16 common errors in washing machines – causes and solutions

Washing machines fail due to many different reasons, including both objective and subjective reasons. Let's learn with Dien May Xanh to learn 16 of the most common washing machine errors and how to fix them to make laundry in your family simpler!


1 Washing machine vibrates and makes unusually loud noises


  • It is possible that your washing machine has damaged components such as shock absorbers, core parts and bearings broken, damaged, or because the amount of water supplied to the washing machine is not enough.
  • Due to the user's negligence in the process of using the washing machine such as placing the washing machine on an uneven position, objects fall from the clothes and get stuck in the drum, putting too many items in the machine causing overload or being cornered. to one side causing deviation of the washing tub,…

Máy giặt có thể bị quá tải nếu bạn cho vào quá nhiều đồ

The washing machine can be overloaded if you put too many items in

How to fix:

  • First of all, you need to see if the location of the washing machine is suitable, check the washing machine drum to see if there are too many items in the machine, whether the clothes are twisted together , nothing is stuck in the drum. no,… then rearrange the clothes, remove the jammed items from the machine.
  • Make sure there is enough water to supply the washing machine to avoid the friction between the clothes and the noise.
  • If the above measures do not work, then at this time, your washing machine component may have a problem, specifically due to a faulty bearing or shock absorber spring. Please contact the service center or professional repair center for support!

2 Even in overflow mode, water does not flow out of the drain hose

Cause: The user did not follow the instructions for use correctly, setting the water level and pressure lower than normal.

How to fix: You just need to adjust the water level and pressure so that the standard water supply rate is 15 liters / minute.

Tùy chỉnh lại mức nước cho máy giặt

Adjust the water level and pressure to fix the problem of water not flowing out of the drain hose

3 Even though the washing process is finished, the machine does not turn off automatically

Cause: A stuck power button is a common cause of this condition.

How to fix: You should contact the service center for support to fix.

4 Washing time is too long

Cause: It may be because the exhaust pipe is improperly connected, blocked or deformed or distorted due to external factors.

Solution: Turn off the washing machine and check the drain hose carefully.

Kiểm tra ống xả nước cẩn thận

Check the drain hose carefully after turning off the machine

5 Washing machine not entering the water


  • Errors are usually caused by broken components in the machine such as the water pressure sensor switch, the board (control panel).
  • The inlet valve filter is dirty.
  • The user forgot to open the water supply valve or did not pay attention to the amount of water and enough pressure to supply the washing machine.

How to fix:

  • Please check the water supply, the water supply faucet is open or not, the metal mesh inside the water inlet pipe is blocked or not, … to fix it in time.
  • In case the above remedies do not work, call a repairman to have them check and repair damaged components.

Lưới lọc van cấp bị bám bẩn là nguyên nhân khiến máy giặt không vào nước

The filter in the supply valve is dirty, which is the reason why the washing machine does not enter the water

6 Washing machine does not perform spin function

Causes: It can be due to the following reasons:

  • The drain hose, the drain valve, the water inlet pipe are blocked.
  • The installation position is not suitable or the washing machine door is not closed tightly.
  • Clothes placed unbalanced.
  • Belt, motor broken.
  • The washing machine program is faulty.

How to fix:

  • Check carefully whether the lid of the washing machine is closed, the position of the washing machine is suitable.
  • Adjust the amount of laundry in the drum for balance.
  • Check the drain hose, drain valve is not blocked or not.
  • If the washing machine still won't spin after doing the above, it is possible that the belt, the machine motor has been damaged or the washing program is faulty. You should call a repairman to have them fix it for you.

Máy giặt không vắt khiến quần áo vẫn còn nguyên nước

The washing machine does not spin, leaving the clothes still water

7 Washing machine in idle state even when plugged in

Cause: Maybe the error comes from the power supply (voltage is too weak) or because you have not pressed the power and start button.

How to fix it: You should prioritize checking the following important parts: the power switch (POWER) and the start button (START/PAUSE) to see if you have pressed it, the wires and the power are really ok.

8 The washing machine is not clean

Cause: It may be because the amount of water and the amount of clothes are not balanced or the cleaning of the drum and drum is not very thorough, so it affects the clothes. In addition, putting too many clothes in the machine can also make the washing machine not clean.

How to fix: Just adjust, pay attention to observe and clean the machine box and washing tub more carefully, you can improve the washing efficiency of the machine.

