How to check free space on iPhone

Free space on iPhone, iPad, also known as available space, is the free internal memory of iPhone. Let's find out how much free space on your iPhone.


Cách kiểm tra dung lượng còn trống trên iPhone

Checking the free space on the iPhone helps to avoid the situation that the iPhone is full of memory due to installing many applications, saving files, … causing slow, frozen, jerky – lag…

Implementation steps:

Step 1: From your iPhone, go to Settings.

Bước 1: Vào Cài đặt.

Step 2: Go to General Settings.

Bước 2: Vào Cài đặt chung.

Step 3: Scroll down and select Storage & iCloud Usage.

 chọn Dung lượng & Sử dụng iCloud.

Step 4: Here, you will see how much memory the iPhone has used and how much is available (available is free) . My example is 9.7 GB used up and 2 GB of internal memory available .

(khả dụng là còn trống)

In case you want to know in detail how much of your iPhone's internal memory is occupied by each application, then click on Manage Storage.

nhấn tiếp vào Quản lý Dung lượng

After clicking, you will know exactly which applications are taking up the most memory to process. For example, for me, there are two things that are taking up the most memory, which are Photos and Facebook, which means that if I reduce my virtual life, I will save a lot of internal memory for iPhone.

bạn sẽ biết được chính xác những ứng dụng nào đang chiếm bộ nhớ nhiều nhất

If the available space is low or very low, please don't be sad because you still have a way to fix it refer to the article: .

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The following article hopes that you know how to check the most accurate free space on iPhone. If you have any questions, please comment below!