14 ways to help your refrigerator always save electricity

A refrigerator is an indispensable device to preserve food and must operate regularly, consuming a lot of electricity for the family. How to save electricity optimally? Let's find out 14 ways to save electricity with us!


1 Keep away from heat sources, do not place close to the wall

Should place the refrigerator in a cool place, away from heat sources, do not place the refrigerator near, These heat sources will cause the cabinet to heat up, affecting its operation.

The refrigerator should be placed 10cm away from the back wall and about 2cm from the sides so that the refrigerator has space to radiate heat. In addition, placing the refrigerator about 5 cm from the ground helps to prevent moisture and support the heat dissipation process to take place better.

tủ lạnh không kê sát tường

The refrigerator should be placed away from heat sources

2 Choose the right refrigerator capacity

Before buying a refrigerator, you should determine the number of family members to choose the appropriate capacity. Small capacity does not meet the needs of food preservation and conversely large capacity will cause power consumption.

tủ lạnh LG

Suitable for a family of 3-4 members.

You can refer to the following summary table to choose the right refrigerator for your needs:

Usable capacity Number of family members Commonly selected cabinet type Price
1 – 2 members or Under 5 million
2 – 3 members From 5 million – 16 million VND
3-4 members From 8 million – 32 million VND
4-5 members or From 13 million – 65 million VND
More than 5 members or From 14 million – 70 million VND

3 Proper temperature regulation

If you adjust the temperature to high to save electricity when using the refrigerator, the food may spoil due to not being provided with enough cold.

If the temperature is too low, it will waste energy. Therefore, you should set the correct temperature according to the advice of experts, specifically as follows:

  • Refrigerator temperature: about 2 degrees Celsius – 4 degrees Celsius
  • Freezer temperature: about minus 15 degrees Celsius

điều chỉnh nhiệt độ

Adjust the freezer temperature on the refrigerator

4 Limit frequent turning on and off of the refrigerator

You should limit turning on and off the refrigerator often because each restart will consume a lot of energy.

In case you do not use the refrigerator for a long time, you should disconnect the power, clean, do not leave food in the refrigerator, and wait for the refrigerator to dry before closing the door to limit bacteria arising.

không bật tắt thường xuyên

Do not unplug the refrigerator often

5 Turn off automatic ice making when not needed

When there is no need to use a lot of ice or have enough ice, you should turn it off to save more electricity.

tắt tinh năng làm đá tự động

Turn off the automatic ice-making feature to save refrigerator power

6 Defrost the freezer periodically for frozen refrigerators

For older refrigerators that are not equipped with the self-defrosting feature, the snow layer appears to affect power consumption and occupy the space inside the cabinet. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly defrost the refrigerator to save electricity.

rã ngăn đông

Defrosting the refrigerator periodically also saves energy

7 Clean the condenser regularly

installed behind the refrigerator, made of metal, which has the function of radiating heat.

Clean the condenser at least once every 6 months to avoid dust and dirt. The condenser is clean and works well, the compressor will work more stably, and the energy of the new cabinet will be saved.

vệ sinh dàn ngưng

Clean the condenser of the refrigerator with a brush

8 Clean the refrigerator

Cleaning the refrigerator limits the growth of bacteria and mold, helping the refrigerator to dissipate heat better.

Clean the refrigerator about once every 1-2 months to save electricity effectively. Every year, you should also check the refrigerant gas amount of the cabinet in and timely to avoid the compressor overloading and consuming electricity.

vệ sinh tủ lạnh

Clean the refrigerator periodically

9 Check the door seal regularly

There is a rubber gasket on the refrigerator door, this border helps keep the temperature inside the refrigerator from leaking to the outside when the door is closed.

If it is detected that the edge of the rubber cushion is bent or torn, which will cause cold air to escape, the compressor must operate at full capacity, causing electricity waste. When detecting a problem with the door seal, you need to fix it immediately to save electricity!

kiểm tra viền đệm cao su

Regularly check the door seal

10 Do not open the refrigerator door for too long

Often, there will be a habit of taking water or putting food in the refrigerator but leaving the door open for too long causes the compressor to adjust the temperature continuously, causing energy waste.

mở và đóng cửa nhanh chóng

Open and close the refrigerator quickly to save electricity

Currently, the refrigerator is equipped with an additional feature, when you open the refrigerator for too long or accidentally close the door of the refrigerator, the refrigerator will automatically sound a notification bell to help you detect it in time.

11 Cover food and put it in the fridge

Food should be covered with food wrap or sealed before placing it in the refrigerator to help limit odor generation and ensure nutrition in food.

The food is sealed, and the compressor effectively regulates the amount of humid air, operating at a lower capacity, significantly saving electricity consumption.

đậy kín thức ăn trong tủ

Store food in a food container before placing it in the refrigerator

12 Do not put hot food in the refrigerator

Putting hot food in the refrigerator causes the temperature inside the refrigerator to rise, and the compressor must work harder to provide cold food in the refrigerator. This causes the refrigerator to consume more electricity.

không đặt thức ăn nóng vào tủ lạnh
Do not put hot food in the refrigerator

13 Put enough food in the refrigerator

Do not overfill the refrigerator with food, should be left just enough, between the foods, and there should be space for cold air to circulate, which will reduce the amount of electricity consumed.

đặt vừa đủ thực phẩm

Put enough food in the fridge

14 Use glass or porcelain dishes

Glass and porcelain help balance the temperature in the refrigerator better and limit bacteria from entering food. However, you should close the lid tightly so that the food does not stagnate and is better preserved!

hộp đựng thực phẩm

Use glass containers to store food in the refrigerator

Thus, we have revealed to you 14 simple ways to keep your refrigerator energy efficient. Hope the above information will help you.