How to use Sharp air conditioner – Part 1

Using air conditioning today is no longer strange to many people. However, if you are exposed to air conditioning for the first time, this is a difficult problem. The following article will guide you how to use Sharp air conditioners.


1 Basic Operation

Press the ON/OFF button to start the machine. Looking up at the air conditioner, there will be a red operation indicator light (When the machine is turned off, press the ON / OFF button again, at this time the operation light will turn off).

Bấm vào nút ON/OFF
Press the ON/OFF button

Automatic mode: When the machine is turned on, the machine will be operated in AUTO mode: At this time, the machine temperature and operating mode will be automatically set to suit the room mode when the machine is turned on.

Máy sẽ vận hành ở chế độ auto khi mở máy lần đầu
The machine will operate in auto mode when the machine is turned on for the first time

Cooling mode: Press the MODE button once to select Cool operation mode. At this point, select the THERMOSTAT button (up and down button) to select the desired temperature. The temperature can be set between 16.0 and 30.0 degrees Celsius.

Lựa chọn nhiệt độ thích hợp
Choose the right temperature

Drying mode: Press once more on the MODE button to select the dehumidification (drying) mode. At that time, the temperature can be adjusted up or down within ±2.0 degrees Celsius.

Chọn nhiệt độ làm khô
Select drying temperature

Adjust fan speed: Press the FAN button (fan-shaped button) to be able to customize the fan speed as desired, for the best cooling.

Chọn FAN chỉnh tốc độ cánh quạt
Select FAN to adjust propeller speed

Press 1 time Smooth speed

Press twice on Light speed

Press 3 times Low speed

Press 4 times High speed

Press 5 times auto speed

Adjust the direction of the wind: Click the SWING button to activate the flaps, press the SWING button again to stop the flaps at the desired position.

Bấm SWING để đảo gió
Press SWING to reverse the wind

Extreme cooling mode: This mode will operate at maximum capacity for the room to be cooled in the shortest time.

Step 1: Press ON/OFF to turn on the device

Step 2: Select the JET button (with a downward arrow sign) for quick cooling

To cancel this mode, select the JET button again .

Chọn vào nút JET có chức năng làm lạnh nhanh
Select the JET button with quick cooling function

Note: When operating in this mode, you will not be able to adjust the temperature and fan speed.

Gentle wind mode: This mode will push the cold air up to the ceiling, to avoid the cold air blowing directly on the person.

Step 1: Press ON/OFF to turn on the device

Step 2: Select the button The wind blows gently (with the symbol of the air conditioner and 2 wind directions – located opposite the FAN button)

To cancel this mode, select the Gentle Wind button again.

Chọn vào nút gió thổi nhẹ nhàng để làm lạnh dịu nhẹ
Select the gentle wind button for gentle cooling

Operation mode for young children: Baby MODE will help the air in the room become smooth, cool and comfortable.

Step 1: Press ON/OFF to turn on the device

Step 2: Select the Baby mode button (picture of the baby's head)

To cancel press the Baby mode button again.

Chế độ Baby Mode
Baby Mode

ECO MODE: This mode helps the air conditioner operate with lower power consumption than usual.

Step 1: Press ON/OFF to turn on the device

Step 2: Press the ECO button once will appear 1 leaf (lower consumption by ~2 to 4%) Click the ECO button again to appear 2 leaves (lower consumption by ~4 to 8%).

To deselect, press the ECO MODE button again while in step 2 of power saving mode.

Chế độ ECO tiết kiệm năng lượng
ECO mode saves energy

2 How to use the shutdown timer mode

Cách sử dụng chế độ hẹn giờ bật/ tắt máy lạnh
How to use the timer to turn on/off the air conditioner?


  • The setting time can be set from a minimum of 30 minutes to 12 hours.
  • The timer to turn off and on the machine cannot be set at the same time.
  • If there is a power failure, all timer modes will be CANCELLED when power is restored.
  • The machine will operate before the set time to turn on the machine so that the room gets the desired temperature according to the set time.

With the above article, hopefully you already know how to use Sharp air conditioners. If you have any questions, please comment below!