Instructions for booking CGV movie tickets on your phone

The blockbuster season is here, let's "bombard" the CGV cinema with your friends. Now, you don't have to spend a lot of time queuing to buy tickets, but you can book tickets right away by phone. Please refer to the guide to booking CGV movie tickets on your phone below for more details!


1 Mobile ticket booking – What do you get?

Forget waiting around at the theater to get your tickets! Now, with just a phone with the CGV application installed, it only takes 5 minutes to book tickets. Besides, there are many other facilities such as:

  • Get tickets at the VIP area quickly
  • ​Accumulate reward points for ticket exchange, water – popcorn combo
  • Choose your favorite seat
  • Save time: no need to come first in line to buy tickets
  • View detailed movie information such as actors, trailers, ages, genres,…

Đặt vé trên điện thoại di động

2 Instructions for booking CGV movie tickets on your phone

Step 1: To book tickets, you must first download the CGV app for your phone:

After the installation is complete, click to select the three dashes on the top right of the application -> Sign in. If you do not have an account, you can click Register for a CGV Vietnam account or log in with Facebook.

Sau khi cài đặt xong hãy nhấn chọn đến dấu ba gạch ngang (ở trên cùng bên phải) của ứng dụng

Step 2: After creating an account, the personal page interface will appear. Now you click Home to return to the main screen of the application.

On the tabs of the Home interface you can see Movies playing, Special movies or Movies coming soon . At each tab we swipe left, right to see the movies in the currently selected tab.

Chọn Trang chủ đề trở về giao diện chính

Step 3: Next, select a movie you want to watch by clicking on the image of that movie. Detailed information of the movie you choose will appear including: trailer, synopsis, actors, movie genre, premiere date, age, duration, language… Click Book to buy tickets. continue. 

Thông tin chi tiết của bộ phim

Step 4: Here you will choose the date, time and place to watch the movie as you want.

Thông tin ngày và địa điểm xem phim

We will continue to choose seats in the theater, at the bottom of the row diagram there are very detailed notes of each seat color of which type to make it easy for you to choose. Then, click Book to continue.

Note: Some movies will have a small window appear that says Reconfirm your booking and tell you the age to see the movie. You click Agree to confirm.

Lựa chọn chỗ ngồi phù hợp

Step 5: If you want to buy more water, scalds or accompanying combos, you can add them by pressing the plus sign next to that combo and clicking Pay.

Mua thêm bắp và nước

Step 6: The Payment interface appears to notify you of the details of the amount you will have to pay, there are a few items you need to pay attention to:

  • Ticket information: Number and price of tickets booked.
  • Discount method (will allow users to choose discount forms if any): CGV Voucher, Gift Card, Reward Points, Partner, Priority Card…

Once the amount to be paid is entered, it will be matched to give the final price you have to pay. Then choose a payment method: Visa, Master Card, ATM Card, Momo Wallet and click I agree and Continue.

Giao diện thanh toán

Step 7: This next window for you to enter the information of the selected form of payment, when finished, click Pay , when the payment is done you will receive detailed information about your ticket that will appear with the door. My Tickets book looks like this:

Thông tin vé đã đặt

Right after that, there will be a message sent to your phone that has registered account information. When going to the cinema, you just need to go into the area for those who have bought tickets online and give the ticket code or message above to receive the ticket, and the theater staff will issue a ticket to enter the theater.

Above is Dien May XANH that has guided CGV's online movie ticket booking process via a mobile application. Hopefully, this guide will help you quickly get movie tickets with a suitable time frame without having to come early to buy tickets.