Electric fan slow rotation, weak rotation? The cause and how to fix it

Electric fan after a period of use, no longer runs at a fast and stable speed like when it was purchased. Let's find out the causes and how to fix the slow and weak fan in the article below!


1 Fan has a lot of dirt

The fan after a period of use, no longer runs at a fast and stable speed like when it was purchased. The cause may be due to dirt clinging to the fan cage, propeller, and control box, limiting the fan speed .

How to fix:

  • Remove – install the fan to clean all dust, help the fan run smoothly and bring fresher air.
  • Should periodically clean the fan from 1-2 months / 1 time.

Vệ sinh ngoài hộp động cơ, các bộ phận khác để quạt làm mát hiệu quả

Clean the fan regularly for effective cooling

2 Dry oil, damaged silver engine

Another reason why the fan is weak or makes a noise when spinning, it is because the fan is dry – making increased friction, reduced rotational speed or failure of the silver motor.

How to check:

  • Turn off the power and remove the fan cage.
  • Try turning the propeller by hand. If you see the fan spinning but it is blocked and only rotates a little and then stops completely, the fan may be dry oil, damaged silver. At this point, you need to make repairs right away.

Dùng tay quay cánh quạt để kiểm tra tình trạng khô dầu

Rotate the impeller by hand to check for oil dryness

How to fix:

  • You remove the cover , take out the control box and clean all the dust.
  • Then, pour a few drops of lubricant on the bearing. If there is no oil, it can also be replaced with engine oil. Remember, if you are inexperienced, it is best to take it to a shop or service center for repair.
  • If you remove the control box and find that the shaft and bearing are damaged, too much wear, you should immediately bring it to a service center for repair.

Tra dầu để khắc phục tình trạng quạt khô dầu

Oiling to overcome the oil-drying fan

3 Faulty capacitor

When you open the control box, you can see that the shaft and silver are not worn, not damaged and after adding oil, cleaning it, turning on the fan but the fan rotation speed is still slow. At this point, the cause may be a damaged capacitor .

How to fix:

  • If you have experience in repairing fans, you can buy a capacitor with the same voltage and capacitance index as the old one for replacement.
  • Case Inexperienced, you should bring the fan to the service center or repair shop so that the staff can replace the new capacitor for the fan.

(See information about policies and warranty points for electric fans for customers of Dien May Xanh)

Tụ điện của quạt bị hỏng

Fan capacitor is damaged

4 Broken copper coil

The reason why the fan rotates weakly is not in the shaft, silver and capacitor, it may be because the coil is broken, the copper coil is used for a long time, so it is degraded .

Cuộn dây đồng trong quạt bị hỏng

The copper coil in the fan is broken

How to fix:

  • You can go and buy a new coil that is already wrapped. Be sure to check out the instructions on the internet for more accurate coil replacement.
  • Or you can take it to a repair shop to have a skilled worker replace the coil for you.

Thay cuộn dây đồng mới cho quạt điện

Replace new copper coil for electric fan

If you have cleaned the fan, oiled, replaced the shaft, silver, capacitor, and coil, but the fan is still spinning weakly, then your fan may be too old, you can refer to buy a new fan at the right price. maybe at Dien May XANH!

Thus, you already know the causes and how to fix the situation of slow rotating electric fan, weak rotation. If you have any further questions, please leave a comment below or please contact Dien May XANH's consulting staff for support!