Connecting laptop to TV via HDMI with no sound? Here's how to fix it

The HDMI cable helps the laptop to transmit high definition images and good quality sound to the TV. However, sometimes they do not receive sound. Please refer to the article below when you have a situation where connecting your laptop to the TV via HDMI has no sound!


1 Output audio to HDMI wire

Step 1: Right-click on the speaker icon > Select Next on Sounds .

Chọn vào Sounds

Select Sounds.

Step 2: When the Sounds interface appears > Select Playback .

Khi giao diện Sounds hiện ra chọn vào Playback.

Step 3: At this point, you will see the current audio output is the laptop speaker> select the pronunciation icon as TV , then the sound can be played. Here the article selects Toshiba-TV > then select Set Default > Select OK to save.

Vậy là lúc này âm thanh từ laptop đã được chọn xuất lên tivi.

2 Check the sound source

In case you have selected to output audio to HDMI, but still no sound, please check a few things:

  • Is the TV muted (MUTE) or not?
  • Is the TV/laptop volume turned on or not?
  • Does the clip/music have sound?

Above are some tips for handling when the HDMI connection has no sound, do you know any other ways to handle it? Share with everyone in the comments below!