Instructions for 3 easy ways to take screenshots on MacOS computers

Taking screenshots on Mac and MacBook computers is a fairly simple operation, but not everyone who is new to this platform knows. Right now, Dien May GREEN will guide you in 3 simple and fastest ways to take screenshots on your Mac OS computer.


How to take a screenshot of a Macbook Pro computer and with a key combination

Press the Command + Shift + 4 key combination, a + sign will appear instead of the mouse pointer, and just scan this symbol, you will take a screenshot within the frame that you scan. The image will display on the Desktop (main screen) of Mac OS.

Tổ hợp phím chụp ảnh màn hình trên Mac OS

The key combination takes a screenshot on Mac OS.

Ảnh chụp một phần màn hình


Capture MacOS computer screen in a different way

Press the Command + Shift + 3 key combination, then let go to capture the whole image immediately without having to select the screen frame to capture.

Tổ hợp phím chụp toàn màn hình

The key combination captures the full screen.

Ảnh chụp toàn màn hình

Full screen shot.

Press the key combination Command + Shift + 4 + Spacebar (long bar), the mouse icon will turn into a Camera image, and when moved to an element such as a web browser window, the main screen or in a application, that window will pop up blue and you can click on that window to take a picture of that window only.

Tổ hợp phím chụp một cửa sổ

The key combination captures a window.

Ảnh chụp một cửa sổ

A snapshot of a window.

So Dien May GREEN has shown you how to take screenshots of MacOS computers simply and quickly. For additions or suggestions, please leave a comment below!