How to fix when iPhone has no sound

The status of iPhone losing sound often occurs, the following article would like to guide you on the simplest and most effective way to fix it.


1. Check the sound switch

iPhone with a convenient sound switch design when users want to switch to silent mode quickly, this button is also very easy to press by mistake, so the first thing when iPhone loses sound you should check if the switch is active. or not.

Cách khắc phục khi iPhone bị mất âm thanh

2. Restart iPhone

Most of the ways to save the entire iPhone error is to restart the device. If you use iPhone for a long time without a plan to restart the device, it is very easy to make the iPhone fall into bad situations.

To restart the device, hold down the power button and the Home button until the Apple logo appears in front of the screen.

Cách khắc phục khi iPhone bị mất âm thanh

3. Factory Reset

If you try the above methods and it doesn't work, the device may have a software error, you can go to "Settings" > "General settings" > "Reset" > "Erase all content and settings" , save You should back up your device first because you will lose data and exit your iCloud account before resetting the device.

Cách khắc phục khi iPhone bị mất âm thanh

4. Restore iPhone

You need to download iTunes on your computer and then connect the cable to your phone, next you keep holding the power and home keys continuously (for iPhone 7, 7+, 8, 8+, iPhone X, hold the power key and the volume down key). volume) until the iTunes icon is displayed, then press the "Restore iPhone" button on the iTunes software on the computer to be successful.

Cách khắc phục khi iPhone bị mất âm thanh

This way fixes most of the software errors on the machine and brings the device to the latest operating system. Note that this method also loses data and should exit iCloud before restoring.

5. Check the headphone jack

Error appearing in the headphone configuration appears in many phones, not only the iPhone, making you unable to hear the sound from the device, what you need to do is clean the headphone jack, then plug in and unplug a lot. times to fix.

Cách khắc phục khi iPhone bị mất âm thanh

6. Check the device's Bluetooth

Many times your iPhone is connecting to other Bluetooth devices such as speakers, Bluetooth headsets, but you forget to turn off the connection, causing iPhone not to play speakerphone sound, you can temporarily turn off Bluetooth by swiping from the bottom of the screen. to show Control Center and then turn off the device's Buletooth icon.

Cách khắc phục khi iPhone bị mất âm thanh

7. Check “Do Not Disturb” Mode

“Do Not Disturb” mode is similar to “Silent” mode, it is recommended to disable it when not needed by turning off the moon icon in Control Center.

Cách khắc phục khi iPhone bị mất âm thanh

Hopefully after this article you will have a way to fix it every time your iPhone suddenly loses sound, if you have done it but the device still has no sound, you should bring it to Dien May Xanh for the best support.

Good luck!