How to change iCloud account password

In addition to data synchronization between Apple devices, iCloud is also used to secure data for iPhone or iPad users. That's why you should regularly change your iCloud password to increase the security of your account


Step 1: Go to the My Apple ID website.

Giao diện trang web My Apple ID
My Apple ID website interface

Step 2: Click Manage your Apple ID and then enter your Apple ID and password to sign in.

Chọn Sign In sau khi nhập thông tin tài khoản
Select Sign In after entering your account information

Step 3: Click on Password and Security.

Chọn Password and Security
Select Password and Security

Step 4: You must answer two security questions to be able to continue to the Apple ID password change section

Trả lời hai câu hỏi bảo mật để tiếp tục
Answer two security questions to continue

Step 5: In the Choose a new password section, click Change Password.

Chọn Change Password
Select Change Password

Step 6: Enter the old password in the top line, then enter the new password and confirm the new password in the two lines below. Finally click Change Password to proceed to change the password.

Nhập mật khẩu cũ và mật khẩu mới
Enter the old password and the new password. Note: you need to enter both uppercase, lowercase and number to change the account

Chọn Change Password
Select Change Password

Mật khẩu tài khoản iCloud đã được thay đổi thành công
iCloud account password has been changed successfully

With just a few simple steps, you can change your iCloud account password yourself. Good luck!