How to safely and properly charge the bluetooth speaker battery and use notes to help the battery last longer

Charging the battery for a Bluetooth speaker is very easy, but very difficult to be precise. Here, we will help you learn the best way to charge the Bluetooth speaker battery and the notes when charging the speaker.


When should 1 bluetooth speaker battery be charged and for how long?

Can charge Bluetooth speaker battery at any time

You can charge the speaker whenever you feel the need. However, if you want the speaker battery to have a long life, and durable use, the best battery range to charge is from 20% and charge to no more than 80%. In addition, scientific studies also show that the battery works best when it is always in a state of more than 30% power.

Có thể sạc mọi lúc, mọi nơi

Limit speaker usage until power off

You should charge the battery when the speaker has just reported a low battery (usually below 20% and the lowest battery level to charge is from 5-7% ) because if the battery is too low or completely turned off, it will be difficult for the speaker to receive energy. and inefficient charging.

In addition, in the long run, it may lead to reduced battery quality, and poor performance and may even cause battery fire, and battery explosion, which is dangerous for users.

Nên sạc ngay khi loa vừa báo yếu pin

How long does it take to charge the Bluetooth speaker?

If the speaker is completely drained, it will take about 3 hours to fully charge. After fully charged, you can use the speaker. If you do not notice the speaker battery level (from 75-80%), please pay attention to the full battery indicator light to disconnect the charger, avoid letting the battery charge for too long.

Sạc loa bluetooth bao lâu?

2 Ways to charge the Bluetooth speaker battery

Charge with a genuine charger instead of a cheap one

You should charge your Bluetooth speaker with the original charger that the manufacturer has built in when you buy it. Because each type of charging cord will have a different design and size for the best power to enter the battery, when you charge it with an inappropriate wire, it will cause energy to be transferred to the battery inefficiently, which may lead to other phenomena. electric shock, short circuit,…

Sạc bằng dây sạc chính hãng

Charge with Bluetooth speaker battery with power bank

This is completely normal but you should not overdo it. Because not every power bank amperage is stable and guaranteed, it can adversely affect the battery of your speaker.

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3 Notes when charging Bluetooth speakers safely and properly

Do not charge and turn on the speaker at the same time

You absolutely never listen to music while charging the speaker. Turning on the speaker while charging will cause the speaker battery to work continuously and heat up quickly. Thus, not only will the life or quality of the battery be reduced, but it can also cause very dangerous fire and explosion cases.

Không nên vừa sạc vừa bật loa

You can only charge and turn on the speaker in case of force majeure, so this should be minimized. Or if you can’t wait until the speaker is fully charged, you should only use it when the speaker has a 30-50% battery charge.

Do not charge the speaker overnight

This is a bad habit of many users. With the general mentality that when you wake up, you will immediately be able to use the device. But if you charge the speaker for too long, it is possible that the speaker battery will be bottle and damaged .

Không nên sạc qua đêm

The battery is low, if you can’t charge it right away, turn it off

If your speaker reports a low battery and you can’t charge it right away, you should turn off the power to make sure the speaker battery is not too low (if you turn off the speaker and charge it, and the speaker will be full faster ).

Pin yếu nếu không thể sạc ngay nên tắt

Regularly charge the speaker even when not in use

Bluetooth speaker batteries are easily affected by performance, and storage capacity, … when not charging regularly or not charging for a long time. So even if you don’t use the speaker, you should charge it regularly.

Thường xuyên sạc loa ngay cả khi không sử dụng

A specific example is when manufacturers bring products to market when the battery level in the product remains at 40% and it is recommended to charge or check during long-term storage. Although not in use, please make sure the speaker has 50% battery capacity!

Above is a safe and standard way to charge the Bluetooth speaker battery and use notes to help the battery last longer. Hopefully through the article you will be able to use the speaker properly, safely and for a long time. Any questions or contact to order products, please comment below.