Does a water cooler use electricity? How to fix it effectively

Is your air conditioner leaking water, making the living space moldy and producing bacteria and viruses that are harmful to health? Don't worry because the following article, Dien May XANH will guide you on how to effectively fix the watery air conditioner. Stay tuned!


1 Does the water cooler use electricity?

Most, watery air conditioners are due to hygiene problems, lack of gas or improper installation . If the machine is stuck with too much dirt, the water cannot circulate out and cause water to accumulate.

This is also the reason why the air conditioner has to increase its operating capacity, which consumes electricity . Not only that, it also makes the room wet, breeding harmful bacteria and viruses, damaging the floor.

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2 Signs of water in the air conditioner

To know if the air conditioner is experiencing a water leak, watch for some of the following signs:

  • Water does not flow through the outlet pipe but overflows into the gutter and flows down the house.
  • Water drips from the air conditioner onto the floor or collects in the air outlet.
  • Water drips at the indoor unit and seeps into the wall causing damp and patchy stains.

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3 causes of air conditioner leaking water

Air conditioner leaks can be caused by the following causes:

  • Excessive dirt accumulation: If you use it regularly but do not periodically clean it, it will cause the compressor to overload because it can't let out cold air, dirt and dust will accumulate, causing water vapor to stagnate.
  • Air conditioners run out of gas: After a period of use, you need to refill gas for them to operate stably. If you do not charge it regularly, it may cause snow to build up on the indoor unit and cause water to flow down.
  • Damaged indoor unit fan: The indoor unit fan has the effect of blowing air to melt the cooling ice. Therefore, if the indoor unit fans are damaged, they cannot defrost.
  • Drain pipe without slope: This error is often caused by a poorly trained mechanic, causing the drain pipe to slope down and cause water to flow back in.

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4 ways to fix when the air conditioner is leaking water

To fix the problem of air conditioner leaking water, please refer to some of the following measures:

  • You should clean and maintain the air conditioner periodically every 3 – 6 months .
  • Check the drain pipe, use a strong blow to clean the dirt.
  • Check and refill gas for air conditioner.
  • Check if the indoor unit fan is working stably or not.
  • Re-align the indoor unit, the water trough is tilted or improperly assembled.

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Above are some sharing on how to fix a leaking air conditioner. Hope you got some more useful information for yourself, and if you have any questions, feel free to comment below!