10 mistakes everyone makes when charging their phones. Tips to charge your phone battery properly

Have you charged your phone battery properly before? The following article will point out 10 mistakes everyone makes when charging their phones and give you tips on how to properly charge your phone. See it now!


1 10 Mistakes that are easy to make when charging your phone should be avoided

Always keep your charger in the socket

Even when the phone is not connected, the charger continuously consumes power if plugged in a power- hungry outlet . In addition, the transformer releases heat, which can slowly build up, which can easily lead to a fire . Or if the air in the room is humid enough, it can short-circuit the transformer and cause a fire .

Cắm cố định bộ sạc vào nguồn điện

Charge the battery to 100%

It sounds absurd, but 100% full charge is not good for lithium-ion batteries. The ideal battery level is 65 – 75% , which helps the phone maintain its durability and best life. Note when charging and timing the battery level to the correct limit.

Sạc đầy 100% không hẳn là tốt

Let the battery die completely before recharging

It is not good if you leave the battery to 0% because lithium batteries work on a charge cycle. If you let the battery drain and shut down, you will destroy the life of the battery.

Để pin cạn kiệt rồi mới sạc đầy

Leave the phone to charge overnight

If you leave the battery full like that for a long time, especially those who often have the habit of plugging in the charger overnight , at this time the charge in the battery is always high, which can make it seem "overwhelming" and gradually lead negative impact.

Để điện thoại sạc qua đêm

Use your phone while it's charging

Limit both charging and using the phone, and make sure to charge it with the device, to avoid the risk of unfortunate fire and explosion.

Không nên vừa sạc vừa nghe điện thoại

Charge your phone even if the battery is over 20%

This is a bit difficult for unexpected battery drain. However, if you want to keep the life of the device, you should charge the phone when the device needs to charge the battery, usually less than 20% of the battery will report.

Không được để máy sập nguồn mới sạc pin

Leave the phone case while charging

One of the main enemies of a battery is heat and if you charge your phone without removing the case, the heat cannot escape. This will cause the battery and other internal components of the phone to heat up. Before charging your phone, remove the case to let the battery "breathe".

Để ốp lưng điện thoại trong khi sạc

Use a generic and cheap charger

Each phone comes with a compatible charger, and should not be replaced with another brand. If you do not use the right charger, the power transferred to the battery may be too much or too little. This may lead to the battery overheating.

The best charger for your phone is the original one you get when you buy your phone. If you accidentally damage or lose it, buy a new charger from a reputable store.

Không dùng thiết bị sạc chính hãng

Using unknown battery apps causes the battery to overcharge

Free apps can be useful for monitoring battery performance, but you should be careful with these. They can be developed by unknown sources, causing the battery to overload and accidentally downloading ads on the phone. Before using an application, you should always verify the source to see if it is trustworthy.

 Pin luôn sạc đầy 100% chưa chắc tốt

Charge your phone from your laptop

Laptops are often used to charge phones, but it takes longer than using a regular outlet, and it doesn't activate the battery's fast charging option. If you want to charge your battery faster and in the best possible way, you should use a regular outlet.

Luôn sạc bằng cổng USB

2 Some tips to save battery and use battery science

  • Turn off functions such as Bluetooth, wifi, 3G, location when not in use because these functions consume a lot of phone battery .
  • For reasonable screen brightness, suitable for the use environment. Usually just set to average or below or auto mode, the phone automatically adjusts the light according to your location.
  • Let the mode automatically lock the screen after 30s – 1 minute.
  • when not in use such as games, web, applications.
  • Check the network and the device regularly because when the device is in a weak reception area, it will consume more battery to be able to catch the network.

Tắt các kết nối khi không sử dụng

Above are 10 mistakes that everyone makes when charging their phones and tips on how to properly charge the battery that Dien May Xanh shares with you. Please apply to ensure the durability of your phone!