12 ways to speed up battery charging for the fastest phone without damaging the device

Your phone is about to run out of battery, but you want it to charge up faster? The following article, GREEN phone will show you 12 ways to increase the fastest charging speed for your phone without damaging the device​. Let's read together!


1 Turn off or turn on airplane mode while charging

This is a very useful tip for . Turning the phone off or on means that you have turned off the phone's normal connections such as network connection, 3G, NFC, Bluetooth.

Tắt máy hoặc bật chế độ máy bay trong khi sạc

This will help the device not consume power for the connection and speed up the charging speed . Experimental results with conventional smartphone models have proved it.

2 ​Use the correct battery charger

Each type of phone can work with different batteries. However, with non-standard chargers, although it is possible to fully charge your phone, in the long run it will cause battery bottles and prolong charging time .

Sử dụng đúng bộ sạc pin

It is recommended that you use the correct battery charger that came with your phone when you bought it, and if the charger is damaged, go to a reputable store to find the right charger to replace.

3 Use a power outlet instead of a USB port

Most smartphones today can be charged via the USB port . This gives users more options for charging.

However, the current through the USB port is less amperage than the electrical outlet, so your phone will take longer to fully charge. So, if possible, choose to charge the battery through an electrical outlet.

Sử dụng ổ cắm điện thay vì cổng USB

4 ​Keep your smartphone cool while charging

Phone manufacturers always recommend that temperature is the leading cause of battery performance loss . You should not expose the device to sunlight or near strong heat sources for too long.

​Giữ smartphone của bạn mát mẻ trong khi sạc

5 ​Try to select Wifi network when charging

Mobile data networks are often unstable so they can easily heat up the phone and lead to a longer battery charge. And if you need to use the internet while charging, you should prioritize choosing Wifi.

Cố gắng lựa chọn mạng Wifi khi sạc

6 Use the iPad charger to charge your iPhone

If you use it, try using an iPad charger to charge it. Doing so will help the iPhone battery to charge faster. And don't worry too much because this is Apple's original charging device, they have designed it to optimize charging on its multi-device.

Sạc pin iPhone bằng củ sạc iPad

In addition, to extend iPhone battery life, during charging, remember to turn on low power mode on iPhone!

7 Don't wear a case when charging

In order for the phone battery to last longer, it is best to remove it when charging. Because when charging the battery increases the heat of the phone, but wearing a case will make it harder for this heat to escape, reducing the life of the device, leading to a battery bottle .

Đừng đeo ốp lưng khi sạc

8 Immediately abandon crazy fast charging ideas

Manufacturers do not recommend crazy fast charging methods such as putting aluminum foil under the phone when charging, squeezing lemons… Don't believe the unfounded claims on the internet, you will damage your phone it's forever.

Bỏ ngay những ý tưởng sạc nhanh điên rồ

In addition, you can still use the correct fast chargers for your phone. However, you should refrain from frequently using fast charging because it shortens your phone's battery life..

Only when you have an extremely urgent job that requires a full phone battery , do you need to use fast charging. If you don't need it, you can just use the company's standard charger.

9 It is recommended to charge the battery to 100% in some cases

For older smartphones, you should unplug the charger as soon as the battery is 100% fully charged.
As for new smartphones, most manufacturers recommend that you charge the battery between 30% – 80%, then unplug the charger, it will be better for the battery. And you only need to charge the battery to 100% once a week to discharge the battery.

Nên sạc pin đầy 100% trong một số trường hợp

10 New battery replacement options

If during use, your phone is still good but only has battery problems, then it is best to replace the battery .

You will see amazing results. And remember, choose reputable places and stores to change the battery for your device! Avoid the case of being replaced with a fake battery and then having to " lose money, wear it ".

Lựa chọn thay pin mới

11 ​Turn on Dark Mode on your phone

With today's new screen technology, when you use a black wallpaper, the black pixels on the screen will not consume power. Therefore, it will increase the battery life much more. In addition, you should also set it as default.

Bật chế độ Dark Mode trên điện thoại

12 ​Buy a phone with fast charging

In addition to the above ways to help optimize the charging efficiency of the phone. If you are planning to buy a new phone, you should also consider from the beginning to choose to buy phones that have such as , , …

With fast charging technology, it not only ensures fast energy transfer rate, but also ensures the safety of users during charging, even while charging and using.

Mua điện thoại có tính năng sạc nhanh

Above is the article 12 ways to increase the speed of charging the phone for the fastest without harming the device. Hope this information is useful for your smartphone!