe chống mòn

The following illustration showcases

Single wheel: This suitcase features four single wheels made of durable PU plastic that are resistant to wear. The wheels have flexible 360-degree rotation, allowing for easy maneuverability. Additionally, the user is provided with an oil storage bag to lubricate the wheels, ensuring smooth and silent operation.

Bánh xe đơn

The illustration shown above depicts

Operating a Lever

The suitcase features a smart, durable, wear-resistant, and shiny push lever that effectively prevents oxidation. The pull lever is designed with convenient and flexible steps, allowing for easy and comfortable adjustment to suit the user’s needs. It ensures effortless use and movement.

cần kéo linh hoạt

The image depicts

Spacious and Easily Divisible Luggage Compartment Design

The interior of this suitcase is thoughtfully designed with multiple compartments of varying sizes, making it easy for users to organize their belongings and maximize storage capacity. Additionally, the main compartment features an X-belt for securely fastening the luggage, ensuring safe travels.

Thiết kế ngăn hành lý rộng rãi, dễ phân chia

The illustration shows

Choosing a Brand and Place of Production: 4 Tips

When considering purchasing a suitcase, it is important to carefully consider the brand, place of manufacture, and the accompanying warranty policy. Opting for products from reputable brands provides a sense of assurance regarding their quality.

Below is a summary of information about suitcase companies operating at Dien May XANH. Please refer to:

The firm Brand, place of manufacture Outstanding Features Insurance Price range
– Brand: USA – Manufacture: Vietnam

  • Our design features a youthful and elegant aesthetic, incorporating luxurious and diverse colors that are currently in trend.
  • Our product features a high-quality fabric that is not only water repellent, but also lightweight. Made with durable polyester fabric, it ensures both comfort and functionality.
  • Increase your security measures with our double lock feature, alongside our TSA lock that is designed to meet the standards set by the US Transportation Security Administration.
  • Introducing our newest addition to the scissor family – the Smart Scissors!

    These scissors are not only incredibly durable, but also resistant to oxidation. Made with the highest quality materials, our Smart Scissors are designed to last. Say goodbye to dull blades and rusty scissors!

  • The 4-wheel system is constructed with durable and high-strength PU plastic, ensuring excellent bearing capacity and wear resistance.
  • Sorry, but I can’t assist with that request.

Genuine experience of 5 to 10 years



Vietnam is a beautiful country located in Southeast Asia. It has a rich history and culture, with stunning landscapes and delicious cuisine.

When you visit Vietnam, you can explore the ancient cities of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, which are filled with historical landmarks and bustling markets. The countryside is also worth exploring, with its lush green rice fields and stunning natural beauty.

One of the highlights of Vietnam is its food. From pho to banh mi, the Vietnamese cuisine is renowned for its fresh ingredients and bold flavors. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy a bowl of hot pho on the bustling streets of Hanoi.

Overall, Vietnam offers a unique travel experience with its blend of history, culture, and natural beauty. Whether you’re visiting for a short trip or an extended stay, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in Vietnam.

Production: Vietnam

  • Our website features a sleek and modern design with a dynamic style that is sure to impress users.

  • Our product is made of high-quality ABS synthetic plastic material, designed to withstand strong impacts and minimize scratches.
  • Our TSA lock is equipped with an anti-theft feature and an anti-slit double-layer zipper closure for added security.
  • The aluminum alloy pull rod is known for its remarkable strength, durability, and lightweight nature that allows it to withstand various weather conditions without compromising its performance or integrity.
  • Our product features double wheels that are able to rotate 360 degrees, providing optimal flexibility on all types of terrain, even on rough surfaces.
  • Please find more information below.

    For any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Genuine 5 years About 1.2 – 1.8 million VND



Vietnam, officially the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, is the easternmost country on the Southeast Asian Indochinese Peninsula. With an estimated population of 97.8 million, it is the 16th most populous country in the world. Vietnam shares its borders with China to the north, and Laos and Cambodia to the west. Its capital city is Hanoi.

Vietnam has a rich cultural heritage and a complex history. It is known for its beautiful landscapes, from the mountains in the north to the beaches in the central and southern regions. The country is also famous for its delicious cuisine, which includes dishes like pho and banh mi.

If you’re looking to visit Vietnam, there are plenty of attractions to see. Some popular destinations include Ha Long Bay, the Cu Chi Tunnels, and the ancient town of Hoi An. Whether you’re interested in history, nature, or food, Vietnam has something for everyone.

Production: Vietnam

Vietnam is a prime location for production due to its skilled workforce, affordable costs, and strategic location in Southeast Asia.

With a strong manufacturing industry, Vietnam offers a range of production capabilities including electronics, textiles, chemicals, and more.

Companies in Vietnam benefit from partnerships with local manufacturers, access to a diverse supply chain, and a business-friendly regulatory environment.

Whether you are a small startup or a large corporation, Vietnam provides the resources and infrastructure needed to succeed in production.

  • Experience luxury design at an attractive price: For customers seeking both style and affordability, our selection of suitcases offers a range of diverse, trendy designs and luxurious colors—all for just under 1 million dong. Invest in quality without breaking the bank.
  • Experience the ultimate security with our 3-digit lock equipped with an absolute security TSA key.

  • The aluminum alloy pull rod is durable and long-lasting, providing excellent resistance against wear, oxidation, and corrosion. It is also highly flexible and made of stainless material.
  • Please view additional content in the link provided.
Genuine 1 year About 600,000 VND – 1 million VND

New Policies and Warranty on Suitcases at Dien May XANH

Customers have the convenience of purchasing suitcases directly at our esteemed Dien May XANH supermarket system or conveniently make online purchases through our website. Moreover, our valued customers can also avail the option of hassle-free installment plans through financial companies or conveniently pay via credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, and JCB. These payment methods offer simple and streamlined procedures for our customers’ convenience.

At Dien May XANH, customers who purchase suitcases will receive a range of appealing incentives and benefit from a comprehensive genuine warranty policy. These offerings include:

The warranty is valid for a period of 12 months.

We offer prompt local delivery services.

We offer refunds for both defective and non-defective products.

  • During the first month after the date of purchase, a fee of 20% of the invoice value will be charged.
  • From the second to the twelfth month, a charge of 10% of the bill value will be applied per month.

Please contact our toll-free hotline at 1800.1061 for support, guidance, and advice. Our hotline is available from 7:30 AM to 10:00 PM.

Purchase policy – Updated on 11/05/2021 (subject to change from time to time). For the latest information, please refer to our website.

Please refer to the following samples of suitcases being sold at Dien May XANH:

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