Bluetooth speaker connects but can't hear, can't speak – Causes and solutions

When connecting a Bluetooth speaker to a phone, laptop or tablet, sometimes you encounter a case where the speaker connects successfully but no sound is heard. The GREEN phone will help you better understand the cause and how to fix the Bluetooth speaker that connects but can't hear or speak in the next post!


1 Due to mistaken connection with speakers, other Bluetooth devices

Connecting a Bluetooth speaker at the same time or an area with multiple speaker devices with the same (or similar) name may cause a mistaken connection between the Bluetooth speaker and your electronic device.

Therefore, disconnect the Bluetooth connection on your device and power off the Bluetooth speaker, then test as follows:

  • Step 1 : Turn on the Bluetooth Speaker Power button and open the Bluetooth function on your device such as phone, laptop.
  • Step 2 : Check the Bluetooth speaker name again.
  • Step 3 : Check and connect to the Bluetooth speaker name on the screen of your phone, laptop. So you can fix the error of connecting the wrong Bluetooth speaker!

Do kết nối nhầm với loa, thiết bị Bluetooth khác

Turn on the power button on the Bluetooth speaker

2 Because the speaker or source sound is low

In case the electronic device that connects the speaker or Bluetooth speaker, or both of these cases, is in a state that the sound is adjusted to a small level, it is also the reason why you cannot hear the Bluetooth speaker making sound. So, let's double-check a few things like this:

  • Step 1 : Increase the volume level on your connected device like phone or computer.
  • Step 2 : Find the volume level on the Bluetooth speaker.

Do âm thanh loa hoặc nguồn phát đang ở mức nhỏ

3 Because the source is simultaneously connected to another audio output device

In case your Bluetooth speaker is connected to another audio output device (including other speakers), it may also cause the Bluetooth speaker to lose its sound. Now check the following steps:

  • Step 1 : Check whether the source device such as phone, computer is simultaneously connecting to other audio output devices such as , , … via wire or Bluetooth. If so, disconnect it.
  • Step 2 : Turn off the power on the Bluetooth speaker (and other Bluetooth audio output devices if available) and turn off the Bluetooth function on your electronic device.
  • Step 3 : Turn on the power on the Bluetooth speaker and start the Bluetooth connection again with your electronic device (or source).

Do nguồn phát đang đồng thời kết nối với thiết bị xuất âm thanh khác

4 Due to long distance or obstacles

If you place the Bluetooth speaker far away from the source device (such as a phone, computer), or between these two devices, there are many obstacles, this is also one of the common causes of the loss of the Bluetooth speaker. sound, even crackling during music playback.

Therefore, you should adjust the distance between the electronic device and the Bluetooth speaker, up to 10m (for most Bluetooth transmitters today). In addition, you should move objects, including electronic transmitters, or move to an area with less furniture to improve audio signal transmission.

Chú ý khoảng cách giữa thiết bị phát Bluetooth và loa

Pay attention to the distance between the Bluetooth transmitter and the speaker

5 Due to outdated drivers or software errors

Bluetooth speakers with no sound or no sound can also be due to outdated or faulty drivers on the computer.

Therefore, please fix this error by downloading the Driver Easy application to your computer and installing it according to the software instructions, such as selecting Scan now > Select Update All so that the computer automatically downloads and updates on your computer. system. It is done!

Do trình điều khiển lỗi thời hoặc lỗi

6 Bluetooth support service is not enabled

It is possible that you forgot to turn on the Bluetooth function on your electronic device, or for a computer, it may be because the device has not activated a Bluetooth enabled service.

You can fix the error that the Bluetooth service is not enabled on a Windows computer by the following:

Step 1 : Press Window key + R , then enter “ services.msc ” in the Open box and press the OK button.

Nhấn phím Window + R, rồi nhập “services.msc” vào ô Open và nhấn nút OK.

Step 2 : Select Bluetooth Support Service .

Chọn Bluetooth Support Service.

Step 3 : In the Startup type section, select Automatic > Select Start to start the Bluetooth service > Select Apply > Click the OK button to finish. Then you check the sound quality of the Bluetooth speaker again.

chọn Automatic > chọn Start để khởi động dịch vụ bluetooth > chọn Apply > nhấn nút OK

7 Due to Bluetooth error on Windows laptop

The case where the speaker does not play sound can also be due to a Bluetooth error on the laptop, (from Windows 7 and above). At this point, you can troubleshoot as follows:

Step 1 : Click the Windows icon on the desktop taskbar (or click the window-shaped key on your laptop or desktop keyboard), enter audio playback in the search box > Select Find and fix audio playback .

Nhấp vào biểu tượng Window trên màn hình, nhập audio playback vào ô tìm kiếm > chọn Find and fix audio playback.

Step 2 : Click the Next button to repair and fix the audio problem.

Nhấn vào nút Next để sửa chữa và khắc phục sự cố âm thanh.

So, you already know the cause and how to fix the Bluetooth speaker problem that connects but can't hear, can't speak. Good luck.