Cleaning service – gas pump for air conditioner, washing machine, fan at Dien May XANH

After a period of use, the air conditioner may cool poorly because it is about to run out of gas, other equipment such as washing machines and fans often have dirt attached to it, and operate less efficiently. Dien May Xanh is having a new gas pump service, cleaning air conditioners, washing machines and fans at home, applied nationwide. Please see details and book an appointment now!


1 General cleaning and gas pumping services at Dien May XANH

Cleaning service and air-conditioner gas pump

After using the air conditioner for about 3-4 months , you should conduct a gas check and cleaning once to maintain the life of the machine, and at the same time help the air in the room fresher and cooler. Depending on the capacity of each type of air conditioner, the cleaning staff will estimate the time to perform differently, specifically as follows:

  • : Time taken about 55 minutes
  • : Time taken about 55 minutes
  • 3-5 HP ceiling-mounted air conditioner: The execution time is about 125 minutes

The process of cleaning air conditioners at Dien May XANH includes the following steps:

  • Step 1: Check the operating status of the machine, make a cost estimate
  • Step 2: Confirm with the customer about the estimate table before implementation
  • Step 3: Clean the Indoor Unit and Outdoor Unit properly. Pump gas according to the procedure (if any).
  • Step 4: Check the machine operation, clean the working area
  • Step 5: Invite customers to check, NO CLEAN NO CHARGES

Washing machine cleaning service

The washing machine is a device that is constantly in contact with water and dirty clothes, so you need to clean it periodically to prevent mold and odor-causing bacteria from arising. On average, you should clean the washing tub yourself about once a month and contact the staff to clean the entire machine body about every 3 months, the time taken for each washing machine line lasts about 140 – 180 minutes (from 2 to 3 hours).

  • : T time to make is about 140 minutes
  • : Time taken about 180 minutes

Washing machine cleaning process at Dien May XANH includes the following steps:

  • Step 1: Check the operating status of the machine
  • Step 2: Remove the control panel, top cover and back
  • Step 3: Remove the washing tray, washing tub (for top load washing machines), or separate the washing tub (for front loading washing machines) and clean
  • Step 4: Reassemble the parts, check the machine operation and clean the operation area

Fan cleaning service

On hot days, the fan is turned on with high frequency, users should contact the staff to clean the fan blades, fan cage and motor about once a month. Cleaning the fan regularly will help limit dust in the direction of the wind blowing from the way the fan flies directly into the space, avoiding respiratory-related diseases. The time to perform the fan cleaning service usually lasts from 25 – 50 minutes, namely:

  • / Implementation time is about 25 minutes
  • / Steam fan: About 50 minutes

The fan cleaning process at Dien May XANH includes 4 steps as follows:

  • Step 1: Check the operating status of the machine
  • Step 2: Remove the product
  • Step 3: Clean the fan cage and fan blades, maintain the rotating shaft (for wall fans, vertical fans) or clean the cooling pads, filters, air conditioner blades (for air conditioning fans, air fans) country)
  • Step 4: Reassemble the parts, check the machine operation and clean the operation area

2 Commitment to service quality at Dien May XANH

When performing cleaning services for air conditioners, washing machines and fans, Dien May XANH commits to strictly and fully comply with the following criteria:

  • Free cleaning for the first time for air conditioners purchased at Dien May XANH in 2019 and from March 1, 2020
  • Employees arrive on time, are skilled, honest and do not accept TIPs
  • Happy to refund if the cleaning staff is not clean, the air conditioner after installation is not cold and the customer is not satisfied with the service
  • The service applies to all customers nationwide, regardless of purchasing products at Dien May XANH or other stores outside.

Cam kết chất lượng dịch vụ tại Điện máy XANH

3 Process of scheduling cleaning at Dien May XANH

The process of booking a cleaning appointment at Dien May XANH includes 4 simple steps as follows:

  • Step 1: Customers visit the website or call the hotline 1800.1061 to book an appointment.
  • Step 2: The switchboard of Dien May XANH will call or text to confirm that the order has been placed successfully
  • Step 3: Technical staff will call you to confirm the information again. Then proceed to move to your place of residence.
  • Step 4: Staff complete cleaning, invite customers to check and collect money.

Quy trình đặt lịch vệ sinh tại Điện máy XANH

3 Benefits of cleaning refrigeration equipment and air conditioning gas pumps

For the air conditioner

  • Health protection: In addition to the cooling function, the air conditioner also has the ability to filter the air with features such as min dust filter, antibacterial and deodorant. Regular cleaning of the air conditioner helps the above features work more efficiently, thereby helping the amount of air blowing out of the air conditioner to be fresh and cool. Users can limit pathogens related to the respiratory tract, especially for children and elderly people with weak immune systems.
  • Energy saving: Dirt on the indoor unit makes the equipment provide cold air more slowly, the compressor needs to work more to provide cold air, which consumes electricity in the family. Therefore, cleaning the air conditioner every 3-6 months helps the air conditioner reduce power consumption effectively, saving costs when used, especially for households using air conditioners with high intensity. .

Vệ sinh Máy lạnh Daikin Inverter 1.5 HP ATKQ35TAVMV thường xuyên giúp tiết kiệm điện năng hiệu quả

  • Maintaining the life of the air conditioner: Besides cleaning the air conditioner periodically, users also need to contact a technician to check and pump gas in the air conditioner if it is found that the air conditioner is operating inefficiently, the amount of wind emitted. weak and not cool. Pumping gas at the right time helps maintain the life of the air conditioner, saves energy and brings comfort to the user, because if the temperature is lowered but the air conditioner is still not cold, the user may feel annoyed and difficult. bear.

For washing machine

  • Limiting rust: Frequent contact with clothes containing many stains makes the washing machine easy to deposit residue and dust in hidden parts of the machine. It is only visible to the user when removing the drum and related parts. In addition, because it is often exposed to a humid environment, the dirt on the drum can cause rust, affecting the life of the washing machine.
  • Preventing bacteria and mold growth: Regular cleaning of the washing machine and tub helps users limit the situation of dirt and fibers clinging to clothes after washing, preventing the formation and growth of bacteria. bacteria and fungi. The life of the washing machine has since also been improved, reducing the occurrence of minor errors such as the washing machine not draining water or making loud sounds when spinning or washing.

Vệ sinh máy giặt

The washing tub is dusty and moldy on the outside after a period of use

For fans

After a period of use, the fan cage, propeller and motor are often attached to dirt. This makes the propeller rotate heavier, the air is not cool and affects the life of the fan. Therefore, cleaning these parts regularly will help keep the indoor air cooler. Users do not breathe in the tiny dust particles that come out of the fan blades and cages, protecting their health and avoiding the possibility of respiratory diseases.

Vệ sinh quạt đứng, quạt treo tường

Dirt is densely attached to the fan motor, affecting operation, cooling and respiratory health

Above is information about cleaning service of air conditioner, washing machine and fan at Dien May XANH. If you have any questions about these services, please leave a comment below.