How to make a simple handmade stylus for Smartphone using foil and cotton swabs

With just a few available ingredients and an unsophisticated way of making, you can already make a genuine handmade stylus for your smartphone or tablet. Let's go through a few simple steps with Dien May XANH below!


Bút cảm ứng handmade

First of all, it is necessary to understand the operating principle of the stylus before it can be manufactured. The operation of the stylus is based on an electrical charge in the hand that changes the magnetic field causing a force to be applied to the screen causing the capacitive touch screen to work.

So for the stylus to work, we just need to make the charge in our hand transfer to the tip of the pen.

1 Step 1: Remove the pen cartridge

Remove the pen core, leaving only the body of the pen.

Bước 1: Tháo bỏ ruột bút

2 Step 2: Cut small pieces of cotton

Cut a small piece of cotton and insert it into the tip of the ballpoint pen, leave some cotton outside, then secure it with tape.

Bước 2: Cắt miếng bông nhỏ

3 Step 3: Proceed to wrap silver

Wrap a piece of silver around the neck of the pen and then continue to use tape to fix it. While using the pen, always remember to touch this piece of foil.

Bước 3: Tiến hành quấn bạc

4 Step 4: Wet the cotton pad

Dab the cotton swab lightly in the water to moisten it. This does not damage the user's touch screen.

Bước 4: Làm ướt miếng bông

So with just a few quick and simple steps above, you already own a very handy stylus. Another great tip, if your stylus becomes less sensitive after a while, moisten the cotton ball at the tip of the pen and continue using it.

Through the above article, Dien May XANH hopes you can make your own stylus to use for your phone or tablet!