10 tips to increase wifi network speed on the router very effectively

Wifi is intermittent, making it difficult to use computers, phones as well as other electronic devices to serve the needs of work, or entertainment purposes. So don't ignore 10 tips to increase wifi network speed on extremely effective routers that Dien May Xanh suggests right here!


tăng tốc độ mạng wifi trên router

A good router will greatly affect the internet connection speed. However, not everyone has the conditions to invest in setting up the top router configuration, achieving strong internet transmission speed.

Don't worry too much about this, refer to the 10 tips below that will help you improve the speed of your wifi network effectively.

1 Reasons why wifi routers broadcast weakly

When using a wireless network, almost everyone has encountered a weak wifi situation. The causes of wifi router (wifi router) can be:

  • Use a low-bandwidth plan
  • The location of the wifi router is not suitable, there are many obstacles to wifi waves such as placing the router on the ground, after many obstacles make the wifi signal weak; building materials (concrete, metal) prevent wifi waves from penetrating;…
  • Signal interference due to the area having many different wifi networks operating together, such as the same 2.45GHz band of some devices (, bluetooth devices, child monitoring devices, phones, …)

Các nguyên nhân khiến router wifi phát sóng yếu

2 How to increase wifi network speed on router

To improve wifi on the router, you can do the following tips:

Set auto-restart mode

Most new routers don't need to be rebooted as often. However, if the internet connection has been running for a while, restarting the router is necessary to improve speed .

You can use the DD-WRT and Tomato software to set the router to restart automatically at certain intervals. It's best to set the time to automatically start up at night when you are sleeping, so that you don't have to wait for the router to reload data.

Cài đặt lịch chế độ tự khởi động lại

Install a new antenna for the router

To improve the signal quality of your router (router), you can replace the antenna without having to replace the entire router.

Alternatively, you can use a wifi extender or wifi extender (). These devices all have the function of amplifying the signal, improving the wifi signal for homes with dead zones or in signal attenuation areas.

Lắp ăng-ten mới cho bộ định tuyến

Disable the old wireless network protocol

New routers on the 802.11ac protocol have the ability to outperform Internet service providers (ISPs). However, even though the router may be fast, some of the devices you own may be using older protocols like 802.11g.

This inadvertently slows down the wifi transfer rate when this device is connected. Therefore, you should remove devices that have protocols b or g.

You should consult your router's information to see what the network protocol looks like.

Vô hiệu hóa giao thức mạng không dây cũ

Change channel width

Changing the channel width can improve the wifi speed of the device you are using. Because wireless networks are very popular today, your area may have too many wifi waves in the same range as the router, causing the wave bands to overlap, causing the wifi speed to slow down.

The wider the channel width ( ) , the more susceptible to interference on devices with older protocols .

Thay đổi độ rộng kênh

Update router

To get the most out of your router's speed, you need to make sure your router is always running the latest firmware and software installed from the manufacturer.

Update your router regularly because updates are usually security fixes, they will increase as well as improve the wifi speed on the router for you.

Cập nhật bộ định tuyến

Change the location of the router

One of the ways to improve wifi speed is that you can change the location of the router in your home, office, etc. accordingly.

Often routers can conflict with other 2.4GHz, or 5GHz devices in your area. Not to mention, building materials are also the cause of wireless signal interference.

Thay đổi vị trí đặt bộ định tuyến

Optimize router channel settings

Today, there are many free tools to help you scan for radio waves right in your area. This app will then suggest the channel that you should switch to , to improve the current wifi speed .

Tối ưu hóa cài đặt kênh bộ định tuyến

Switch the router to another band

Routers usually operate in 2 or 3 different bands , so it will help you change the appropriate band to maximize wifi speed in your area. Simply put, you can change to another band for a faster network connection.

If your router is dual-band, you can specify use in the 5GHz band, instead of competing for use in the 2.4GHz band of most competing devices.

Chuyển bộ định tuyến sang băng tần khác

Change wifi name and password

Your home wifi can be stolen, or hacked if you keep the name and password fixed for a long time. Therefore, changing the wifi password is also a very simple way for you to improve the speed.

Thay đổi tên và mật khẩu wifi

Install new firmware

Some software can change the firmware on the router, help speed up the router as well as find the best settings for the TP-Link router . Keep the firmware up to date, and you can refer to software such as DD-WRT, OpenWRT and Tomato that are in common use today.

Cài đặt firmware mới

Hopefully, these 10 tips will help you improve the wifi speed on your router effectively.