How to fix yellowed iPhone screen

iPhones from different countries will have slightly different images and colors, some screens will often turn blue, others will turn slightly yellow, this phenomenon is called yellowing on the screen. Figure.


Follow the steps that show you how to recalibrate your screen color if your screen is yellow.

Step 1: You choose to go to Settings (Settings) .

Chọn cài đặt

Step 2: Select General (General) .

cài đặt chung

Step 3: Select Accessibility .

Chọn trợ năng

Step 4: Select the Adaptive Screen (Color Filters) item.

Chọn thích nghi màn hình

Step 5: Select Color Filters .

Chọn bộ lọc màu

Step 6: You select the button to Enable .

Chọn bật

Step 7: Select Tint .

Chọn sắc thái màu

After choosing a color shade, you can drag the Intensity section to the far left to reduce the color cast, then drag the Hue section left or right to bring the color closest to white.

So your screen is no longer dark and has better colors. If you have any difficulties during the operation, please leave a message in the comment section so that Dien May XANH can help you.