17 surprising iPhone tips

Your iPhone has a lot of interesting features that you may not know. The article will present 17 interesting and useful iPhone tips so that you can maximize the potential of your mobile phone!


Shake to fix

Lắc nhẹ để sửa lỗi
Lightly shake to fix the error

If you misspell or make mistakes when editing, just shake your iPhone and it will immediately ask you if you want to Undo or not.

Charge faster with airplane mode

Chuyển sang Airplane Mode
Switch to Airplane Mode

Switching to airplane mode will turn off wifi and 3G, 4G, reducing battery drain, allowing your device to be charged faster.

Automatically turn off music

Mẹo hay cho những ”mọt” âm nhạc
Good tips for music nerds

If you often fall asleep while listening to music, this tip is extremely useful. In the Timer app, select “When Timer Ends”, scroll down and select “Stop Playing”. The application will automatically turn off the music after the time you have set it.

Adjust rewind speed

Tua chậm lại để tìm đoạn phim yêu thích
Slow down to find your favorite movie

This tip is quite useful when you need to rewind a movie or music. The default speed when rewinding is quite fast, so sometimes it is difficult to find the part you are looking for. You can customize the rewind speed by holding the round dot on the slider, and then sliding your finger down to choose whether to slow it down by half or quarter. After selecting, pay attention not to lift your finger, but continue to drag left or right to rewind.

Take pictures with the sound button

Nút âm thanh còn dùng để chụp hình
The sound button is also used to take pictures

You can easily take a photo by pressing the volume up or down button on the side of the phone.

Mass photography

When you hold down the Capture button on the touch screen, the iPhone will automatically take a series of photos in quick succession. This feature is extremely useful if you are shooting a moving subject, after you are done you can review the entire image and choose the clearest one.

See when the message was sent

Kéo qua trái để xem thời gian gửi
Swipe left to see the delivery time

Drag the message dialog boxes to the left to show when the message was sent.

Use iPhone to measure

Iphone có đủ bộ dụng cụ để đo đạc
iPhone has enough tools to measure

If you need to hang pictures and clocks neatly, just select the Compass application and then drag it to the left, change, the iPhone has become a very perfect measuring stick.

End sentences with Spacebar

When typing, select the spacebar twice and the iPhone will automatically end the sentence for you. That way you can type faster.

See the calendar more clearly

Khi gõ, chọn spacebar hai lần và Iphone sẽ tự động chấm hết câu cho bạn. Như thế bạn có thể gõ nhanh hơn.
While in the Calendar app, switch to holding the phone horizontally and you’ll have a more detailed list of your schedule.

Autofocus and lighting lock when taking pictures

Chụp ảnh dễ dàng hơn
Taking pictures is easier

Is it annoying when taking pictures that the iPhone keeps automatically adjusting focus and brightness? To solve this, you just need to hold your finger on the screen until you see a yellow square blinking twice. A yellow icon with the word AE/AF Lock” on the screen indicates that autofocus and exposure are locked. The camera will no longer automatically adjust until you’ve taken the picture.

Add a web address quickly

Gõ địa chỉ web nhanh chóng
Type web address quickly

After typing the web address, just hold down and select the “.” At the bottom of the keyboard, you’ll have a whole list of common web suffixes (.com, .net, .edu.)

Quickly access draft emails

Mẹo hay cho dân văn phòng
Good tips for office people

In the Mail app, hold down Compose at the bottom right of the screen and it will immediately take you to the draft email folder. Extremely convenient for those who have to work with email often.

Customize vibration mode

Tùy chỉnh cách thức rung
Customize vibration mode

This tip helps you customize how your phone vibrates. Go to Settings > Sounds > Ringtone > Vibration > Create New Vibration. You can adjust different vibration patterns for each type of notification, and can also do the same in the contact list. This way, even if your phone is on vibrate, you can see who is calling and texting.


Gõ tắt nhanh hơn
Faster typing

Similar to Auto Replace in Word, you can customize it so that frequently used abbreviations appear in full. For example, “ko” becomes “no” or “d” becomes “sugar”. Go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Shortcuts > Add New Shortcut, and type in the abbreviation and the full word. From now on, every time you type that word, the whole phrase will appear.

Create a password with both letters and numbers

Password chắc chắn hơn với chữ và số
Stronger password with letters and numbers

By default, iPhone allows you to use the number as the password to unlock the phone. You can reset it by going to Settings > General > Passcode Lock and then turning off “Simple Password”. The phone will ask you to re-enter the passcode, but the full keyboard will appear, not just the numbers as before. From now on, this keyboard will appear every time you unlock it.

Adjust the light to glow when you have a phone

Chỉnh điện thoại phát sáng khi có tin nhắn hay cuộc gọi
Set your phone to light up when you have a text or call

Instead of letting your phone vibrate or ring when you have a call or text message, you can set your iPhone to shine. Go to Settings > General > Accessibility, scroll down, and turn on “LED Flash for Alerts.” Notice how bright it is!

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