8 easy ways to clean glue stains on any surface without chemicals

After buying bottles, glass jars, on the surface there are often stickers, prices, ... and leave an extremely uncomfortable adhesive layer. The following article will show you how to easily clean glue stains on any surface without using chemicals.


1 Remove glue stains with rubbing force

Use your fingers to rub

In this way, you use your fingers to rub the entire surface of the glue, rubbing and pressing continuously. At that time, the glue layer will be curled into balls, you can easily peel them off the surface.

Dùng ngón tay chà và vo lại thành viên tròn

Use objects to shave

Items used to scrape can be knives, scissors , or old credit cards, …

If using a knife or scissors , when shaving, remember to pay attention to placing the blade and scissors close to the surface of the object, otherwise the sharp part will be able to cut in and cause scratches , especially the surfaces made of wood. glass or metal .

Dùng thẻ tín dụng cũ để cạo lớp keo dán mà không sợ gây trầy xước bề mặt

If you use an old credit card , you can comfortably and safely scrape off the glue without worrying about damaging the surface of the item.

Use duct tape

For this method, you use double-sided tape to wrap tightly around the index and middle fingers , with the adhesive side on the outside. Then press the tape into the glue on the surface of the object and pull it out . Repeat until the adhesive is as clean as possible.

Dùng băng keo quấn quanh ngón tay và ấn vào lớp keo dính trên bề mặt cho đến khi sạch

Use a wet towel

You can use a wet paper towel or absorbent rag to rub the glue on the surface. After rubbing a few times, you should wait for the surface of the item to dry before continuing a few more times. Keep doing this until the surface no longer feels sticky to the touch.

Dùng khăn giấy ướt lau bề mặt dính keo nhiều lần đến khi sạch hoàn toàn

2 Remove glue stains using kitchen ingredients

Use soapy water and vinegar

First, you use a container , such as a pot, that is larger than the object to be treated. Then, put in the pot a moderate amount of warm water and a little soapy water , so that when you put the item in to soak, the water does not overflow .

Dùng chậu đựng một lượng vừa phải nước ấm đã pha loãng xà phòng và ngâm vật liệu vào

Soak the item for half an hour , making sure the glued surface is completely submerged in the water.

Ngâm vật dụng trong vòng nửa tiếng, đảm bảo cho bề mặt bị dính lớp keo ngập hoàn toàn trong nước

Half an hour later, remove the item, use a wet cloth or rag to gently rub the surface of the object until the glue is completely removed.

If there is still glue on the surface of the item, add vinegar to the water and continue to soak, or use a cloth soaked in vinegar and wipe directly on the surface. Under the effect of vinegar, the remaining glue will soften and peel off easily when you wipe it with a wet cloth.

Dùng giấm ăn lau sạch bề mặt vật liệu nếu có keo dính còn sót lại

Use cooking oil and baking soda (baking salt)

Cooking oil is also a familiar ingredient in the kitchen that can help you easily remove glue stains on the surface of the material. Due to its benign , non-corrosive nature like vinegar, cooking oil is also a great solution.

Thấm một ít dầu vào khăn giấy, sau đó đắp khăn lên bề mặt vật dụng nơi bị dính keo

First, you soak a little oil on a paper towel, then apply the towel to the surface of the item where the glue is stuck. Wait a few minutes for the oil to soak into the glue, then remove the paper towel and scrape or scrub the surface again.

In addition, the mixture of cooking oil and baking soda is also extremely effective to clean the remaining glue on the surface of the object.

First, you stir 2 tablespoons of cooking oil and 3 tablespoons of baking soda , the resulting mixture will have a thick powder form . Then, use your fingers to rub this thick paste on the glue, baking soda and cooking oil will loosen the glue without scratching the surface of the item. After the glue has peeled off, use a paper towel to wipe off the remaining powder.

Dùng hỗn hợp bột đặc gồm dầu ăn và muối nở để tẩy vết keo dính, sau đó lau sạch lại bằng khăn lau

Use peanut butter or mayonnaise

Peanut butter is a safe alternative to many other kitchen ingredients to remove the sticky residue. Like cooking oil, the oil in peanut butter helps the adhesive layer to peel off more easily.

Similar to the case of mayonnaise , the vinegar and oil in mayonnaise are perfect for removing glue.

Mayonnaise với thành phần gồm giấm và dầu ăn cũng giúp tẩy vết keo dính hiệu quả

First, spread peanut butter (or mayonnaise) on the glued surface and wait for 15 minutes . After that, you just need to wipe the peanut butter (or mayonnaise) away, most of the glue will also come off.

Phết bơ lạc lên bề mặt vật liệu và đợi 15 phút, sau đó lau sạch

Hope the above article has provided you with a lot of useful information. Hope you are succesful.