10 tips to take beautiful photos with thousands of people's phones

To get good photos with your phone, you need to have some good tips on how to adjust composition, make use of lighting, or choose a scene. Follow along with the following article to pocket 10 tips to take beautiful photos with phones of thousands of people.


1 Avoid taking photos in low light, backlit places

When choosing a scene to shoot, you should choose places with good light sources that will help your photos look more vivid and clear. In addition, you should also limit shooting the subject when it is backlit, this will make your photo dark, the object and details around the subject will be very blurred and may be exposed.

Nên tránh chụp ảnh khi ngược sáng

Avoid taking photos in low light, backlit places

2 Adjusting the light balance after taking a photo

With some modern models, they may be equipped with a feature to automatically adjust the light for the image after taking it. However, in order for the image to be balanced in color and light to your liking, you can manually adjust it using the default photo editing feature on your phone or you can choose a number of applications and software to support it. support that.

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3 Limit the use of flash

In some places with dark light, you often have a habit of turning it on so that your photos have better brightness. However, in some cases, the flash makes your photos worse when encountering errors such as: red eyes – glowing, translucent skin or blurred light, .. Therefore, you should Take advantage of natural light and choose the right context to get the photos you want.

nên hạn chế dùng đèn Flash

4 Pay attention to photo composition

Besides the lighting factor, image composition determines 70% of your image quality. Therefore, you should firmly grasp the following 3 notes on how to adjust the layout:

Adjust the layout according to the rule of 1/3

The rule of thirds, also known as the "golden ratio", is one of the basic rules in photography. You can fine-tune the subject in the image at 1/3 position horizontally and vertically. Next, you need to adjust so that the main subject of the camera is aimed at one of the four intersection points of the frame (like the illustration) instead of placing the subject in the center of the frame.

áp dụng quy tắc 1/3 khi chụp ảnh

Applying the rule of thirds will make the photo more harmonious and balanced. You can use the grid in your phone's default camera app and .

Use the converging line layout rule

These converging paths can be railroad tracks, fences, etc., and can also be curved or straight depending on the shape of the object. This rule makes your photo extremely attractive, the composition has depth, and the main subject of the photo is in focus, more prominent.

Tận dụng các đường hội tụ nếu có

Use a central and symmetrical composition

The central and symmetrical composition will make the photo much more attractive because of its balance. Usually when photographing architecture, this composition will be highly effective thanks to its absolute focus on the subject, helping you to achieve the perfect balance and deliver a highly conveyed message.

nên sử dụng bố cục trung tâm và đối xứng.

5 Make full use of the frame

Do not hesitate to take a new photo with a wide view. When you have a large image, you can easily customize the post-production, cut out the unsatisfactory parts, easily edit to create a beautiful, attractive image. When taking photos of nature or nature combined with people, you should choose to shoot wide to capture the best shots.

Đừng ngần ngại chụp mới bức hình với khung cảnh rộng

6 Do not place the subject in the center of the photo

If you put the subject in the center of the image according to the principle of symmetry, but without a specific logical composition or artistic intention, it will make your photo lack depth and sophistication. Apply the rule of thirds for a more attractive and eye-catching photo. Therefore, you should avoid placing the subject in the center of the frame.

Không nên đặt đối tượng ở chính giữa bức ảnh .

7 Do not stand too far from the subject

You should not keep the distance between the subject and the camera too far apart. The right distance from 90 cm – 120 cm can create a harmonious photo, making the subject neither too small nor too large.

Không nên đứng quá xa đối tượng.

8 Limiting the use of the Zoom feature (photo zoom)

If normal camera uses , then in , regular camera uses . The effect of digital zoom degrades the image quality and makes it look more blurry and fragile. Therefore, to limit this, you should limit using the zoom feature on your phone, you can find a way to move closer to the subject to have better quality photos.

Hạn chế sử dụng tính năng Zoom

9 Creative colors, unique designs.

In addition to mixing light – dark colors to create color contrast for the image, you should also choose to mix colors of the same tone together. This makes the photo more pleasing to the eye and more pleasing to the eye.

Phối các màu sắc để màu ảnh đẹp hơn

In addition, breaking the way in photography is also an interesting thing in photography, sometimes breaking the rules makes your photos more unique, helping to express the photo's content in the most powerful way. .

Phá cách để tạo ra sự độc đáo cho ảnh

10 Take multiple photos.

Having good photography skills as well as knowing how to choose composition, scenery, and colors to suit the subject of the photo also requires a long process of practice. Gradually you will gain experience for yourself to be able to become a professional photographer. Therefore, take a lot of photos and filter for quality photos, balanced composition and harmonious colors.

Chụp nhiều ảnh

The above are ways to help you have a better photo, if you find it interesting, you can comment or share your experience under the article!