10 unexpected harms of social networks

Social networks Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr are very popular today, but if you do not know how to use them in moderation, they can be harmful to your health. Let's find out 10 harmful effects of social networks that you did not expect to know how to prevent.


1. Reduce human-to-human interaction

Dán mắt vào Facebook làm tình bạn dễ sứt mẻ

Imagine how your friends and loved ones will feel when you meet them with your eyes glued to Facebook through the screen .

Social media addiction not only makes you spend less time with real people around you, but also makes them sad when you value "virtual" friends more than what is in front of you. Gradually, relationships will break down and no one will want to see you anymore.

2. Increased desire to attract attention

Posting ambiguous statuses with the wrong words like and view is no longer a strange thing, but it really makes people angry if used too often. Social networks also contribute to increased competition, the relentless competition to find likes and notifications will significantly rob you of your time.

3. Distracting personal goals

Too much focus on social media can easily make people forget the real purpose of life. Instead of focusing on finding future jobs by learning the necessary skills, young people are only focused on becoming "keyboard heroes" and becoming famous online.

4. Risk of depression

Nguy cơ trầm cảm cao hơn ở những người nghiện mạng xã hội

The risk of depression is higher in social media addicts.

Recent studies show that the more people use social media, the more negative they feel, which can even lead to depression.

This is especially dangerous for those who have been diagnosed with pre-existing depression. So, if you find yourself feeling demoralized all the time, maybe it's time to limit your social media time!

5. Killing creativity

Social media is the most effective means of paralyzing and killing the creative process. Surfing social networking sites, especially Tumblr , has a similar effect on brain activity as watching television unconsciously. If you plan to work today, limit your time.

6. Online Violence

“Keyboard Hero” is a word that is no longer strange in recent times. People feel comfortable online, so they often say things they wouldn't dare say in real life.

If you are one of those people who often speak rudely and insult others online, then stop immediately! You are not as "anonymous" as you think. The more acute the problem of online violence, the more impolite in real life.

7.Love is easy to break

Cơm chẳng lành, canh chẳng ngọt vì đeo bám trên mạng

The rice is not healthy, the soup is not sweet because of clinging to the internet.

Jealousy or online snooping never brings good results for couples in love. Social networks seem to be an effective tool to "warm up emotions".

But the reality is that the benefits are few and the harms are many. According to research, the more people use social networks, the more they have a "disability" to track their every move, easily leading to quarrels and breakups.

8. Constantly comparing yourself to others

What people brag about online isn't necessarily who they really are, and constantly comparing your accomplishments to your online friends can take a toll on your morale. Stop comparing and remember that everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses.

9. Insomnia

Ánh sáng nhân tạo màu xanh làm bạn khó ngủ hơn

Blue artificial light makes it harder to sleep

will trick your brain, causing circadian rhythm disturbances. This leads to poor sleep, which seriously affects health and mental health.

The advice is that you should use social networks only shortly before going to bed.

10. Privacy

There were rumors of social networking sites selling users' personal information, adding more risks from hackers and viruses. These all warn that personal privacy is gradually lost while social networks grow.

If you are not wise when posting information online, home address, phone number, they will cause a lot of trouble in the future. The most dangerous are fake calls, scams.

The explosion of social networks in recent years has dramatically changed the way we live and work. Be wise when using social networking sites to avoid bringing trouble on yourself!