How to use the most effective cooling fan in the hot season

You have just equipped an air conditioner fan (air cooler) for your apartment and do not know how to use this device effectively? Refer to the following article of us to pocket how to use the most effective cooling fan in the hot season!


1 How to use the air conditioner effectively

Place the fan in a well-ventilated place

Many consumers think that when using an air conditioner fan, they have to close the door like when using an air conditioner. However, the cooling efficiency of the air conditioner fan will be reduced when using the fan in a closed room with high humidity.

The air conditioner fan has a cooling function by balancing the environmental humidity, but when using it, you do not need to close the door like when installing an air conditioner, you just need to place the fan in a well-ventilated, spacious place, the fan will cool. effective.

The fan uses water to lower the temperature but does not spray steam out, so you can use it in a room with electronic equipment without worrying about damage. The air intake side (back side) of the fan should be placed in a spacious place, easy to catch a lot of wind, it is recommended to have a minimum distance of 20 cm from obstacles.

Đặt quạt điều hòa ở nơi thông thoáng

No need to use a fan in a closed room

Air conditioner fans can be used in any space, users do not have to spend too much money to repair the house, because the fan can be used in open spaces.

The device will help to well and effectively cool spacious and well-ventilated rooms. In particular, you can use it for rooms with electronic equipment or furniture, because during operation the fan only uses steam to reduce the temperature, not to spray mist outside, so it is very safe. for electrical appliances and wood.

Bạn không cần dùng quạt trong phòng kín

suitable for room space 8-10 square meters

Pour the right amount of water into the tank

When using an air conditioner fan, it is recommended to fill the tank with water about 1/2 full or more, the fan operating when there is no water will also affect the durability of the pump and reduce the life of the fan.

Pouring too much water can cause overflow or leakage, increasing the risk of fire when the air conditioner fan is operating.

Đổ lượng nước vừa đủ vào bình chứa

Only put clean water into the air conditioner fan, do not put dirty, chemical-containing water that will easily reduce the life of the fan.

The sitting position is suitable to catch the right amount of cool wind

Depending on the operating capacity, there is a different sitting position compared to the device to ensure the most appropriate amount of wind and cool.

You can refer to the sitting position as follows:

  • Fans with a capacity of less than 80 W: Should sit about 2-3 meters away from the fan to catch the cool enough wind.
  • Power over 80 W: Sit more than 3 meters away to ensure health safety, and avoid colds, headaches, and dizziness.

Vị trí ngồi phù hợp để hứng được vừa đủ lượng gió mát

Clean the air conditioner fan regularly

Users can manually clean the air conditioner fan every week/month depending on usage needs. For dust diaphragms, cooling pads (2 of these items can be cleaned under clean running water) and rinse the water tanks to keep them working properly without residue and increase their durability.

In some cases, the air conditioner fan has an unpleasant smell, possibly because the newly purchased fan has the smell of glue that binds the links of the cooling pad, which will disappear after the first use.

If the smell does not go away, maybe the cooling pad (cooling plate) of the fan is not dried, you can turn off the cooling mode (cool mode) for about 30 minutes, the fan will dry the cooling pad and the unpleasant smell will disappear.

Vệ sinh quạt điều hòa thường xuyên

Humidify for dry, low-humidity environments

If the air humidity is too low, you should increase the humidity manually by cleaning the house to create calm, leaving a basin of water or a damp cloth in the room to create air humidity.

For outdoor spaces, you can spray water or wipe the yard/floor wet to increase humidity. This way will support the cooling of the fan more effectively, bringing a pleasant feeling when using.

Tạo ẩm cho môi trường hanh khô, độ ẩm thấp

Do not place anything around the fan

Users often unintentionally place objects around the fan, which limits the ability to create wind, hinders the fan from getting air, heats up the product quickly, and reduces durability. The design of the fan has many sides to get the wind to help circulate the air better.

If the cooling fan is poor, it means that the air circulation is weak, which wastes a lot of energy. Therefore, you should not place anything around the fan while it is operating.

