6 common problems in electronic pressure cookers – Causes and solutions

Electronic pressure cookers have become essential equipment for many families, assisting housewives in food preparation. However, after a period of use, there will certainly be many problems that occur. Let's go through the following article with us to know how to fix problems in electronic pressure cookers!


1 Knob does not return 0


You need to pay attention, to the knob-controlled pots, if after the notification (by light or by sound) finishes the cooking process and unplugs the power, but the knob does not return to zero, it is damaged.

How to fix

If you encounter this situation, you should contact the warranty center or the store where you purchased the product so that they can promptly assist you as soon as possible.

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2 Electronic pressure cooker lid is open, there is a phenomenon of deflation


During the process of cooking food with an electric pressure cooker, you will see steam coming out of the lid while the pot is just hot. This could be due to:

  • The rubber gasket under the cover is not installed correctly.
  • Food clings to the lid or side of the pot, making it impossible to close the lid.
  • It is also possible that you did not close the lid when using it.

How to fix

  • First of all, unplug the power plug, you should wait for the boiler to cool down to avoid burns.
  • Check to see if the rubber gasket is properly fitted or not and if there is anything strange on the lid of the pot that makes it impossible to close the lid. If so, please clean it thoroughly and then close the lid of the pot.
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3 Pot lid does not open


You cannot open the lid of the pressure cooker even though the pot has cooled down and the valve has finished draining, this happens because the steam outlet valve of the dirty pot does not lower when the pressure is released.

How to fix:

The first thing you need to take care of is that you should not forcefully open the lid of the pot, because it is possible that the pot has not fully released the pressure will cause burns when you try to open it.

In this case, use a thin, long rod-like , then push the valve gently to lower it, so you can open the lid normally.

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4 Pressure cooker lid hard to close


If the lid of the pressure cooker does not close, it may be caused by the incorrect position of the rubber sealing ring of the lid, the difference makes it difficult to close the lid, or it may be because the push rod is stuck by the pressure relief valve.

How to fix

The simple way to overcome this situation is to push gently, and push the lever back and forth until they work normally. Next, remove the sealing ring and reinstall it to the right joint, at this time closing the lid will be easier and safer.

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5 Pressure relief valve does not rise


You see the pressure relief valve does not come up even though the pot has food and water in it. The cause may be because the water in the pot is not enough for the valve to float or because the lid of the pot is vented even though it is closed.

How to fix:

If you encounter this situation, there are 2 ways you need to fix it:

  • If the relief valve does not come up, then add food and water until the relief valve floats.
  • If the lid is deflated, you must take it to the place of purchase for warranty (during the warranty period) or bring it to a reputable center for repair.

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6 Open pressure relief valve, quick release of steam


If during the time of using the pot, at the steam outlet valve you hear a steam release and it is getting louder, then your pressure cooker must have encountered an open pressure relief valve, quickly venting.

This is an open valve phenomenon due to the rubber sealing ring of the pot lid being stuck with food, improperly fitted or damaged, and unable to keep the pressure in the pot.

How to fix:

You remove the sealing ring on the lid of the pot and check if there is any food attached to it, if so, clean it and reinstall it properly. Do not leave the sealing ring soiled or contaminated with food for too long as it will easily be damaged.

When checking, if you find that the gasket is damaged and cannot be reinstalled, then you need to buy a new one to replace it.

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We have just provided you with information about 6 common problems in electronic pressure cookers, their causes, and how to fix them. Hope this information will help you.