How to fix a super-speed kettle when there is a problem

The kettle sometimes has minor problems during use such as water not boiling, the kettle making a loud noise, or having a burning smell. This article will help you recognize and deal with a few common problems in superchargers to use the device more safely and effectively.


1 The kettle automatically shuts off before the water boils


It is very likely that residue or impurities left on the bottom of the tank will interfere with the electrical contact of the base with the kettle. If the dirt is too thick, the thermal relay will not work correctly, leading to incorrect temperature measurement and power off.

How to fix

To overcome this situation, you should regularly clean the bottom of the kettle by directly squeezing vinegar or fresh lemon into the place you want to clean and wait for 2 hours. Then wash them with clean water.

 Bình tự ngắt trước khi nước sôi

2 The bottle does not automatically cut off the power even though the water is boiling


This situation often occurs every time used. This may be because you have not closed the lid of the tank tightly because the principle of operation of the automatic power-off relay is to only work when the lid is closed.

How to fix

Have you checked if the lid is closed? If it’s not for the lid, you can check the filter at the mouth of the jar to make sure it’s closed properly.

Bình không tự ngắt nguồn điện dù nước đã sôi

3 Plugged in but the battery does not work


For many types of kettles, the manufacturer will specify the minimum level of water required in the kettle to start. So when the appliance is not working, you need to check if the amount of water to cook is too little.

The sensor of the tank will automatically close the electric lock if there is no or too little water in the tank. Or you use continuous cooking water will lead to hot plate heating leading to automatic relay disconnection.

How to fix

First, you should add water in accordance with the amount of water that the manufacturer specifies at the minimum water level so that the tank can be started. Besides, you should leave the pot idle for a while so that the temperature in the pot is lowered or split the cooking time several times.

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4 The kettle makes a loud noise, has a burning smell or is dropped or dented


Dirty deposits that are too thick can cause the kettle to squeak loudly, have a burning smell, or drop or dent. When the bottle appears in these phenomena, it means that the used life is over.

How to fix

You might consider buying a new vase. If you take them out to repair, not only will it cost a lot of money, but the performance will not be as satisfactory. Meanwhile, electrical problems can occur when the equipment is not operated safely, causing danger to users.

Bình đun kêu to, có mùi khét hoặc bị rơi, móp méo

5 The tank has an electric leak, a water leak


When there is a situation of electric leakage or water leakage, the main cause is that the super-speed kettle may be broken or cracked, causing electricity to leak to the outside after a long time of use.

How to fix

You should replace the power base and power cord or it is best to replace the kettle with a new one for safety, otherwise, the user has a high risk of electric shock when accidentally touching these parts.

Bình bị rò điện, rò nước

6 The bottle is rusty


After a long time of use without regular cleaning, the residue will form and close at the bottom of the pot, reducing the efficiency of the heat process and increasing the cooking time.

Besides, it will reduce the quality of water used, cause electricity consumption as well as affect the health of users such as Shortness of breath, and chest tightness, even in the long run, it also causes cancer.

How to fix

When encountering this situation, it is best to change the kettle with a new one to ensure the safety and health of your family.

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Lưu ý khi sử dụng ấm siêu tốc được bền lâu

To avoid the above problems, the best way is you need to clean and store the kettle carefully, before using it, you must carefully read the manufacturer’s instructions. Hopefully, the above article will help you gain more experience in fixing minor errors in the process of using super speed bottles.