Detailed instructions on how to recover data from iCloud of iPhone

Backup is an indispensable feature for any smartphone, thanks to this feature you can quickly transfer information from one device to another or restore the device to the state it was in when backed up. So how to restore backed up data from iCloud to iPhone?


Hướng dẫn chi tiết cách khôi phục dữ liệu từ iCloud của iPhone

To proceed with data recovery from iCloud, do the following:

First, factory reset your iPhone. If you do not know how to restore factory settings, you can refer to the article: .

When restoring to factory settings, the device will prompt you to restore data from iCloud or from iTunes. The phone will start clearing Settings and rebooting again. After your phone reboots, follow these steps:

Step 1: Select Language (Vietnamese) .

Chọn Ngôn ngữ (Tiếng Việt)

Step 2: Select Country or Region (Vietnam).

Chọn Quốc gia hoặc Vùng (Việt Nam).

Step 3: Login to Wifi Network .

Bước 3: Đăng nhập Mạng wifi.

Step 4: Choose whether to turn Location Services on or off depending on your preference.

chọn bật hay tắt Dịch vụ định vị vị trí tùy theo ý bạn.

Step 5: Set up Touch ID (if available).

Thiết lập Touch ID (nếu có).

Step 6: Set a password for your iPhone.

Đặt mật khẩu cho iPhone của bạn.

Step 7: Select Restore from iCloud Backup .

chọn khôi phục từ icloud

Step 8: Sign in iCloud Account. Select Agree.

đăng nhập icloud

đăng nhập icloud

Step 9 : Select the backup you want, the backup process will start right away and iPhone will start downloading your data from iCloud to your device.

chọn bản sao lưu

Backup time depends on the device as well as the quality of your home Wifi network, this time will be approximated by the device and displayed on the screen during backup.

With some simple steps above, your iPhone has been restored all settings data from iCloud account. This method can also be used to transfer settings on an existing iPhone to a new iPhone. Good luck!