How to break the door lock when losing the key is simple and fast

Some users unfortunately lost the door key and don't know how to unlock it? Let Dien May Xanh share with you how to break the door lock when losing the key simply and quickly through the following article!


1 How to break the padlock when losing the key with simple items

Break the padlock with bobby pins

You need to prepare:

  • An L-shaped toothpick.
  • An ordinary clamp.

Follow the steps below:

  • Step 1 : You create a fixed point on the lock, using an L-shaped toothpick into the largest slot of the lock slot.
  • Step 2 : Then, you use the remaining clamp to put in the rest of the lock slot.
  • Step 3 : Using skillful hands, slowly raise all the heights of the locking balls. Pay attention to stuck latches.
  • Step 4 : If you have lifted all the locking balls, then you can pull out the normal toothpick. Then, you turn the L-shaped clamp in the forward direction of the drive to open. As long as you hear a "click", it means you have successfully unlocked.

This unlocking method requires you to have:

  • Extensive knowledge, expertise in locks.
  • Clever, meticulous, new details can be unlocked easily.

Break the lock with zinc wire, steel

You need to prepare:

  • A piece of wire about 15 cm – 20 cm long.
  • An extra piece of twine or fabric.

The steps are as follows:

  • Step 1 : You bend one end of the wire and grab the fabric wire to the curved end of the wire. You pay attention to do it slowly, carefully, because the wire can easily cut your hand.
  • Step 2 : Locate the lock pin. Then you bend the wire and thread it through the mouth of the locking pin.
  • Step 3 : Push the wire firmly into the inside of the door frame, so that it convex one end of the wire. Finally, you pull hard to pull the latch.

Break the door lock with a magnet

The lock is composed of balls and springs made of iron, so it can attract magnets. So, you can use the magnet to unlock the lock when you lose the key. You just need to prepare a piece of magnet with strong attraction to be able to do this simply.

  • Step 1 : You rub the lock body to get the ball and spring out.
  • Step 2 : If you can suck the ball and lock on both sides or on one side, you can unlock it quickly.
  • Step 3 : After successfully opening the door, ask the most reputable locksmith to make a new key.

Unlock with a pin and screwdriver

You need to prepare the following items:

  • The tape needle is double-punched and U-shaped.
  • has a small flat end, which coincides with the slot of the lock.

How to do this:

  • Step 1 : Scrape the shell next to the lock.
  • Step 2 : Next, pull out the spring with the ball in the lock.
  • Step 3 : Finally, you plug the tip of the screwdriver into the socket and turn it slightly, you can unlock it quickly.

Unlock with a special tool

You need to prepare:

  • A metal rod with a small and slightly curved end.
  • A long flat bar of any shape.

The way to unlock the lock is as follows:

  • Step 1 : You use the small, slightly curved end of the clamp, to push the batteries into place. The other bar, used to rotate the lock shaft during unlocking.
  • Step 2 : Determine the correct rotation direction of the locking shaft. You rotate the clamp in the unlocking direction of the drive. If you rotate it in the right direction, the hard shaft will move a little bit. If the rotation is not in the right direction, the shaft will not move.
  • Step 3 : Push the batteries up and feel the spring force in your hand. If you feel the batteries are difficult to push up, reduce the force of rotation of the locking shaft.
  • Step 4 : Determine the most difficult part of the battery to push, then start opening from that pin. Parallel to rotating the locking shaft with the remaining metal rod.
  • Step 5 : You continue to do with the remaining batteries, until you can rotate the lock and unlock it.

Attention when doing:

  • Use moderate force, keeping force while turning the lock, to prevent the stationary pins from falling back onto the shaft.
  • You need to flexibly adjust the rotation force when you find the pins difficult to push up.
  • Determine the correct rotation direction of the lock.

How to break the fist lock when the key is lost

Unlock door with bank card, damaged sim card

You can use your bank card, damaged sim card, employee card or any other similar shape and same hardness, to unlock the door.

You do the following:

  • Step 1 : Bend the card, using moderate force, not too strong to avoid breaking the card.
  • Step 2 : Next, you look along the door frame 10 – 30 cm from the lock. Where there is an opening, you insert the card there.
  • Step 3 : Thread about 1/2 card horizontally between the door and the doorframe.
  • Step 4 : Pull the card down between the lock and the door latch.
  • Step 5 : Finally, you push the door inwards to be able to open the door easily.