9 The clothes still have tiny particles of washing powder on them

Cause: You may have used too much detergent, leaving excess residue on your clothes, or the water temperature is too low.

Solution: You should add enough washing powder to use and the temperature must be higher than 40 degrees Celsius to dissolve all the detergent.

Vụn bột giặt bám trên áo do dùng quá nhiều lượng cần thiết

Detergent residue on clothes due to excessive use

10 The process of pumping water into the washing machine is weak

Cause: The water pressure supplied to the washing machine is not strong enough.

How to fix:

  • Please place the washing machine in a place with stronger water pressure.
  • Pour water directly into the washing machine or use a booster pump to make the machine work faster.

11 The washing machine drains water continuously without stopping

Cause: The drain valve of the washing machine is stuck because foreign objects follow the clothes into the washing machine.

How to fix:

  • Light water leakage: You wash the machine normally, after a while foreign objects will automatically follow the water line and the washing machine will return to normal.
  • More severe leaks: Ask a service center specialist for timely repair.

Hãy gọi nhân viên bảo hành khi nước rò rỉ ở mức nặng hơn

Call the service personnel when the water leak is more severe

12 The washing machine suddenly supplies water in the middle of the washing or rinsing process


  • The amount of water you provide to the washing machine is not enough
  • You put more stuff in the machine.

How to fix: See and adjust the amount of water you give your washing machine. In addition, you should also divide laundry into batches of laundry, limiting interference in the washing process.

13 Washing machine not running


  • The problem may arise from a number of errors during use such as the drum being channeled, the washing machine lid not closed , the amount of clothes overloaded.
  • The washing machine is not supplied with enough water.
  • The washing machine lid is not closed.
  • Broken belt or failure of components , control circuits, touch systems , ..

Máy giặt sẽ không chạy nếu dây curoa bị đứt

The washing machine will not run if the belt is broken

How to fix:

  • When this is the case, you need to carefully check the condition of the washing machine to see if it has turned on power, whether the power cord is loose or not, the drum is neatly arranged, the detergent drawer and the lid of the washing machine are closed. Is it tight enough, has the water been pumped in enough to find a way to fix it?
  • In case the washing machine still does not run despite the above actions, it is possible that the components and control system of the washing machine are having problems. You will need the intervention of professional mechanics .

Chưa đóng nắp máy giặt khiến máy không chạy

tDo not close the lid of the washing machine, causing the machine to not runext

14 Washing machine not draining water


  • Due to a clogged drain hose, the lint filter is either clogged with too much residue or the washing machine lid is not tightly closed.
  • In addition, some component errors such as broken belts are also common causes of washing machines not draining.

How to fix:

  • Clean the lint filter if necessary , check the drain hose for kinks or blockages, or be sure to close the washer lid tightly if it's open.
  • In case the ball machine breaks the belt, you can replace it yourself or call a service or repair center for better support.

15 Washing machine can't press the Start button

Cause: Due to unstable power supply, faulty machine components, closed or damaged door lock, disabled control panel or error during use, causing the machine to be contaminated with moisture or water.

Chức năng khóa trẻ em làm vô hiệu hóa bảng điều khiển, khiến bạn không thể bấm nút Start

The child lock function disables the control panel, making it impossible to press the Start button

How to fix:

  • Make sure the power supply to the machine is stable.
  • Check if the child lock function is enabled, if so, turn it off.
  • Limit the control panel area to moisture, water contamination . If they accidentally get wet, use a hair dryer and slowly dry the control panel area ; Also move the washing machine to a dry, low humidity place.
  • If the washing machine door does not close tightly, open and close it. In case the machine still cannot press the Start button, the door lock is most likely damaged . Please contact a washing machine repair or service center.

16 The washing machine is foaming

Cause: Most of the causes of foaming are in washing powder. When you add too much detergent in a load, the machine will foam up. In addition, not using a special detergent for washing machines can also cause this problem to occur.

Máy giặt bị trào bọt

Washing machine is foaming

How to fix: When you encounter a case of foam overflow, stay calm and follow the following instructions:

  • Turn off the machine and wait for the soap to dissolve, then turn it back on and select the no-spin wash mode. When the machine stops, press the rinse button to clean the water in the washing machine. Remove all clothes and repeat the cycle.
  • Use washing powder or detergent specifically for washing machines.
  • Use the right amount of detergent.
  • Regularly clean the washing machine.

Above are 16 common errors in washing machines and how to fix them. If you have any questions or share anything, please comment in the section below to get the fastest response!