3 ways to make simple, easy-to-follow 3D handmade cards for March 8

A card decorated by you and expressing your love words will be a meaningful gift on the upcoming March 8 occasion. Let's take a look at 3 simple and easy ways to make 3D handmade cards for March 8 below!


1What is March 8th?

International Women’s Day on March 8, also known as the United Nations Day for Women’s Rights and International Peace, was formalized by the United Nations in 1977. March 8 is considered the fruit of the long struggle for feminism of millions of women around the world.

Ngày 8/3 là gì?


The history of March 8 originates from the strong struggle movement of American female workers. In 1908, 15,000 female workers marched in New York City demanding higher wages, reduced working hours, and the right to vote.

Nguồn gốc 8/3

A year later, the Socialist Party of America chose February 28 as National Women’s Day. Until 1910, at the International Women’s Congress in Copenhagen, Denmark, more than 100 women representatives from 17 countries agreed to choose March 8 every year as International Women’s Day.

This day of celebration was first celebrated in 1911, in Austria, Denmark, Germany, and Switzerland.

Meaning of March 8

International Women’s Day 8/3 is considered one of the main holidays of the year to honor women, an indispensable half of the world.

Therefore, agencies, organizations, and families often celebrate March 8 very solemnly with flowers and gifts, and good wishes. This is also an opportunity for men to show their love and respect for the women they love.

2 3 ways to make simple handmade 3D cards for March 8

How to make a 3D rose card

Thiệp hoa hồng 3D

Necessary ingredients

  • White cardboard, hard, A4 size.
  • Pink or red cardboard.
  • Dotted ribbon.
  • Glue, scissors.

Chuẩn bị nguyên liệu


Step 1: Print the card template and the petals (sizes from small to large in the order shown) on white paper and then cut the red cardstock according to the printed petal patterns.

In hình mẫu thiệp và các cánh hoa

Fold the petals as shown in the picture, stroke the edge of the petals to create a flower shape, and then glue the petals together on the card cover in order from small to large, fold the large outer petals around the small flower. in.

Gấp cánh hoa theo nếp như hình vẽ, vuốt viền cánh hoa để tạo hình hoa rồi dán chồng các bông hoa với nhau lên bìa thiệp

Step 2: Cut more leaves to decorate the flowers more beautifully.

Cắt thêm lá để trang trí hoa

Watch a video tutorial on how to make a card here:

Make 3D heart-shaped cards

Thiệp 3D trái tim

Necessary ingredients

  • Paper cutter, scissors, ruler (preferably metal ruler).
  • Dedicated cutting table or multiple layers of cardboard for the lining.
  • Milk glue, double-sided glue, or regular glue.
  • Colored paperboard.

Dụng cụ và vật liệu cần chuẩn bị


Step 1: Print the form below on the cardstock. Choose colors according to your preference.

In mẫu nãy lên bìa

Step 2: Use a paper cutter to cut the black lines, leaving the lines highlighted in red as shown in the picture (Figure 1). Cut very carefully, because the wrong line will damage the 3D heart shape and you have to redo it.

Dùng dao rọc các vị trí đường đỏ trên hình

Step 3: After cutting is complete, use a ballpoint pen to run out of ink or a paper knife to gently move along the uncut print. This step creates a pre-crash on the paper, when making the card, it will be accurate, fast, and not wrinkled or damaged.

Dùng sống dao rọc giấy di nhẹ dọc theo các nét in chưa cắt Step 4: Fold the card. Gently use one hand to hold the card, and with the other hand push the heart up. Pay attention to face up without ink. This step requires patience and care.

Đẩy phần trái tim lên trên

Step 5: After the heart has “floated”, fold the card and smooth out the folds (with a knife or by hand). This step helps the card stand firmly and the folds do not stand out.

Vuốt thẳng các nếp gấp

Step 6: Glue the back of the heart and stick it on the card cover. Decorate as you like.

Dán keo vào phía sau trái tim

Thành phẩm

So you have a 3D heart card right away with a few simple, easy and quick steps, right?

Watch a video tutorial on how to make a card here:

How to make an “I love you” card

Thiệp in nổi

Necessary ingredients

  • 3D drawing templates
  • 1 sheet of white paper
  • 2 sheets of red paper
  • Carton
  • Paper knife, double-sided tape

Chuẩn bị dụng cụ


Step 1: Print the form below on paper, you can choose the paper color as you like.

In mẫu bên dưới lên giấy

Step 2: Use a paper cutter to cut according to the instructions in the picture. Pay attention to cutting only solid lines.

Dùng rao rọc giấy cắt các đường nét liền

Step 3: Use a ballpoint pen or a knife to lightly trace the folds.

Step 4: Fold convex and concave as shown in step 2, if you do not understand clearly, you can look at the pattern to make it easier to visualize. Then fold the card in half and smooth out the folds.

Step 5: Glue the intestine to the outer cover and decorate as you like.

Dán phần ruột có chữ nổi vào bìa

Watch a video on how to make a card here:

Above is an article on 3 ways to make simple handmade 3D cards, easy to do for March 8. Wish you success and create beautiful card templates to send dear wishes to your other half of the world!