Bạn không nên đặt bất cứ vật gì xung quanh quạt

2 How to use an air conditioner fan to save electricity

How to use an air conditioner fan to save electricity is always a matter of interest to many users:

  • The layout of fan placement: You need to place the fan in a cool place, unobstructed by objects in the house so that the fan can get good wind, both for optimal cooling, and to save energy.
  • Clean the fan regularly: Please clean the fan periodically Every 4-5 weeks because the fan is easy to collect dust, if it is dusty, the cooling ability is poor, requiring the fan to operate at a strong capacity and consume more electricity.
  • Limit the use of ion and ozone generation mode: Users should only use this mode when absolutely necessary because when choosing this mode, the fan will consume a lot of power.
  • Turn off the fan, and unplugging the power cord when not in use is also a way to save electricity.

Bạn nhớ tắt quạt, rút dây nguồn khi không sử dụng

3 A few other notes when using an air conditioner fan

The air conditioner fan has the effect of cooling the air, not having a cooling function like an air conditioner. Ideal conditions can help reduce about 4 -15 degrees Celsius compared to the ambient temperature and the temperature reduction will depend on many factors such as ambient temperature, ambient humidity, and space in use.

  • If the water cooling function is not used (Cool mode), the air conditioner fan has the same cooling function as a normal mechanical fan.
  • When starting the fan should choose Cool mode: Put cold water into the water tank, add dry ice or ice cubes, and wait for 15 minutes, the room temperature will decrease and increase the best cooling effect.
  • After letting the fan run for about 15-20 minutes, select the rotation mode for the fan to cool and cool the whole room.
  • The water tank needs to be changed weekly to avoid the proliferation of bacteria that affect the family’s health.
  • Besides manual humidification, it is recommended to combine using Humidity Control mode to control humidity and generating function (if any) to clean the air.
  • Users should set the temperature to about 24 – 26 degrees Celsius when the outside temperature is 30 degrees Celsius ( setting a difference of about 5 degrees Celsius from the outside temperature is reasonable).

Sau khi cho quạt chạy tầm 15 - 20 phút thì chọn chế độ xoay cho quạt mát đều và thoáng cả phòng

4 Instructions for using the functions of the air conditioner fan

Basically, the air conditioner fan uses the same function, we would like to use the air conditioner fan as an example:

Điện máy XANH xin phép sử dụng quạt điều hòa Sunhouse SHD7727

  • On/off: Turn the fan on to use the fan functions.
  • Rotation: Change the direction of rotation of the splitter, making the wind can change direction from left to right and vice versa, cooling a larger space.
  • Modes: Includes 3 modes, normal wind, natural wind, and sleeping wind.
  • Speed: Change the speed of the fan, usually the air conditioner fan has 3 speeds (Low – Medium – High), depending on your needs, choose the appropriate speed.
  • Cooling: Use the fan’s steam function. If this function is not selected, the fan only has the same cooling function as a normal fan.
  • Ion (-): Sound ion generator function to filter, and release fresh air
  • Timer: Use the off timer to protect the fan motor and especially to protect the health when using the fan at night, the maximum timer time is up to 12 hours.

Bảng điều khiển quạt điều hòa Sunhouse SHD7727

Equipped with a touch panel with an easy-to-understand, easy-to-use display, smart room temperature sensor

Before operating Sunhouse Air Conditioner Fan SHD7727, remove the packaging, install 4 wheels on the base and place the product on a fixed surface. Fill the reservoir with water on the side. You can use the touch panel or remote control (within a distance of less than or equal to 5m).

  • Step 1: Startup. You press the On/Off icon in the touch panel or the remote to start the device. If you press the On/Off icon again, the machine will stop working.
  • Step 2: You click on the Spin icon so that the fan automatically rotates the air guide strips. You can use your hand to directly adjust the louver up and down.
  • Step 3: Finally, select the appropriate Control Mode.

Quạt điều hòa Sunhouse SHD7727

Air conditioner fans cool quickly and deeply, bringing many benefits and overcoming many limitations of other types of fans. Properly equipped and used to maximize the cooling effect and save electricity for the air conditioner fan!