How to calculate the power consumption of the refrigerator simple and accurate

Are you wondering how much electricity your refrigerator consumes in a day, or how much it costs in particular? Let's learn how to calculate the power consumption of the refrigerator simply and accurately with us in the following article!


1 How to calculate the power consumption of the refrigerator in a day

How to calculate electricity consumption in 1 day

The capacity of the refrigerator will be indicated on the energy label affixed to the outside of the refrigerator door. If you want to calculate the power consumption of the refrigerator in 1 day, you just need to multiply the capacity of the refrigerator by 24 (hours) .

For example, the refrigerator below with a capacity of 90W , used continuously for 1 day (24 hours), will have a power consumption of: A = P xt = 90 x 24 = 2160 Wh .

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Normally, the consumed power will be converted to kWh (1 kWh = 1000 Wh), which is often referred to as the number of electricity or sign of electricity. Therefore, 2160 Wh = 2.16 kWh = 2.16 electricity.

However, with different environmental conditions, as well as on current refrigerators, the actual power consumption is more or less different from the calculation.

Therefore, when you look up refrigerator product information on our website, the electricity consumption index in 1 day has been calculated according to the measurement standards of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam.

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How to calculate the electricity bill consumed by the refrigerator in 1 day

According to the website of Vietnam Electricity, EVN, the retail price of Level 1 domestic electricity (For kWh from 0 to 50) is VND 1,678/kWh.

Thus, for example, with electricity consumption of about 0.93 kW/day, the electricity bill incurred when using the refrigerator for 1 day is 0.93 x 1.678 = 1.56 VND/day.

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2 How to use a refrigerator to save electricity

Choose the capacity of the refrigerator that suits your needs

Depending on the number of family members and the needs of users, you should choose a refrigerator with an appropriate capacity. Choosing a refrigerator with a larger capacity than needed will waste energy.

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Please refer to the following summary table to choose a refrigerator with the right capacity for your needs:

Usable capacity Number of members in the family Commonly selected cabinet type Price
Capacity less than 150 liters 1 – 2 members Mini or top freezer Under 5 million
Capacity 150 – 300 liters 2 – 3 members Top freezer From 5 million won
Capacity 300 – 400 liters 3-4 members Bottom freezer From 7.5 million VND
Capacity 400 – 550 liters 4-5 members Multiple Doors or Side by Side From 13 million won
Capacity over 550 liters More than 5 members Multiple Doors or Side by Side From 14 million won

Put enough food in the fridge

You should keep a sufficient amount of food in the refrigerator. Stuffing too much food will make the refrigerator not have space to radiate cold air around, making it less effective in preserving food.

On the contrary, if there is too little food in the refrigerator, the food will easily lose cold air, causing the compressor to work continuously, which consumes power. Therefore, you should store a moderate amount of food, the cold air of the food will be transferred to each other to help balance the heat and keep the cold air longer.

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Do not leave the refrigerator door open for too long

Opening the refrigerator door for too long or opening/closing often will cause the compressor to constantly adjust the temperature and maintain the cold inside the refrigerator. This will cause the compressor to operate at a high frequency, causing power loss.

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Clean the refrigerator regularly

Keeping the refrigerator clean not only helps limit the growth of bacteria and mold but also helps the refrigerator dissipate heat better. Especially, the refrigeration unit behind the refrigerator is prone to dirt sticking to the system.

Therefore, you should clean the refrigerator regularly, about every 1-2 months for the refrigerator to operate more energy-saving. You should also check the refrigerant gas amount of the refrigerator every year and pump gas in time to avoid the compressor overloading causing electricity loss.

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The article showed you how to calculate the power consumption of a simple refrigerator, as well as how to use an energy-saving refrigerator. Leave a comment below the article and share it with your friends!