How to sync contacts from Google account to iPhone

Currently, storing phone contacts to the cloud is very popular, but syncing from a Google account to iPhones is not as simple as Android devices. Please see the article below for instructions on how to sync contacts to iPhone from Gmail.


Cách đồng bộ danh bạ từ iPhone lên Gmail

To sync contacts from Gmail to iPhone, follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to your device's Settings .

Vào phần Cài đặt

Step 2: Under Settings , select Mail, Contacts, Calendars .

Chọn Mail, Danh bạ, Lịch

Step 3: Select the Add account item .

Chọn vào mục Thêm tài khoản

Step 4: Select More at the bottom.

Chọn vào Khác ở dưới cùng

Step 5: Select Add CardDAV account .

Chọn Thêm tài khoản CardDAV

Step 6: Here you enter all the information such as your email address and password as shown below and click Next for the machine to synchronize.

Chọn Next để hoàn thành

If you have any questions about synchronizing contacts from Gmail, leave a comment below, Dien May Xanh will answer for you.

If you are using an Android phone and want to transfer contacts to iPhone, refer to .