Instructions on how to block YouTube ads easily and effectively

YouTube is a great source of entertainment, but it also includes ads. These pesky video advertisements can be really distracting and annoying when you're trying to enjoy what's playing! Luckily there are ways around this problem with some smart YouTube unblocking techniques that will allow us access without any distractions or irritation so let me show how they work in detail here...


1 Benefits of blocking YouTube ads

From 2017 onwards, YouTube has become an advertising channel for many brands with a high density of advertising displays. It is easy for viewers to catch sensitive ads, causing irritation by advertising drugs to treat diseases: kidney stones, bones, diabetes, … making you feel very uncomfortable.

Therefore, blocking ads on YouTube will bring a number of significant benefits as follows:

  • Helping users to be more comfortable when watching videos without interruption, “dropping” emotions, and saving more time.
  • Create a more pleasurable feeling while avoiding discomfort.

Lợi ích của việc chặn quảng cáo YouTube trên tivi

2 Ways to block YouTube ads

Block personalized YouTube ads

Step 1: First, go to your Google Account. Next, select the Data and Privacy section.

Bạn hãy chọn mục Dữ liệu và quyền riêng tư.

Step 2: Then, select the Google Ads Settings page.

Bạn hãy chọn trang Cài đặt quảng cáo của Google.

Step 3: Next, turn off Ads Personalization.

Bạn hãy tắt phần Tính năng cá nhân hóa quảng cáo.

Block YouTube ads with settings

Step 1: Go to Youtube. Then, select the profile picture icon in the right corner of the screen and click Settings.

Chọn biểu tượng ảnh đại diện ở góc phải màn hình > Nhấp vào mục Cài đặt.

Step 2: Next, select Playback and performance and then uncheck the box Show information cards in the video.

Bạn hãy chọn mục Phát lại và hiệu suất rồi bỏ dấu tích tại ô Hiển thị thẻ thông tin trong video.

Block Youtube ads with YouTube Premium paid account

Besides the above two ways, you can pay to buy a package to completely block ads from appearing. However, in the Vietnamese market, users cannot use the YouTube Premium service yet.

Chặn quảng cáo Youtube bằng tài khoản trả phí YouTube Premium

Above is an article on how to block YouTube ads easily. Wish you success and if you have any questions, quickly leave a comment below for support!