Note when doing:

  • Only old cards should be used, no longer in use, when opening the door in this way can damage the card.
  • Only applicable to door locks with springs, the lock mouth is beveled to the outside.

How to open the door when it is locked inside with a clothes hanger

Implementation steps:

  • Step 1 : Choose a point between the door and the door frame to put the clothes hanger in.
  • Step 2 : You thread the hook end through the round handle.
  • Step 3 : Finally, you use your other hand or foot to push open the door.

Notice that:

  • The hanger is sized to match the size between the door and the door frame.
  • If your door has a brace, then you have to remove it to be able to do it.

Break the lock in case you lose the key with a small steel wire

You need to prepare:

  • 1 piece of steel about 15-20cm.
  • 1 piece of rope or durable fabric.

Implementation steps:

  • Step 1 : Bend one end of the steel piece, then grab the fabric wire to the curved end of the steel wire.
  • Step 2 : Next, you thread through the top of the round latch and then pull the steel wire to pull out the door latch. If the piece of wire you are using is long, then there is no need to use fabric cord.
  • Step 3 : Finally, you bend the steel wire and thread the steel wire through the mouth of that pin.

Break the lock with a paper cutter, chisel, screwdriver

You need to prepare:

  • 1 paper pulley.
  • 1 chisel or screwdriver.

Follow the steps:

  • Step 1 : Use a paper cutter to cut the paint or glue on the door brace.
  • Step 2 : Next, use a chisel or screwdriver to pry the door brace. You should only lift with a relative force so as not to damage the frame and the door.
  • Step 3 : Use an unused chisel, screwdriver or bank card to push the latch. You see the latch bevel facing out, then push the door inward. And the bevel is facing inward, you use the steel wire to pull.

Unlock by removing the door hinge

Unlocking by removing the door hinge is one of the simplest ways to open the door and not damage your door or the lock. When doing this, you need to prepare a screwdriver or a hard flat iron .

The method is extremely simple, you just use a screwdriver or a prepared iron bar to remove the screws on the hinge or push the hinge shaft. When you remove all those screws, you can open the door easily and safely.

This method only applies to doors with external hinges mounted on the door frame. Mở khóa bằng cách tháo bản lề cửa

3 Break the lock by external force

When you encounter an emergency or dangerous situation without finding the key to open the door, you can break the door by using external forces such as a hammer, saw, 502 glue, etc. This will help you open the door. quickly and safely for your life.

Using external forces will cause your door to be damaged, unusable, so you need to consider carefully when doing it.

Unlock with 502 . glue

You can use 502 glue to break a simple door lock, but this will make your house lock badly damaged, unusable and require you to replace it. Therefore, you need to think carefully before using this method.

  • Step 1 : Put glue on the lock, wait about 3-5 minutes for the glue to dry.
  • Step 2 : You hold the fork or the zipper handle firmly. Then, the lock will automatically open.


  • You only perform the method of unlocking with 502 glue when there is no other way to use it or there is an emergency.
  • Use glue carefully to avoid getting into eyes and hands. If it gets on your hands, soak it in water for about 5-10 minutes.

How to unlock a keyless lock with a hammer or saw

To make a door break with this method, you need a hacksaw or a saw.

  • Step 1 : You wrap around the hammer a layer of cloth.
  • Step 2 : You use a hammer and use strong force to hit the lock. As for the saw, then you saw the lock in half until the lock broke in half, then you have unlocked the lock without the key.

This way will make your house lock unusable, forcing you to replace the lock with a new one. If in case it is not necessary, we should use the guest way.

How to unlock the round handle with a screwdriver or sharp knife

You only use this method for round-knob locks, without fear of damaging your home's locks. First, you need to prepare a screwdriver or sharp knife. Then follow the steps below:

  • Step 1 : You use a screwdriver or a sharp knife to plug into the keyhole.
  • Step 2 : You use a strong force to turn the screwdriver or knife in the open direction of the lock. You do a combination of twisting the screwdriver and turning the round handle until the door opens.

If you have done all the above methods and still cannot open the lock, then you should ask the help of a professional locksmith to help you fix and open the door quickly.

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Hope the above article will help to break the door lock when losing the key simply and quickly. Any questions please leave a comment below!