How to recognize spoiled milk and how to properly store milk

Milk is rich in vitamins and minerals necessary for the body, but drinking spoiled milk will cause many physiological problems affecting the intestines. Together with us, let's recognize spoiled milk and store milk properly!


1 How to recognize spoiled milk

Check the milk in the usual way

Check expiration date

Expired milk, not more than 7 days can still be used if stored well. If it has expired at room temperature, the milk is spoiled, although the color and smell are normal.

Full cream milk can be used after 5 days, while lactose-free or fat-free milk can be used up to 10 days after expiration.


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Smell the milk to see if it has an unusual smell

Using the nose is the most obvious way to tell if the milk has gone bad. Fresh milk usually has no smell, on the contrary, spoiled milk will have an unpleasant smell.

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Check the consistency to see if the milk is curdled

Broken milk will be curdled. It may be necessary to stir the milk well to check, as milk is often lumpy at the bottom of the can. Check the inside of the box, if there is residue in the can, the milk is spoiled.

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Check if the milk is yellow or cloudy

Pour the milk into a clear glass and shine under the light. Good milk will be clear, clean, and white in color. Damaged milk will often be cloudy or yellow.

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Milk needs to be refrigerated to maintain its quality

If left at room temperature for a long time, milk will spoil – whether or not the shelf life is long. Milk left at room temperature for more than an hour will most likely spoil.

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Checking for spoiled milk with a microwave

Step 1: Pour milk into the cup used for. Pour some milk into a clear glass about 2.5 cm high.

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Step 2: Put the milk in the microwave for about 30-60 seconds.

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Step 3: Check and discard any curdled or sticky milk. Stir the warm milk to see if the milk is still liquid or begins to thicken. Curdled milk is due to the high acidity that causes the protein in the milk to stick.

When the milk is warmed, there is a thin layer of scum on the top of the cup that is normal milk, however, the milk is only good if you see the remaining milk in liquid form after removing the scum.

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Baking Soda Test

Step 1: Pour a teaspoon of baking soda (fresh salt) about 10g into a plate.

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Step 2: Add a few drops of milk to the baking soda.

The spoiled milk will cause the salt to bubble. If no bubbles appear, the milk is safe to use.

Milk looks or smells fine, but if the baking soda bubbles, you shouldn’t drink it.

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2 How to properly store milk

Store at a temperature below 4 degrees Celsius

Milk should always be refrigerated, milk left at room temperature for a long time will spoil faster.

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Avoid exposing milk to light

Milk in clear glass or plastic will not last as long as milk in colored cardboard or plastic cups. Milk should be placed deep inside and other foods blocked outside to reduce light exposure.

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Tighten the lid of the milk carton after use

Fresh milk exposed to air can spoil even if it is stored well. Make sure to tighten the lid of the milk carton after use, and keep the milk in the manufacturer’s box.

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Freeze milk

Milk can be kept for up to 3 months in. When defrosting milk, you can put the milk in the refrigerator or immerse the bottle/box of milk in cool water.

When frozen, the consistency and color of the milk will change slightly, close to the color when spoiled, but can be used, the taste of the milk may also be less delicious.

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Hope the above article has been helpful for everyone, to know what milk is spoiled, and overdue. Therefore, special care should be taken to preserve milk well.