Clean the computer screen with only 4 steps to quickly clean dust and dirt

Properly cleaning the laptop screen both maintains the product's durability and helps you better see the content displayed on the screen. Green Machine will guide you how to clean your computer screen with just 4 quick and effective steps!


1 Why should I clean the laptop screen?

Laptop screens often tend to accumulate a lot of dust and can stick to your fingerprints during use, thereby making the screen become dimmer as well as affecting your vision.

Not only that, if you keep keeping dust and dirt on the laptop screen for too long, it will make the screen quality worse , such as yellow stains or foreign objects sticking on the screen for too long, even may cause screen cracking.

Therefore, cleaning the laptop screen will increase the aesthetics of the computer, while improving your vision and maintaining the laptop's durability.

Tại sao phải vệ sinh màn hình laptop?

2 Tools to prepare before cleaning the screen

Before cleaning the screen, you need to prepare the necessary tools as follows:

Microfiber towel : This is a soft cloth and does not shed any fibers when used, helping you to optimally clean common dirt on the screen without leaving lint behind.

Khăn vi sợi microfiber

Specialized solution for cleaning the screen : You can buy this solution at a computer store, a grocery store that sells cleaning agents or at a supermarket, you can even make your own cleaning solution. Contains water and white vinegar in a 1:1 ratio.

This solution is suitable for removing stubborn stains, instead of using a damp microfiber cloth to clean the screen in the usual way.

Dung dịch chuyên dụng để vệ sinh màn hình

Use sponge : Support you to remove high adhesion stains on the screen in addition to using microfiber towels.

Besides, you can prepare an additional dust blower (helps blow away the dust located deep inside the slot of the screen) and adhesive tape (helps pick up dust and dirt on the screen easily).

Ống thổi bụi máy tính

3 Notes before cleaning the screen

After you have fully prepared the tools that Dien May GREEN suggested above, you need to note a few more issues before starting to clean the screen such as:

  • Power off the computer to ensure your safety during the operation.
  • Avoid choosing cleaning solutions of unknown origin or mixing cleaning solutions with strong detergent concentrations, both of which are easy causes of premature screen damage.
  • Avoid using too much force when cleaning dirt because it may affect the pixels on the screen, thereby reducing the quality of colors and displayed images.
  • Avoid wetting the screen directly by spraying water directly, instead you should just moisten the cloth before cleaning the screen. Because if you are not careful, water drops from direct water spray can get into the circuit board inside and damage the screen.

Không xịt ẩm trực tiếp lên màn hình máy tính

4 simple ways to clean laptop screens

Here is a simple way to clean the laptop screen that you can refer to:

Dry cleaning screen

First, you need to dry clean the screen before proceeding to clean the screen with a specialized solution, following these 2 steps:

Step 1 : Using adhesive tape, slowly apply stubborn stains and fingerprints (if any) that are clinging to the surface of the laptop screen.

Step 2 : Use a microfiber cloth to wipe slowly and gently on the screen to remove common dirt.

Sử dụng keo dính chậm lên các vết bẩn cứng đầu

Wet cleaning the screen

After performing the above steps, you start to wet the screen with a specialized solution with the following steps:

  • Clean mirror screen

Step 1 : Spray cleaning solution on the microfiber towel with just enough amount to moisten the towel.

Step 2 : Take a cloth to wipe the entire screen with relatively moderate force. Then, you wait for the screen to dry, then use a dry microfiber cloth to wipe it again to finish.

Xịt dung dịch vệ sinh vào khăn vi sợi

  • Wipe the screen surface rough

Step 1 : Wet the sponge with warm water, wring it out, and then apply a little screen cleaning solution.

Step 2 : Take the sponge to clean the screen in the top-down or right-to-left direction (or vice versa), avoid wiping in a clockwise direction to help you clean the screen better.

Step 3 : Use a microfiber cloth to dry the computer screen (if desired).

Vệ sinh ướt màn hình máy tính nhám

5 tips to use to make the screen less dusty

To minimize dust on the screen, you need to use some of the following tips:

  • Limit eating and drinking when using a laptop, to avoid food crumbs falling on the keyboard as well as dirtying the laptop screen.
  • Screen protectors can be used to reduce dust accumulation and make cleaning easier.
  • Should regularly clean the screen about every 2-3 days with normal use of dry cloth. In addition, you can use a specialized cleaning solution every 2 weeks to avoid overuse because it is easy to negatively affect the quality of the screen.

Sử dụng miếng dán màn hình laptop

Hopefully, the way to clean the computer screen with just 4 quick steps that Dien May GREEN instructed above has helped you remove the optimal dirt on the computer screen.