Five mistakes when using an electric fan in the hot season are most likely to cause disease

Electric fans are indispensable household appliances in the family, especially on hot days. However, many people still make the mistake of using a fan, which leads to bad health consequences. Let's consult with us to see what the mistakes are!


1 The habit of using the wrong fan makes you easy to get sick in the hot summer

Let the fan blow directly at you, above your head

When the wind blows directly on the body (with too much speed and close distance), the sweat evaporates quickly, the skin temperature drops significantly. As for the part without wind, sweat evaporates slowly, skin temperature is relatively high, skin blood vessels dilate. At this time, the blood circulation of the whole body is out of balance, so it is easy to catch the flu.

In addition, when the fan blows directly to the head and face, it is easy to cause headaches, dizziness, fatigue, stress… Therefore, when using the fan, you should sit far away and let the fan rotate in all directions. to avoid catching a cold.

Những thói quen sử dụng quạt làm bạn dễ bệnh trong mùa nóng

Use the fan when the body is sweating a lot

If you have a habit of walking into the house from outside in the hot sun, or after a sweaty sport like taking a shower, immediately turn on the fan to cool off, this is a huge mistake.

When exercising vigorously, the blood vessels are dilated, sweat secreted a lot. The wind from the fan will stop the sweat secretion process, causing the blood vessels to contract suddenly, which is extremely dangerous.

You should take a dry towel to wipe away sweat and then turn on the remote fan to cool slowly to ensure health safety.

Tránh dùng quạt khi cơ thể đang đổ nhiều mồ hôi

Using a fan when the body is sweating a lot is harmful to health

Fan speed setting too high

When the ambient temperature exceeds 30 degrees Celsius, which is close to body temperature, the wind blowing out from the fan is also wind at high temperature. Therefore, turning on the fan at the highest level will cause the skin surface temperature to decrease, the pores to close, sweat cannot escape, the body feels hotter, leading to fatigue, exhaustion and back pain. .

When using the fan regularly, you must remember to periodically clean the fan blades, fan cage, brass motor shaft , … for the device to work effectively. A fan full of dirt will not be able to bring a clean cool breeze to the family, on the contrary, it will also quickly reduce its service life.

Bạn phải nhớ vệ sinh định kỳ cánh quạt, lồng quạt, trục quay mô tơ bạc thau

Using the fan for a long time

The electric fan has the function of regulating the air in the room, making the room more ventilated. Leaving the fan blowing for a long time in one position is not good for the body and also causes the motor to heat up, in the worst case can burn the motor.

It is best to turn off the fan once every 4-5 hours (about 30 minutes) so that the fan does not reduce its lifespan and protect the health of the user.

Không sử dụng quạt trong thời gian dài

Misplaced fan

Installing the fan in the wrong place can significantly reduce the cooling effect.

  • For types , , and : Should not be placed in the windward position when it is hot, because the fan will blow hot air into the house, making the house hotter. It is best to put a basin of water (can add ice) in front of the fan to blow cool air into the room.

Đặt đá lạnh trước quạt để tăng hiệu quả làm mát

Place ice in front of the fan to increase cooling efficiency

  • Placement: Do not place in the bedroom, or room with electronic devices, but should be placed in the living room, open space, put the misting fan next to the railing, you will enjoy the cool air like natural wind.

Đặt quạt phun sương ở nơi thoáng mát

Put the misting fan in a cool place

  • Mounting position : Do not install too high will reduce cooling efficiency, too low will reduce cooling range. It is better to let the fan rotate continuously to cool evenly throughout the room than to turn on many fans, both consuming electricity and not cooling effectively.

Lắp quạt treo tường ở vị trí thích hợp để sử dụng hiệu quả

Install the wall fan in the appropriate position for effective use

In addition, when using the fan regularly, you must remember periodically the propeller, fan cage, rotating shaft… for the device to work effectively. A fan full of dirt will not be able to bring a clean cool breeze to the family, on the contrary, it will also quickly reduce its service life.

2 How to use electric fans properly, safe for health

Note that using a fan is good for health in the hot season

  • Choose the right operating mode : Users should choose a moderate level and open the window, do not turn it on too high because the sudden low body and room temperature is dangerous. At night, you should also only turn on the fan in low gear.
  • Let the fan reverse when in use : At that time, the air in the room will be cooler, not causing a feeling of surprise or discomfort.
  • Keep a distance from the fan, do not direct the fan’s airflow at you : You should position the fan slightly away from you.
  • Avoid using fans when the body is sweating a lot : In hot colors, the body will sweat a lot. At this time, you should not use a fan to dry, but use a towel to wipe away sweat and turn on the fan at a moderate mode.
  • Do not use the fan for a long time : Especially at night, users should choose a reasonable time adjustment mode.
  • Use fans sparingly with the elderly and young children : Because of the health, the audience of the elderly and young children is weak. If it feels too hot, select the fan to the lowest setting.

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General note when using the fan

In addition to the notes when using an air conditioner fan in the hot season, in other seasons, users also need to pay attention to the following issues to both ensure safety when using, while increasing the life and durability of the device. product:

  • The fan should not be operated continuously, often, there should be 15-20 minute breaks.
  • Should choose the reverse rotation mode and turn on the fan in a moderate mode.
  • Do not let the fan blow directly to the face or head.
  • Located in the same direction as the fan.
  • Place the fan towards the main window and door, helping the air in the room to be airy and circulate better.
  • If possible, you can equip a fan with an air filter function, helping to keep the air in the room clean and healthy.

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Hopefully some of the above information will help you avoid mistakes to use fans effectively and bring health to your family. What is your experience using electric fans? Please share with us right now!